MDF Acoustica Deluxe Review


Studying nursing and medicine and other related courses connected to the medical field is difficult and expensive. It is difficult because you have to wake up late at night studying and going to a duty in a hospital to finish the course. You also have to memorize a lot of things from lengthy books and articles to be successful and graduate in your expected time. One factor that makes these courses more difficult is to buy medical devices and gadgets even if you are not a professional yet. With a high tuition fee and high cost of student living, an alternative choice is to buy cheaper gadgets.

Among the most used devices for students, the stethoscope is one of them. As early as can be, medical teachers already teach the students on how to use the stethoscope properly and read vital signs so that they can assist the teachers well while visiting hospitals or attending to patients. With this at hand, students need to buy a stethoscope that is fit for the tight budget. MDF Acoustica Deluxe is one choice students can recourse into when buying this device.

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One feature of this stethoscope is its being a diagnostic lightweight instrument. Most students and physicians prefer this feature because it is not burdensome to hang it on the neck for the whole day or to carry it wherever it is required. A heavy stethoscope can also irritate you when emergency problems come, somehow it adds to the stressful situation that you are in.

Another good feature of it is the ability to delivers the accurate auscultation of the heart, the lungs, and the Korotkoff sounds that is with acoustic integrity and as well as clarity. This is very important in diagnosing a patient who may have trouble in breathing, in inhaling or may be at the point of death. This will enable you to take drastic emergency measures as needed for the patient’s survival.

Amazon ImageIn addition, the super duty, the lightweight aluminum made dual-head chestpiece is very much durable. In order to save money and to be at ease in using your stethoscope, durability is very important. You do not need to pass through an ordeal of buying a non-workable stethoscope all the time. It is a waste of time and effort in your study.

Moreover, the tubing provides insulation for superior sound transmission and seals out ambient noise and is very durable. This is important because regardless of what situation you are in, you can ensure that the device will not pass through easy wear and tear. You do not need to worry that your stethoscope will break or crack at any given time.

One important thing of this device is the affordability of this medical device far from the rest. MDF Company knows the need for students to have an important gadget such as this. With an amazingly low price, the quality is equally the same and comparable with the other branded ones. Low price does not mean low quality. This is an indication that you can use this device for a very long time and you can still use this stethoscope when you graduate. Being said so aside from having a very low price, it has a guaranteed life-time warranty that is rarely found in others. Imagine that you can have a very big saving potential as replacement of parts are free for your entire life. If you are a medical student at the age of 20, then you can use your device for as long as 40 years and more.


The size of the tubes of this equipment is longer than the others. Although some prefer to use longer tubes for physical attractiveness and appearance and comfort, the longer the tube, the more tendency it will have a low reception of the sound. This will lead to some inaccuracies and uncertainty in diagnosing the condition for the patient. As a medical student if you are still not used to using this device, it may be difficult for you to identify the sounds it brings to you. If you choose this device, you have to practice listening to the different sounds and how you could detect them properly.

Another negative thing about this gadget is its color pink. Although, pink is a preferred color for women, it might not be true for men especially those men who are already in the peak of their career. Black is the more formal color to use. Men will not likely buy this product even if it has a lower price. The price value should have been very favorable for students and young practitioners but it will be best if the colors of this product are offered in variety to have more acceptability for all users.

Another disadvantage that this device has is the inaccuracy to hear properly the sounds when this if improperly mishandled. There is a need for a proper positioning and proper handling of the gadget to be more effective in reading the signs.


Pursuing a medical course is difficult and expensive. The cost of boarding, the cost of paying for a high tuition fee, buying uniform, books, school supplies and other medical devices should be taken into thoughtfully having in mind a conservative budget that will make you survive for years to finish your course. Buying a stethoscope may be one of your concerns. This is not a problem anymore with the introduction of the MDF Acoustica Deluxe Stethoscope. The very low price gives a favorable value for students like you. Surprisingly, even with a very low price compared to the other branded stethoscopes, the quality and durability is still high and strong. You can use this device for longer years even after graduation since it has a life-time warranty and a good program for replacement. When it comes to choosing a stethoscope that best suits your study and on-the-job practice, this handy stethoscope is best for you. You do not need to do an extra mile to purchase an expensive branded product to practice your medical skills.