Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope

Things You Should Know About Littmann 3200

Created by the famous 3M Littmann the Littmann 3200 stethoscope is the most advance electronic noise reduced gadget that doctors or nurses can use in their field. This updated device is very easy to use and can give precise reading that will be used by medical doctor and nurses for their patient. It comes with Bluetooth and amplification so that they can have the most complete and accurate result.

This product is specifically made for professional in the medical field namely, Respiratory Specialist, Physician, Pediatrician, Nurse, Medical Student, Internist, Family Practitioner, EMT/EMS, Emergency Physician, Cardiologist and Anesthesiologist. This is perfect to use for pediatric, infant and adult patient.


Littmann 3200 Electronic StethoscopeThis high performing gadget is commonly used in cardiology to check the patient’s heart rate. Littmann 3200 tubing comes from a next generation type of material that doesn’t use natural rubber latex. The device doesn’t utilize phthalate plasticizers which makes it environmentally friendly.

It uses a single lumen binaural construction and contains a chrome finish on its chest piece. The total weight of the chest piece is this device only amount to 98grams and it utilizes a single sided chest piece technology. With a total of 5.1 centimeter diameter and polyurethane-coated silicone material is used on the gadget’s diaphragm.

The ambient noise reduction technology is achieved by the digital electronic filtering and there’s a soft sealing feature for its ear tip. This enables the user to be able to clearly hear the patient’s heartbeat of breathing without any other noise disturbance. All stethoscopes come in the perfect 69 centimeter length and it is also available in four different colors.


Some of the best benefits of this device include being able to record and save sound tracks from patient up to 30 second. It can easily share or transmit the sound with the use of its Bluetooth function. It comes with a Bluetooth adaptor but it’s only not compatible with any Apple devices. Most of the mobile phone and speakers now comes with a Bluetooth feature so it will be easy for the doctor or nurse to share the sound track on any gadget necessary. The gadget is able to amplify the sound gathered up to 24 times the normal sound. Compared with other devices the Littmann 3200 can eliminate up to 85% of surrounding ambient noise. Plus it comes in with a two years warranty that insures user they will have high quality gadget that can last long.

This is also an accessory that can enhance the features of this device such as the 3M Littmann TeleSteth System which enable user to listen for the sound remotely. Maybe the family or other professional needs to hear the sound track but unable to come to the clinic where it is being taken then this device can help you with it.

Pros and Cons

Before you decide on buying this gadget you need to check out the different advantages and disadvantages that actual users have listed after they have experience using it. Most owners agree that this product is very durable, comfortable to use, clear sound output and innovative. Most of the owners that have bought the item would highly recommend for others to buy the product. This is the reason why Littmann 3200 has gained high review from its buyers.

As for the different disadvantages most of the user says that the buttons on the device easily wears out with use. The device is also not good to use for babies and most user agree that it’s very expensive. But if you come to think of it, if you are able to use this gadget for a long time it will help you save up money in the long run since you don’t have to buy new gadget every time it breaks. Generally it can be used to any patient as long as you are able to keep them listen to your instruction while taking the sound track. Babies are not always easy to work with because they have short attention span and they often have tantrums especially if they don’t feel well. It is the task of the doctor or nurse to improvise so that they can effectively get their sound track recording perfectly.

There are other gadgets that the 3M Littmann offers that could aid professional do their task properly. With the brand name you can be assured that you will surely match if not exceed your expectation. And this is also the trusted name among other medical professional. Task that includes the health of a person needs to be accurately done because people rely on the findings of the doctor to know if there are things they need treatment for. This is the result of years of research of experts to find ways to be able to answer the most common problem that doctors or nurses get when they listen in on the patient’s heartbeat or breathing. This has made the work of the medical professional easy because they can easily share the saved sound track of the patient so that other professional can listen in and give their expert opinion on the matter. There are other individual that will find this device very useful also depending on what kind of services you provide or what function you do in your specific field. You will find it very useful in any other use outside the medical field also.

This device is also perfect for personal use especially if the family have a person with heart problem on any other illness that requires you to keep a record of your heartbeat or breathing on a daily basis. This is a good investment because you will be able to use it for a long time and you can accurately track, record and share your sound report to your doctor. It is still important that you get a doctor’s opinion on whatever findings you will get especially if you already have a history of certain illness that needs to be treated or monitored regularly.