3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope Review


When stethoscope is mentioned instantly the brand that comes to mind is the 3M Littmann because it is the brand that most doctor and nurses use. This is the leading brand that most pediatricians already have with them. Since the specialized pediatric stethoscope has been created most of the doctor which already have a regular stethoscope invests their money to buy this instrument. You’ll never know when an emergency case would be presented on your floor that could be a matter of life and death of a child. It is best that you have the specific instrument that you can readily use during these emergency cases.

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Remember that the body structure of and adult is not the same as that of an infant that is why you can’t use some of your adult instrument on a child because you might not get the same accurate result using it. One of the best available stethoscope available in the market is the 3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope.


  • Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Soft sealing ear tips
  • Snap-on rim
  • Rims that never come off

These are just a few of the features that most of the pediatrician loves about 3M Littmann’s stethoscope. With only 40 grams of chest piece weight it is lighter compared with the others. As for the total weight it only reaches up to 105 grams for a 28 inch stethoscope. The material that is used on the diaphragm is epoxy and fiberglass. Plus the instrument is created in an environmentally friendly process and the whole product as well. The best feature is that soft sealing ear tips that will make it comfortable to use even if you have to check your patient’s heart beat or breathing for a long time. Your ears are sensitive and if you use a hard ear tips there is a good chance that it will get damaged. With the soft sealing tip you can still clearly listen to the sound of your patient’s murmur or heart beat without having to worry if you might have missed anything because you will get a clear enough sound with your 3M Littmann stethoscope.

Amazon ImageIn some rare cases you might be able to face a patient that is sensitive to latex rubber. If you are using some old stethoscope that still uses latex rubber on their tubing it can be very dangerous. Because you might give additional problems to your patient instead of helping them get better. With the latest 3M Littmann products you don’t have to worry about these things. Because their entire instruments are latex free. It also doesn’t use phthalate plasticizers that makes it environment friendly.

All the products from 3M Littmann are made from the US to insure its consistent quality that their clients have gone to love. It is instant that if you choose Littmann you are choosing quality products and all are reasonable priced. There are other products that have some additional features than others but may also be more expensive than the regular ones. You can check the different instrument available under the same brand or try to consider on looking for other options available in the market.

This has the right size bell that can easily be fit on a child and you can easily use to hear even the lowest sound clearly. The bell is made up of stainless steel material and it fits perfectly well on the patient that enables doctors and nurses to gather accurate record. It comes with non-chill rims that make it comfortable to use directly on your patient’s skin. It also comes in a soft sealing ear tips which can provide a better seal while still insuring the comfort that it provides to the user.


This is one of the most expensive types of stethoscope in the market and there are others that cost less, besides the reasonable price there’s really nothing wrong with this item.

This stethoscope comes in a dual sided chest piece. It can capture both low and high frequency sounds. The headset of the instrument can be easily adjusted to fit any preference to provide more user comfort. You can easily adjust it to align with your ear canals. It can also snap-tight insuring that you won’t be distracted with outside noises when you get your patient’s vitals.

This instrument is specifically created to be used on smaller patient so it is perfect for pediatrician or other nurses that might be dealing with infant or children up to five years old.

It may come in different sizes and colors but the commonly bought color is black. But you can consider on buying other available colors if you like. It is also a good way to distract your patient if they are too afraid of getting their vital signs taken. You can also consider on adding some lovely charm on your stethoscope to show your personality or use it as a tool to entertain your patient into letting you take their vital sign without any trouble. And depending on the size and version the price of this instrument can range from $77 up to $205 which is higher compared to its counterpart but if you decide to buy this you can make sure that you are buying high quality item. This also comes with a three year warranty. You can also enjoy some special discount on special days or you can order it online with free shipping fee.


This is a highly recommended stethoscope to use because of the different features it possesses. This is the usual instrument brand that most medical professional use especially those which have been in the industry for a long time already. Not only that pediatrician should buy the pediatric stethoscope other doctors would find this very useful also. There are also some private individual that might need to use a good stethoscope for regular monitoring of their child’s vital signs at home can consider n buying this kind of stethoscope. As to medical students who are on the lookout for the best stethoscope in the market they can also go and buy 3M Littmann. If you know how to take good care of your instrument there is a good chance that you can continue on using it until you are ready to start practicing your profession.