ADC Adscope 600 Cardiology Stethoscope Review


A physicians’ or a nurses’ job are both dependent on their capabilities and having the right tools for the job. Being able to observe and identify several symptoms can really be a matter of life and death. As a physician or nurse attending to the patient is key priority that really takes a toll on both body and mind. Emotional and spiritual aspects may also play a role in day to day activities inside the hospital or work area.

Having proper equipment can really boost the probability of identifying key symptoms for an effective diagnosis. Consistent and reliable diagnosis can be a defining factor to differentiate a doctor from a good or even great doctor. A great doctor works both effectively and efficiently, balancing different traits like skill, knowledge, experience, and of course proper equipment. One of the tools needed by a doctor or nurse dearly, is a good stethoscope. A stethoscope that can be brought to any situation and cater to different needs.

In this article, you will be able to understand what ADC Adscope 600 Cardiology Stethoscope is, what it is made of, and its features. This is a completely honest review – considering the pros and cons of the said product. Furthermore, expect first hand experiences and claims made by customers who bought this product. This article may serve as a good guide for you in deciding on purchasing the perfect stethoscope for you.

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About the Adscope 600

ADC AFD technology provides the acoustic response of a traditional bell and diaphragm in a convenient one sided chest piece. Light pressure for low bell type frequency, Firm pressure for the diaphragm type high frequency. A sculpted chest piece precisely CNC machined to exact tolerances from the surgical stainless steel for an outstanding performance and durability with impressive ergonomics. And there’s the non-chill diaphragm that retains the rim for patient’s comfort. Cardiology headsets that have big bore stainless steel binaurals which are fixed to 15° angle so that maximized comfort and acoustic seal. Bi-lumen (dual bore) 19″ PVC tubing stays soft and flexible. Adsoft Plus silicon eartips with new snap-on connection for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal.


Amazon ImageSome physicians and nurses who came to avail an ADC Adscope 600 cardiology stethoscope posted good reviews of this product. You may opt to read the following to have an overview of the ‘good side’ of this stethoscope.

Carolyn Hart (2007) had purchased her ADC Adscope 600 stethoscope in Amazon. She claimed that this stethoscope had done her pretty amazing results. She stated that this stethoscope can deliver crisp and clear sounds.

C.C.M. (2009) had claimed that the ADC Adscope 600 stethoscope is a great stethoscope. She is a nurse and had bought this stethoscope for her husband. She thought that this stethoscope is a must have in the field as the bell and diaphragm does not need to be switched back and forth to use in different situations. Her husband also claimed that this stethoscope delivers good acoustics, even in the field, where there are too much noise .

Rx (2012) Avail the ADC Adscope 600 stethoscope in black. He was amazed and is really satisfied with the quality of this product. He claimed that this stethoscope has a substantial weight – not particularly heavy, but enough to carry around, and feels solid in the hand. He is so satisfied with the fact that it has a single head piece, that allows you to quickly switch diaphragm to bell. He also claimed that the heart sounds can be heard extremely loud and magnified with this stethoscope, and allows him to distinguish subtleties.

ProVision (2012) was so glad to have an ADC Adscope 600 stethoscope in stealth black. He claimed that this stethoscope is a fantastic stethoscope. For him, the audio quality and volume is outstanding. The binaurals are sturdy and the spring is tight. The ear pieces are very much comfortable for him.

Christy Gray (2008) rated this product with a total of five (5) stars. She claimed that she was really impressed with the quality of this stethoscope. She stated that she can hear heart sounds loud and clear.


Upon knowing the ‘good side’ of this product, it is also essential to know its ‘bad side’. Some people who purchase this stethoscope were not pretty much satisfied with its quality. Read more to know more about it.

SCROW (2015), who had purchased his ADC Adscope 600 cardiology stethoscope two (2) years ago, is disappointed with the quality of this stethoscope. At first, he claimed that he was satisfied with the quality of the sounds he heard, but unfortunately, he found trouble with the quality of the parts. He had to replace the diaphragm once, and the ear tips about three to four times. The tubing also cracked out of no where, making it unusable.

Augustine Akalonu (2015) is amazed of the ADC Adscope 600 cardiology stethoscope’s aesthetics and acoustics. However, he was disappointed with the quality of the product. He claimed that the diaphragm ring and holder kept fraying and ripping. And the tubes cracked and broke.

Aurora (2015) had purchased her ADC Adscope 600 cardiology last January 2015 in Amazon. She decided to rate this stethoscope with 1 star out of 5. She claimed that this stethoscope is no better substitute to Littman’s. She was very disappointed to have to replace the flimsy ear piece three (3) times. Also, she was disappointed with the metal getting chipped and tacky looking.

Jennifer (2015) claimed that she would not purchase another ADC stethoscope. She was satisfied with the quality of sounds however, she was disappointed with the over all quality of the parts. For her, the tubing is too short, the stethoscope is too heavy that she cannot wear it around her neck, and the bell come off twice due the rubber plastic ring that was supposed to hold it on.


The ADC Adscope 600 cardiology stethoscope was confirmed to provide high quality sounds upon auscultations. It can provide quality acoustics of the cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular sounds. It is perfect in making auscultations. However, ADC Adscope 600 cardiology stethoscope will not last for long. The qualities of its parts were not as durable as the other leading brands. The tubing may break off easily, the metal may chip, and ear pieces may be needed to be replaced quickly. Also, you may find it too short to use, and too heavy to wear around your neck.

All in all, the ADC Adscope 600 cardiology stethoscope provides high quality sounds but will not last for long. However, please do keep in mind that these reviews were subjective to the other customers’ experience. The durability of this product may also depend on how you handle and use it.

