Why Do People Buy Pink Stethoscopes?

A stethoscope is one of the most important tools that a doctor or a nurse uses to determine their patient’s vital signs. They are able to use to listen to their patient’s lungs and determine if there’s something they need to worry about. Usually doctors by stethoscopes in black but due to the high demand some of the manufacturers have created different colors of it for buyers. And one of the most common colors being purchased today is the color pink. Mostly female doctors or nurses use this since pink is often associated with the female gender.

Pink stethoscope can also be used by male doctors since pink has become a universal color for men and women. This is also a great way of supporting a very important cause that has taken the whole world by storm. Since there is a great need of mass awareness to save a life.

Why buy one?

Proceeds from buying pink stethoscope will be given in helping find cure for breast cancer. This life-threatening disease can be prevented if proper awareness and care are done. Most of the women that are a victim of this deadly illness are they are not aware that they have breast cancer until it’s too late.

One brand that has shown full support in this breast cancer awareness program is the rose pink 3M Littmann. For every person that will purchase the stethoscope $5 will go to the American Cancer Society. They are aiming to stop breast cancer once and for all. So consider on buying a new stethoscope you should consider on taking the pink one to help stop breast cancer. There is also a pearl pink color from the same brand.

These studies will help find proper cure so that people are able to fight this deadly disease. Even men are welcome to buy and help support this cause so that more money can be donated to the study of breast cancer. If more people would know about this then it will be easy for people involve doing significant development for the project.

There are some other colors available for Stethoscope that would perfectly suit your style. But unlike the pink one the other color are just available for aesthetic reasons. Only the tube color is changed into different colors depending on what the owner would want to have. Just recently owners can also choose from a limited chest piece colors available. This has given the buyer more freedom to customize their stethoscope to make it unique and more suited to their own style.

Where can you buy one?

Amazon ImageYou can easily buy online or buy it from a store just make sure that you ask if certain brand also support the same cause if in case there’s no 3M Littmann available. Just make sure that you look for the brand that provides quality as well as a good cause for you to support.

Depending on which option will be convenient for you to purchase the item you can still enjoy the charity reason that it provides. You can ask the salesperson just to make sure before you purchase it. Take time in looking for the right stethoscope that you will buy. You can also consider on buying online so that you can be sure that you have the right item from an authentic store. Most of the online store ships to different location. If you want to use something more advance you can consider on trying out their electronic type stethoscope that has more features compared with a classic manual type.

So try on following the famous cause on breast awareness through wearing a pink stethoscope to your hospital. Your actions can surely help you save life and also encourage people to follow your stand about breast cancer. It is important that all women should unit so that the battle against it can be easily won and also men are encouraged to join in the fight, since they too will be greatly affected when a love one has been victimized by this deadly disease.

So do as much as you can and if you feel that you might be suffering from signs of breast cancer you should inform your doctor immediately to have it tested. There are some that have chosen to have their gland remove so that they will no longer be in danger of developing breast cancer in the future.

Breast cancer can be prevented if all the signs are known to many and if people should start their own personal check. If people are able to detect that they have breast cancer early on they will have a good chance of surviving the disease especially if they get full support from their family and friends.

There are a lot of women now who are proud survivor of this disease and hopefully the numbers will just continue to grow. If people just try to learn the available information about it then this can be easily detected and prevented as well. So start your own stand in fighting this disease and try to support different items and actions that support this cause. There will surely be a lot of women who will be saved from this disease in the future.

Enjoy having a pink stethoscope and be the center of attention especially if you are a pediatrician and you handle kid patients most often. Children especially the girls loves the color pink and they will not be some afraid of you if you try on wearing something that they love to see. Such as have a stethoscope that is pink in color.

Buying a high quality item such as 3M Littmann is surely well worth it. This is of high quality and you can enjoy using it for a very long time. You can also consider on buying some cute accessories that you can use on your stethoscope to make it look more like your style. You can also own a stethoscope in pink even if you are a man. This will not lessen your manliness, in fact it will make women like you more knowing that you are supporting a very important stand.