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Our goal is to make BestStethoscopeReviews.net the best stethoscopes review site on the internet for opinions from real medical professionals about their own stethoscopes. This site began as a nursing student’s search for a good-quality, high-value stethoscope to use during school and on her path to a nursing career.

I’m Dave and that student, April, is my wife. What began as her search for a stethoscope has transformed into a website where we present and review the best brands and styles of stethoscopes. Not only do we research and write complete and accurate descriptions of the stethoscopes on this site, but we also aggregate reviews from other professionals who have purchased and extensively used those stethoscopes. Plus, we blog about topics and provide other valuable resources related to stethoscope purchase, care and use.

Many of the links on this site are affiliate links. That means that when you click over to another website, such as Amazon or eBay, we may receive a commission if you buy something from them. Please be assured that you are not charged extra by the seller for coming from our website. If you find our content helpful, we would appreciate you clicking a link from our site in order to purchase your new stethoscope.

Please tell us what you think about BestStethoscopeReviews.net and how we can improve, and if you have any questions about stethoscopes that you’d like to see answered, please let us know.

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