MDF Acoustica Deluxe Review


Studying nursing and medicine and other related courses connected to the medical field is difficult and expensive. It is difficult because you have to wake up late at night studying and going to a duty in a hospital to finish the course. You also have to memorize a lot of things from lengthy books and articles to be successful and graduate in your expected time. One factor that makes these courses more difficult is to buy medical devices and gadgets even if you are not a professional yet. With a high tuition fee and high cost of student living, an alternative choice is to buy cheaper gadgets.

Among the most used devices for students, the stethoscope is one of them. As early as can be, medical teachers already teach the students on how to use the stethoscope properly and read vital signs so that they can assist the teachers well while visiting hospitals or attending to patients. With this at hand, students need to buy a stethoscope that is fit for the tight budget. MDF Acoustica Deluxe is one choice students can recourse into when buying this device.

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One feature of this stethoscope is its being a diagnostic lightweight instrument. Most students and physicians prefer this feature because it is not burdensome to hang it on the neck for the whole day or to carry it wherever it is required. A heavy stethoscope can also irritate you when emergency problems come, somehow it adds to the stressful situation that you are in.

Another good feature of it is the ability to delivers the accurate auscultation of the heart, the lungs, and the Korotkoff sounds that is with acoustic integrity and as well as clarity. This is very important in diagnosing a patient who may have trouble in breathing, in inhaling or may be at the point of death. This will enable you to take drastic emergency measures as needed for the patient’s survival.

Amazon ImageIn addition, the super duty, the lightweight aluminum made dual-head chestpiece is very much durable. In order to save money and to be at ease in using your stethoscope, durability is very important. You do not need to pass through an ordeal of buying a non-workable stethoscope all the time. It is a waste of time and effort in your study.

Moreover, the tubing provides insulation for superior sound transmission and seals out ambient noise and is very durable. This is important because regardless of what situation you are in, you can ensure that the device will not pass through easy wear and tear. You do not need to worry that your stethoscope will break or crack at any given time.

One important thing of this device is the affordability of this medical device far from the rest. MDF Company knows the need for students to have an important gadget such as this. With an amazingly low price, the quality is equally the same and comparable with the other branded ones. Low price does not mean low quality. This is an indication that you can use this device for a very long time and you can still use this stethoscope when you graduate. Being said so aside from having a very low price, it has a guaranteed life-time warranty that is rarely found in others. Imagine that you can have a very big saving potential as replacement of parts are free for your entire life. If you are a medical student at the age of 20, then you can use your device for as long as 40 years and more.


The size of the tubes of this equipment is longer than the others. Although some prefer to use longer tubes for physical attractiveness and appearance and comfort, the longer the tube, the more tendency it will have a low reception of the sound. This will lead to some inaccuracies and uncertainty in diagnosing the condition for the patient. As a medical student if you are still not used to using this device, it may be difficult for you to identify the sounds it brings to you. If you choose this device, you have to practice listening to the different sounds and how you could detect them properly.

Another negative thing about this gadget is its color pink. Although, pink is a preferred color for women, it might not be true for men especially those men who are already in the peak of their career. Black is the more formal color to use. Men will not likely buy this product even if it has a lower price. The price value should have been very favorable for students and young practitioners but it will be best if the colors of this product are offered in variety to have more acceptability for all users.

Another disadvantage that this device has is the inaccuracy to hear properly the sounds when this if improperly mishandled. There is a need for a proper positioning and proper handling of the gadget to be more effective in reading the signs.


Pursuing a medical course is difficult and expensive. The cost of boarding, the cost of paying for a high tuition fee, buying uniform, books, school supplies and other medical devices should be taken into thoughtfully having in mind a conservative budget that will make you survive for years to finish your course. Buying a stethoscope may be one of your concerns. This is not a problem anymore with the introduction of the MDF Acoustica Deluxe Stethoscope. The very low price gives a favorable value for students like you. Surprisingly, even with a very low price compared to the other branded stethoscopes, the quality and durability is still high and strong. You can use this device for longer years even after graduation since it has a life-time warranty and a good program for replacement. When it comes to choosing a stethoscope that best suits your study and on-the-job practice, this handy stethoscope is best for you. You do not need to do an extra mile to purchase an expensive branded product to practice your medical skills.


MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope Review


Time flies fast especially in a medical clinic or a hospital with frequent emergency situations. A small waste of time among medical doctors and practitioners could cause an agony for a lifetime when severe conditions and death of a patient occurs. That is why, nurses and doctors are very conscious with time and they come in and out of the rooms in the hospital to monitor everything, the vital signs of the patients in particular. Together with this, they usually brought with them a stethoscope to aid in diagnosing a patient’s condition. This will help them to determine on what to do with the patient and what medications the patient needs to take. A stethoscope cannot be neglected in a doctor’s life.

In some emergency instances, the doctor has to see the appearance and the expression of the patient in order to see how well he is doing. Doing things simultaneously, like watching the patient and working with the stethoscope may be difficult due to a stressful environment that both doctors and nurses face. Other than this, it is difficult to read the time and counts from the wrist watch due to the nature of having an emergency situation. Thus, a stethoscope from MDF has been made to remedy this problem, the MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope.

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The problem of having to use the stethoscope and the watch at the same time has been ended by the 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock that the MDF Company has. Determining and counting the pulse beats and respirations is easier with this kind of device. The doctor can focus on the patient and be able to look at him directly without having to look at the wrist watch all the time. More than this, vital signs can be easily determined through the use of this watch. There is no need to stay out of focus on the patient because of the distraction of looking at the wrist watch.

In addition, this stethoscope device is light compared with the other stethoscopes. A heavy stethoscope device always causes dissatisfaction and additional heavy burden for the doctors. Imagine working in a stressful environment with a heavy metal hanging on your neck, it can cause more pain on the neck and even pain on the head. The light feature of this device can help doctors carry it with ease.

Amazon ImageMoreover, MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope is very sturdy and durable. Its chestpiece and tubes are made of good materials making it to endure for long years without having the trouble of frequent repair and equipment. Breaking or cracking it in unexpected conditions when you need it the most will also not be a problem with this kind of device.

When it comes to replacement and warranty, MDF has the best service and warranty you could think of. Imagine having a lifetime warranty with your device. Whatever parts and trouble your MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope has, MDF can replace it anytime, anywhere through effective channels and intermediaries. What can you look for in a company? Aside from this, it has a very good program in replacing its parts. Some companies do promise that they will replace certain parts of an item right away but has no proper system to do so giving customers more complication than convenience. With this program, you will be entertained by excellent customer service people that will help you with your problem.

Lastly, a good feature that this stethoscope has is the many parts and accessories that come with it when you purchase the product. It comes with comfortable eartips, Id Tag and ultrasensitive fiber diaphragm. You can be assure that your money is worth buying this product.


The MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope do need some improvement in its other parts. One is the aluminum chestpiece that is not so conducive as the stainless chestpiece in sound transmission. Sound sensitivity is very important in a stethoscope especially if there is noise all around the hospital surroundings and noise coming from outside forces. There may be a delay in handling a patient’s immediate need if the nurse or the doctor has to repeatedly listen to the vital sounds that can address the needs of the patient.

Moreover, aortic and pulmonic sounds are hardly identifiable in a noisy room. With this problem, a suitable environment needs to be ensured or going to the trouble of determining the true health of the patient may be difficult especially for patients with aortic and pulmonic problems.

Finally, some colors of this device might not show a clear reading of the time or clock. This means that to have an accurate reading of the time, the physician needs to choose the right color to be as effective as he can be. Contrast in colors must be studied carefully in order to remedy this problem or else frequent replacement orders will occur.


If one has to choose an effective and usable stethoscope, he has to choose one that is very convenient and friendly to him. MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope is one of this. It offers a variety of features not found in other devices. Without going through the risk of looking at the wrist watch more than the patient, the doctor will be able to face and attend the needs of the patient well. Without being hassled by counting the pulse and respiration, this device is an effective tool for determining the vital signs of the patient. When it comes to price, the price is very affordable and comes with a life-time warranty. Replacement of parts is not difficult due to its replacement program features and good service accommodation. So MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope is a good choice to look forward into when it comes to buying a stethoscope.

MDF ER Premier Cardiology Review


Patients are usually brought to the Emergency Room (ER) for faster diagnosis of a problem. Doctors and nurses on the other hand quickly response to aid these problems and remedy the solution right away. For many instances, people come in and out the Emergency Room causing distress among the medical practitioners. The situation can even worsen if there are insufficient medical facility and even a stethoscope that could aid in auscultation of heart and lung sounds. A portable and handy stethoscope for emergency purposes is made to remedy this problem.

Stethoscopes come in variety and form. They are use to diagnose a disease and problem and physicians could not survive without them. However, not all stethoscopes are made for emergency purposes, Not like the others, MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope is made for this purpose. It has different features and designs that make the doctor’s work easier.

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MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscopes are durable enough to withstand frequent use and changing of parts. Originally made and handcrafted since 1971, MDF companies’ long years of existence enable them to develop very durable products. Since the materials used for this product is stainless steel, it is not difficult to use this product frequently with the fear of immediate wear and tear.

In addition, this device can be used for both young and old patients. It can easily be transformed into a cardiology stethoscope by the included cardiology bell conversion. This will give the end user a conservative price of a dual functioning stethoscope.

Amazon ImageFurther, one of its best features is the patented full-rotation acoustic valve stem that can be converted to nine different configurations. This allows for functional use and the ability to hear sound clearly and accurately. This comes with a green indicator dot that allows users to identify a sound channel. This can contribute to a fast determination of the current condition of the patient for emergency purposes. An unclear sound with all the noise outside the hospital can cause death in just seconds or minutes. The sound of the beating of the heart and other vital organs may be impaired with a not so functional stethoscope. Once a patient is confined in an emergency situation, knowing the vital conditions of the body is necessary for the patient’s survival. With this stethoscope, emergency treatment could be done right away.

Another feature that the stethoscope has is the sturdy thicker, denser and latex-free PVC tubing. Repeated use of the stethoscope for emergency purposes can cause immediate cracking and wearing due to its nature of being on the rush all the time. Bumping, stretching and falling the stethoscope is possible in these situations. It is not unlikely that for a few months of usage only, the device will break and tear. This is not true with MDF ER Premier Cardiology. It can last for several years even with frequent usage.

Moreover, a life-time warranty and free-parts-for-life program is an excellent program made by MDF. Normal companies do not do this. In fact, some companies just purposely make defective parts on their products for customers to repurchase parts over and over again. This is not true with MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope. You can have a replacement of your product for a lifetime. If you are a medical practitioner or a medical student by your 20s or 30s, then you can use this stethoscope for more than 40 to 50 years without buying parts and even without buying another stethoscope. Parts are always new with this MDF ER Premier Cardiology life-time warranty. As long as the company exists, saving money from buying another one is an assurance with this stethoscope.

Lastly, this stethoscope is very portable. It can be used anywhere not only in the emergency room. It can be used in not so pleasant climate and environment as well because it is very durable and sturdy. The fear of bringing a weak device for medical missions and events will not happen in this kind of device. You also will not have to carry a bulk of stethoscope devices when going to far-away places. Everything is possible with MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope.


There are negative issues and disadvantages about this. The first common issue is its heavy weight compared to others. This is due to the fact that because of its sturdy and durable features with all the durable materials put unto it, it is difficult for some medical practitioners to carry it and even hang it over the neck. The discomfort and the burden on the neck can cause disturbance and impairment of proper practice.

Another issue is the unclear sound that it could bring due to a wrong positioning of the head or ear while detecting the sound channels of the vital body parts. This not a good preference for other doctors or nurses by the nature of the emergency situation they are handling. Most prefer the stethoscope that can detect the sound right away. Changing positions very frequently just to hear the sound is a great disadvantage for those who need to decide on what to do with the patient. MDF has to remedy these issues.


MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope is a choice among many. There is no need to look for more if you are looking for a double functional stethoscope for your emergency needs which comes with accuracy, durability and precision. In times of too frequent use of a stethoscope during emergency situation, no need to fear if the device will break or crack in times when you need it the most. In addition, you can rarely find an effective device with a life-time warranty. Using this device for your lifetime is very economical and convenient. Having to look for better stethoscopes all of the time to suit your needs is not necessary anymore. As long as you buy your device from MDF, they will replace the defective parts of the device without limit. Buying MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope is a good option to choose from if you are thinking of having one.

MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology Review



Pneumonia and cardiovascular problems increasingly arise all over the world. In an effort to solve these problems, medical companies develop medicines that can strongly fight germs, bacteria and viruses that infect mankind. However, with the advancement of medicine, these negative bacteria and viruses also mutate causing diseases to be severe and difficult to treat. In fact, it is difficult to diagnose such diseases nowadays. A simple cough will suddenly lead to pneumonia or even tuberculosis if not detected right away. To avoid being complacent with these diseases, frequent medical check-ups are needed to prevent further complicated diseases. An effective device comes into place in terms of detecting pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, doctors use stethoscopes for faster diagnosis.

Stethoscopes can come in different variety and form. Some are heavy, some are light, some are custom made and some are made for different purposes. The trouble that most practitioners don’t like in using a stethoscope is its weight. A very heavy device placed around the neck could cause discomfort and neck pain especially during a very busy day. In order to remedy this problem, a company designed a stethoscope that is very light and easy to carry, this is the MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope.

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MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology Stethoscope is a very useful device when it comes to a concern on the weight of the device. Made specially for the purpose of giving aid for medical doctor’s heavy load, this device is very easy to carry and very comfortable to work with. It can be carried over for several hours even for a twenty-hour usage wherein most doctors are engaged without feeling neck pain and discomfort. Even if it is very light, the device is still very durable and made of good quality materials rarely found in other products.

Moreover, it is the very first cardiology grade stethoscope of its kind. This means that it is very effective in aiding disease diagnosis in terms of cardiology problems. Using a more complicated device can be a solution other than using a stethoscope. But with this device, it will now be easier to detect a cardio problem.

Amazon ImageAside from the features mentioned above, this can be used by catering both infants, pediatric and adults. It even has 3 separate diaphragms and 3 separate bells usable for all purposes. This means that this piece of device can be considered as a valuable asset as there is no need to buy different kind of stethoscopes that can meet the need of diagnosing children and adults alike. Other than this, there is also no need to bring too many devices at a time. With the very busy schedule of doctors, there is really an advantage of bringing along lesser number of equipment. Running here and there could be difficult if there are a lot of things to carry.

Further, a green indicator dot that allows the user to identify the active sound channel is very helpful for medical students and doctors alike. It is difficult for the said people to detect an active sound channel while using a stethoscope. They have to search over the different body parts before detecting one. This feature is a good aid for them. By the green color, they can concentrate on listening to the sound where it came from in order to diagnose a possible problem.

In addition, the chestpiece contains an ultrasensitive diaphragm providing a secure acoustic transmission of heart and lung sounds of 100Hz to 1000Hz and even low frequencies of 20Hz to100 Hz through the help of the bells. With this feature, the doctor can easily detect if the patient has a problem or not. There is also no need to recourse to using complicated and expensive measures to detect problems by using this product.


There are certain negative features of this product that need to be address. The hard or stiff tubes are disadvantageous for some doctors because it does not allow flexibility during check-ups. When it comes to different positions and stretching if necessary, it is difficult to use this device. Many of the doctors are uncomfortable of having a hard device frequently place around the neck.

Further, some doctors and medical students also have a problem in the length of this device. Although lengthy tubes are preferred by some, some do not like this because it can disturb the usual work function that doctors have and it can be out of hand at times. Aside from this, long tubes can be distracting for patients and customers.

Lastly, this stethoscope comes only in one color, black. Although some medical students and practitioners like black, many would love to have other colors as well. There is formality in black but dullness will also come by using this color frequently especially among the young end users.


The complicated diseases and problems that mutation of bacteria and viruses in the modern world brought about can be remedied right away. Patients need not wait in approaching a doctor for check-ups and be complacent about these diseases. A doctor, with the help of the MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope especially when it comes to pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases can aid in preventing dreadful diseases.

MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope is considered as one of the lightest stethoscope a doctor or a medical student could carry. By this device, the problem and burden of carrying a very heavy device all day long is not a problem anymore. There is no need to have additional burden in working at a fast-paced clinic or hospital environment. The makers of MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope have made your burden lighter. This product is also assured of being durable, affordable and easy to use. Even with the given all purpose features, meaning it can be used for infants, children and adults, the price is not a problem. The lifetime warranty and replacement even adds to its attractiveness. So if you are looking for a stethoscope that is light and sturdy, this MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology is a good choice for you.


MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Review


A physician’s life so with a nursing student’s life is not easy. When you are in the medical field and profession, it is expected that you are awake all the time, even 24 hours at other times especially when an epidemic comes or the hospital that you are working for is very popular in your town. In a hectic day, both doctor and doctor’s aid need a very important device to make everything work fast and easy. It is through the use of a workable and effective stethoscope.

A wrong diagnosis and even non diagnosis at all due to a defective stethoscope can add to more complicated problems. A patient who should have been healed right away will have more complication because of a wrong detection of the sound transmitted through the defective stethoscope. Profession and goodwill wise, you cannot afford to lose a job or to lose customers due to a defective stethoscope. Therefore one stethoscope can satisfy your demand; this is the MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope.

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Using MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope has many advantages. One is its attractive design and color. It has a combination of black and royal blue features that gives you a descent and professional look by using the stethoscope. Even the package of the device is attractive that you will not be hesitant to bring the device inside the package if others see it.

Second, the patented X-configuration tubing eliminates unnecessary sound interference that might cause you not to hear properly the faint heart sound and murmurs that this product has been trusted for. The sound of the heart, especially in terms of emergency, is very important to determine the actual condition of the patient. If the heart collapse or there is a failure of hearing a heart beat, then it is necessary that the physician and the medical team has to do something to revive the patient. With this feature, using MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope for emergency problems will be helpful.

Amazon ImageWhen it comes to durability with all of its parts, there is no problem on relying on this product. A non-durable stethoscope can cause additional expense especially for students who still cannot afford to change devices all the time. With this stethoscope, there is no need to replace a device all the time. Aside from its high quality, there is a program wherein the customers have aid in parts maintenance.

Fourth, comfort is a problem among stethoscope users. When the doctor is uncomfortable using the stethoscope, there is a tendency that he will make a quick check-up and diagnosis on the patient preventing a further inspection on the patient’s condition. This device can help solve the problem. The set comes with soft ear plugs, meaning that there is no trouble dealing with the hard ones making it more comfortable to use. Aside from this, even if the stethoscope seems heavy, it is not burdensome at all. The weight just fit for easy handling especially when placed around the neck. There is no need to remove the device from the neck all the time.

Just the same with other Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope products, this can be used for different age groups, infants, pediatrics and adults alike. It is more convenient because the physician need not necessary buy many stethoscopes for different age brackets. The parts are easily assembled for different purposes. Buying the product alone is already convenient because accessories like ear tips, infant, pediatric and adult PVC diagrams with pediatric and infant bell and ID tag are available.

Lastly, when it comes to price, this will be a good choice among medical students and practitioners. The product is very affordable to purchase and since it is used for many purposes, then it will be very helpful to those who have no budget in buying many devices. Aside from this, because of its durability, there is no need to buy parts frequently for repair and maintenance purposes. There will be easier maintenance of this device because the parts are available and the features can suit customer’s needs very well.


Using MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope has disadvantages as well. Just like in other situations, using an all-in-one device could cause time delay in assembling and disassembling the parts for specific use. There will be a tendency that the parts will have frequent wear and tear due to this feature.

Second, there may be unnecessary noise that can be heard in using this product. This is cause by the parts that need adjustment and check-up. So it is necessary to check on the parts especially when disassembling the parts or frequently using the device. This is to ensure that the device is used on what it is suppose to do.

Lastly, what is light for some may be heavy for other users. Due to the many accessories and the durable materials used for the product, it is heavier to carry than other stethoscopes. This might be a problem with other doctors or medical students who want to carry a lighter one especially in a prolonged shift. There is a tendency that there will be neck ache or uncomfortable feeling in carrying the device all the time.


Doctors and medical students and practitioners have different preferences in choosing a stethoscope that fit them. When comfort, durability and usability are some criteria in choosing the device, then this MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope is one of the answers. Having these features aside from the usage for different age brackets features of this device is rare among other products. It is then a privilege to own one of this. You do not need to look for other products than this MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope . It is very affordable, of high quality, easy to use, comfortable and stylish that most buyers looked for in a stethoscope. It is time to purchase one now.

MDF MD One Review


Without a doubt, the stethoscope is one of the most vital, if not the most vital tool a doctor can have. Even in the past, doctors use the stethoscope as an invaluable tool for detecting infections of the lungs or respiratory system. If with the simple stethoscope, an experienced doctor can tell if a patient is suffering from asthma or pneumonia, then the benefits of a stethoscope with added features should be able to help a doctor in phenomenal ways.

Due to its importance, doctors cannot survive with a low-quality made stethoscope. A wrong diagnosis of a patient’s disease can lead to a more complication and at the same time a negative impact on the doctor’s profession. This could even lead to a lifetime humiliation from the community and will prevent the doctor of having a successful medical practice. With these important factors at stake, it is important that the doctor should have a very usable and durable stethoscope. Not only durable, but the parts are made of high standard in order to fit for a sensitive doctor’s work. One kind of stethoscope can provide this need: the MDF MD One Stethoscope.

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MDF MD One Review shows many positive feedbacks in using this gadget. One physician said that the tubes of this stethoscope is longer compared to the others giving convenience in usage. A short sized stethoscope is not good among medical practitioners. Patients have different attitudes and some especially young ones have the tendency to resist on a check-up. It is more convenient then for a doctor to have more flexibility in using a long sized tube of a stethoscope.

The stainless steel feature of MDF MD One also brings advantage for medical practitioners. Aside from durability, it allows a good mechanism for hearing clearly and allowing more effective diagnosis for the heart, lungs and other vital organs wherein a stethoscope is use. This is an important factor for aiding in having the right diagnosis for patients. Without this feature, both doctors and patients cannot afford wasting time and energy in working out for a patient’s cure due to a defective stethoscope.

Amazon ImageMoreover, the headsets of this stethoscope are very valuable and advantageous for users. It comes in a patented internal-dual leaf spring construction which means that it is very comfortable and convenient to use. The eartips of the gadget also allows doctors to use the gadget for a longer time without ear irritation. Diagnosing the true condition of a patient is difficult to do. The doctor has to listen to the vital parts of the body of the patient in order to hear clearly. Aside from this, prolong usage of a low-quality made stethoscope could lead to ear problems of physicians. With this feature, this problem will be avoided and ensures that the doctor is safe in his practice.

The third advantage that this stethoscope has is its acoustic tubing. The acoustic tubing allows superior sound transmission due to its durability. With this kind of tubing, prolong use will not lead to immediate wear and tear of the device. It is durable, thicker, and denser and has latex-free PVC. There is lesser worry that there will be trouble for the device with long and repeated use. There is also lesser worry in having a wrong diagnosis due to a slow or unclear sound transmission.

Moreover, it has a unique feature of having a internal patented metal alloys that is located in that tubing which is below the spring that allows a maximum sound transmission. This is unique because it allows the tubing channel for a superior sound transmission unlike in others that this part is absent. This then will give an assurance that too much noise from outside sources or even the doctor’s office or in the hospital will not distract the doctor in listening carefully for the patient’s condition. Thus, with this part, there is an assurance of reliability and accuracy in check-ups.

Lastly, the stethoscope comes with accessories that the customer can take advantage of. It comes with ID tag, extra eartips and spare ultrasensitive diaphragm. The device also comes with a life-time warranty and free-parts-for-life program making buying this device very economical for physicians. Buying defective parts and frequent changing of the different parts of the stethoscope for proper use and comfort may be costly. With these additional features, the customer can save money.


Just like any other device, there are disadvantages in using this stethoscope. This device is specially made for specific ages only and not used to diagnose patients in different ages. Thus, one has to buy different stethoscopes for different functions and purposes, giving more additional expense for the doctors. Bringing many stethoscopes for different usage may also be inconvenient for physicians.

Another negative side of this is that this device has only one tube that attaches to the bell and to accommodate the two earpieces. This maybe a problem to other physicians and doctors since this is vulnerable to inaccuracy especially if there is a hearing problem of one ear or it is very noisy outside the doctor’s office that can cause a problem of hearing. Aside from this, it may be inconvenient to use one ear all the time in prolonged check-ups.


Buying a durable and reliable stethoscope is a must among medical practitioners. It takes time to choose the right stethoscope for a doctor but MDF MD One is one of a kind device that doctors can choose to ensure economic, convenient and usable purchase. With the many positive features that the device can give to the customers, it can be said that this MDF MD One is a good option to rely upon. You cannot afford to change stethoscopes all the time due to damage and tear. You may have money to do so but it is tasking to go to the store again to make the purchase. Time is very precious for medical practitioner, it takes a stainless steel stethoscope to save time.

MDF Sprague Rappaport Review


The traditional doctor has three important things to bring while making his rounds – his medicines bag with vital first aid medicines, a syringe, and most importantly, his stethoscope: It can be said that like a carpenter who cannot function without a hammer, a doctor can’t do it without a stethoscope as this allows him to listen to the vital signs of a patient specially his breathing and respiratory functions. Really experienced doctors can support their initial observations of symptoms simply by using their all important stethoscope. So, just imagine what the use of a stethoscope with not one but five special features can do.

The usage of stethoscope in the medical practice is very important. A doctor cannot survive without it. For instance in respiratory problems, before deciding to have the patient for X-ray, the doctor will first use the stethoscope to detect the patient’s condition to avoid wasting time if the X-ray is not necessary. For a precious time that the doctor has, by all means, the stethoscope can help the doctor save time and energy with a hectic schedule. The stethoscope is also very useful in detecting heart beats. Detecting heart sounds and murmur can help for a better diagnosis of the patient.

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There are many advantages in using this MDF Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope. First, the physician will not have to buy different kinds of stethoscopes for different types of customers. This product can be used to cater adults, children and infants alike. Imagine if a doctor is going to a hospital bringing different kinds of stethoscopes for patients with different age brackets, it is inconvenient to do such in a fast-paced environment that a doctor has. Aside from this, there is a tendency to leave behind some equipment, it will be difficult to monitor and maintain many stethoscopes to be more effective in the medical field. It will be easier to have one stethoscope easily carried or hanged.

The second advantage of this stethoscope is the two sound channels features it has for both ears. If some stethoscopes have only one sound channel, it is a difficult situation if the channel malfunctions and may cause a different diagnosis on an ailing patient. The correct diagnosis of a patient’s condition is very important and it is a must. With a wrong diagnosis, wrong prescription causing patients to take the wrong medicine could lead to more health complications and even death. With the two sound channels feature, a defect in one channel cannot prevent a doctor to make a diagnosis for the patient. One channel will still be available for this function. Aside from this, although an exaggeration but true to some situations, a doctor with a hearing defect from one ear will still be effective in using this stethoscope.

Amazon ImageThe third advantage that this product has is the proven and trusted record of detecting heart sounds and murmur. There is a great need to diagnose heart beats being important part of the body. In fact, a person can survive without a kidney or without eyes, but not without a heart. This feature enables a doctor to diagnose correctly if the patient’s situation is already worst or can be remedied through constant treatment.

Further, the doctor can save more money by using this stethoscope. Buying MDF Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope could help physicians reduce cost. In terms of price, instead of buying many stethoscopes ending up to a higher total cost of purchasing said devices, buying just one will save money. Aside from this, since the five-in-one stethoscope comes with warranty on its parts, it is not necessary to buy a new one to replace the parts. It will then be very economical for the physician.

Lastly, the parts of this stethoscope are highly convenient to use and durable. The chestpiece is with zinc-alloy durability and can easily rotated with a feature of giving the doctor to identify active sound channel. In addition, the channel tubing allows free sound transmission and seals out irritating noise enabling the doctor to hear clearly the patient’s condition. It is made of a thicker, denser and latex free extruded PVC. The headset helps ensure proper hearing and sealing out noise as well as give the doctor comfort in usage. These parts are not the only important parts brought about in buying the stethoscope, they also come with many accessories like extra sets of eartips, spare PVC diaphragms, infant bells and many more.


Buying MDF Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope has also disadvantages. Due to its special features of using the device for many functions, assembling and disassembling the parts for different purposes might be tasking for some doctors. Unlike for a stethoscope with one function only, there is no need for assembling and disassembling all the time of said parts.

In addition, using the two-tube channels may not be comfortable to some physicians. Since most physicians are used to using just one tube, they may not like resorting to another kind that they find odd to do. At some point, physicians also find it hard to detect problems by using these two tubes.

Lastly, some doctors are uncomfortable adjusting metal tube policing devices of this kind of stethoscope frequently. With a very hectic schedule and line up of patients, it is time consuming for them.


MDF Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope usage has many advantages for physicians. Hearing a loud sound in diagnosing patients by using the tubes and headsets, the function of using the device for patients with different age brackets, the durability with the different parts of the stethoscope and the affordability and price advantageous to customers are most important features that can give your money’s worth. There is no need to buy another kind of a device or even more stethoscopes for different patients. All you need to carry is one for all of them. You live in an age wherein convenience and time management is very important. This is a device recommended for use among physicians.

ADC ADSCOPE 605 Infant Stethoscope Review

Among the long lines of products made specifically for children there’s the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5” Stethoscope, Black to consider on buying.

This is a perfect partner for pediatrician and nurses that usually deals with infant and kids. It is important to check if the instrument that you use on children is child friendly because it can be very challenging to get the vitals of kids. Especially if they already develop a fear with anything dealing with the medical field, usually kids would throw tantrums that make it impossible to check their vital sign for doctors to provide their parents their accurate diagnosis.

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The kids’ heart beat and murmur can be really low that it might not be picked up by a regular stethoscope. That is why there is a need to use an infant specific stethoscope so that the doctor is able to easily hear the infant’s hear beat or breathing. Depending on the condition of the child or infant the stethoscope can help the doctor have an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s current health.

Because there is a high need to create some child friendly gadgets and instrument there are now a lot of different option to choose from in the market today. Depending on what brand you prefer on having there is actually a perfect stethoscope to use in the clinic or hospital. You can also consider on having your stethoscope on fun bright colors to make your small patient be attracted to the color and not be afraid. There are some doctors that have toys available in their clinic so that they can easily reach for it once the kid started crying.


The most common problem for using stethoscope on patient is that it gets cold easily and can be uncomfortable when it makes contact into the skin. The ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5” Stethoscope has a non-chill diaphragm rim and bell to provide comfort to patient when you take their vital signs. There is no need for you to find ways to warm the stethoscope before you use it on your patient.

Amazon ImageIt will also be easy for doctors and nurses to listen and get accurate record of the child’s heartbeat or breathing with the ultra-sensitive diaphragm. Its features are similar to the leading brand for only $30.83 which is almost half the price. This is from American Diagnostic Corporation so you can make sure that the quality of the product you are buying is to its highest.

It can provide loud and clear sound to make it easy for medical professional to record the important vital of their patient to base their diagnosis. Plus the added bonus such as the lifetime warranty insures that the manufacturer are quite confident about their product that they are willing to provide free product replacement or fixing in case the client is not satisfied with what they have.

It is very easy to use and it comes with small and large size ear tips so that you have an option to which size fits better on you for added comfort when you use this instrument. Besides the lifetime warranty every item comes in with a spare diaphragm and an ID tag that you can use to put your personal information in case all your co-workers use the same kind of stethoscope. You can also consider on buying a unique stethoscope charm if you want just to add something colorful and unique on your instrument. You can also use this to attract your little patient so that they willingly have their vitals taken without any problems. It can be a lovely jewel or a cute stuff toy. There is some charm that comes in letters so that you can spell out your name or you can also use a logo of the campaign that you are supporting.


Not as famous are Littmann although it is not as expensive as the famous brand but there are still some professional that would only prefer on using one brand. If you are willing to give this a try then you can still enjoy the important features why you want to buy an infant specific stethoscope in the first place, to get good sound quality on your little patient’s heat beat or murmur.


In conclusion, ADC stethoscope is one of the top cheaper brands in the stethoscope industry that is worth trying. Maybe you are still a student that is looking to buy your first stethoscope then ADC brand is the best thing you have. With these specific details:

  • Dimensions: 12.8 inches by 1.5 inches by 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Free shipping but limited to areas within US
  • Come highly recommended by Amazon buyers

It uses high quality material that enables you to use the instrument to assist you in your line of work for a long time. There are some private individual find the need of owning a good stethoscope also consider on buying the ADC Brand. This is also perfect for medical students that already need to have their first stethoscope to use. Since it is very affordable it is just easy to buy and own one. It is also a perfect stethoscope to buy in training because it is affordable and can be easily bought in bulk. Even practicing medical professional who are looking for a gadget that is worth trying out then the ADC Brand is their perfect answer. They will never regret on buying this instrument since it is also high quality and able to provide accurate results.

So make sure that you are will prepared in dealing with your young patient because they are always a challenge to work with. There are a few that are able to have their check-up without crying or throwing tantrums while there are others that are really scared of just seeing a doctor.

The longer you will work with young patient you will know different ways how to deal with them easily. Their parents can help you as much but if you have face different number of kids you would know what to do on each reaction that they give when they reach your clinic.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to own the most expensive or latest gadget available in the market just as long as you can afford it but why pay that much when you can also enjoy the similar quality without paying for the high price. Be smart and check out other options in the market today. It is important that you gather enough information so that you can enjoy your instrument’s functionality to the fullest without regretting paying that amount of money for it.


MDF MD One Pediatric Review

MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope Review

Now that the need of have a pediatric type stethoscope has been well established there are a lot of manufacturers that creates their own version of this specific stethoscope. And one of the most evident features it has is the dual head that is able to capture both the high and low frequency sound from the patient being checked. This is very useful especially on an infant or little patient that might have low murmur that might be difficult to hear over a regular instrument. But with the pediatric stethoscope such as from MDF then doctors and nurse are able to plot the vital signs of the patient to help them give an accurate diagnosis of their condition.

Amazon Image

It is important that you are able to provide correct diagnosis in this kind of profession. And you can only obtain that by using high quality instrument to help you gather enough information for your findings.


An item that has been in the market since 1971 the MDF stethoscope has indeed made its mark in the medical field. It is available in different colors and sizes and the price is only $54.90. With the lifetime warranty and free parts for life program owners can enjoy using their instrument for years to come. This is also safe to use on patient with high sensitivity on latex materials since it is latex free.

Amazon ImageThe instrument is made up of 100% stainless steel. The design prevents the user’s ear drums from getting punctured because of the patented safety lock and the non-invasive ear tip adaptors. The headset is also created in such a way that it can precisely fit on your ear with the right 15 degrees angle.

With the low price compared with the other brand you can also consider on buying a CMS 50DL Pulse Oximeter that comes with a neck or wrist cord that can perfectly be as useful as your pediatric stethoscope. This is only available for $13.35. You can also enjoy free shipping fee when you order from Amazon.

Besides getting accurate reading because it perfectly fits your small patient and you can easily get clear sound from the instrument. It also has a non-chill rim insulation that will make it comfortable on your patient’s skin. You don’t have to think of ways to pre-warm the diaphragm before you use it just to make sure that your patient will not feel cold of the metal touching their skin directly. The insulation also helps in amplifying the sound and to isolate the low frequency sound so that you can hear it clearly.


This is just a good starting stethoscope but most professional shift to other brand once they start their practice. It is not Littmann but also great for its price.

The instrument uses an ErgonoMax Headset which insures that sound that you will hear when you use the device is clear and free from outside noise. As for the acoustic tubing, it is a result of an extensive study to insure that the sound quality is high because of the thick, dense, and Y configuration design of the tubing. This insulates the sound that will be transferred from the source to your ears.

Using the instrument for a long time is no issue as well because of the comfort that the design provides. As for the chest piece there’s the green indicator dot that guides you to easily identify where the active sound is coming from. This will make your job easy and fast because of all the features that are added on the stethoscope that is used to be not available on the classic instrument.

Another best feature about this instrument is that it is carefully handcrafted since it was started in 1971. So you can make sure that the entire instrument from this brand has the same quality as what you have checked. Every box comes with two extra ComfortSeal ear tips and a spare ultrasensitive diaphragm plus an ID tag. You can put your information on the tag to avoid losing your stethoscope.


All in all the MDF stethoscope is a good buy since it can provide you with the perfect feature that you need in checking your infant patient. The MDF brand is a wise choice for medical students or private individual who are planning on investing on this high quality instrument. Just imagine using your first stethoscope until you are practicing on your profession. With the lifetime contract and the free parts for life program what else would you worry about?

You can also consider on looking to other ways to help you in dealing with your five and below patient such as different toys that will keep them interested. You can also put some cute stuff animals on your stethoscope so that you can easily get their vitals without any problem. You can also add some charm that will show your personality on your stethoscope. There is a good chance that you will have similar color and brand of stethoscope in your work place or in school. So to make sure that you don’t go and use someone else’s instrument you have to mark yours. Charms are perfect so that you don’t have to ruin your expensive stethoscope by putting a name on the insulation with the use of a marker. You can buy different color charm with letters on it to spell out your name or you can also buy something that has a logo of the campaign that you are supporting. This is also a great way of showing your individuality through the different charm collection that you have.

You can easily buy all these online through Amazon and you can even enjoy great discounts if you are able to buy on the right time when they offer special discounted prices. There are some items that are free from shipping fee. So conveniently shop at your own time especially when you are now on duty you will surely have no time to spare on shopping for things that you need. So online shopping can be your best friend because you can just check it anytime you are free and you can expect the item to be delivered on your doorstep if you are able to order successfully.