MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Review


A physician’s life so with a nursing student’s life is not easy. When you are in the medical field and profession, it is expected that you are awake all the time, even 24 hours at other times especially when an epidemic comes or the hospital that you are working for is very popular in your town. In a hectic day, both doctor and doctor’s aid need a very important device to make everything work fast and easy. It is through the use of a workable and effective stethoscope.

A wrong diagnosis and even non diagnosis at all due to a defective stethoscope can add to more complicated problems. A patient who should have been healed right away will have more complication because of a wrong detection of the sound transmitted through the defective stethoscope. Profession and goodwill wise, you cannot afford to lose a job or to lose customers due to a defective stethoscope. Therefore one stethoscope can satisfy your demand; this is the MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope.

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Using MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope has many advantages. One is its attractive design and color. It has a combination of black and royal blue features that gives you a descent and professional look by using the stethoscope. Even the package of the device is attractive that you will not be hesitant to bring the device inside the package if others see it.

Second, the patented X-configuration tubing eliminates unnecessary sound interference that might cause you not to hear properly the faint heart sound and murmurs that this product has been trusted for. The sound of the heart, especially in terms of emergency, is very important to determine the actual condition of the patient. If the heart collapse or there is a failure of hearing a heart beat, then it is necessary that the physician and the medical team has to do something to revive the patient. With this feature, using MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope for emergency problems will be helpful.

Amazon ImageWhen it comes to durability with all of its parts, there is no problem on relying on this product. A non-durable stethoscope can cause additional expense especially for students who still cannot afford to change devices all the time. With this stethoscope, there is no need to replace a device all the time. Aside from its high quality, there is a program wherein the customers have aid in parts maintenance.

Fourth, comfort is a problem among stethoscope users. When the doctor is uncomfortable using the stethoscope, there is a tendency that he will make a quick check-up and diagnosis on the patient preventing a further inspection on the patient’s condition. This device can help solve the problem. The set comes with soft ear plugs, meaning that there is no trouble dealing with the hard ones making it more comfortable to use. Aside from this, even if the stethoscope seems heavy, it is not burdensome at all. The weight just fit for easy handling especially when placed around the neck. There is no need to remove the device from the neck all the time.

Just the same with other Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope products, this can be used for different age groups, infants, pediatrics and adults alike. It is more convenient because the physician need not necessary buy many stethoscopes for different age brackets. The parts are easily assembled for different purposes. Buying the product alone is already convenient because accessories like ear tips, infant, pediatric and adult PVC diagrams with pediatric and infant bell and ID tag are available.

Lastly, when it comes to price, this will be a good choice among medical students and practitioners. The product is very affordable to purchase and since it is used for many purposes, then it will be very helpful to those who have no budget in buying many devices. Aside from this, because of its durability, there is no need to buy parts frequently for repair and maintenance purposes. There will be easier maintenance of this device because the parts are available and the features can suit customer’s needs very well.


Using MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope has disadvantages as well. Just like in other situations, using an all-in-one device could cause time delay in assembling and disassembling the parts for specific use. There will be a tendency that the parts will have frequent wear and tear due to this feature.

Second, there may be unnecessary noise that can be heard in using this product. This is cause by the parts that need adjustment and check-up. So it is necessary to check on the parts especially when disassembling the parts or frequently using the device. This is to ensure that the device is used on what it is suppose to do.

Lastly, what is light for some may be heavy for other users. Due to the many accessories and the durable materials used for the product, it is heavier to carry than other stethoscopes. This might be a problem with other doctors or medical students who want to carry a lighter one especially in a prolonged shift. There is a tendency that there will be neck ache or uncomfortable feeling in carrying the device all the time.


Doctors and medical students and practitioners have different preferences in choosing a stethoscope that fit them. When comfort, durability and usability are some criteria in choosing the device, then this MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope is one of the answers. Having these features aside from the usage for different age brackets features of this device is rare among other products. It is then a privilege to own one of this. You do not need to look for other products than this MDF Deluxe Sprague Rappaport X Stethoscope . It is very affordable, of high quality, easy to use, comfortable and stylish that most buyers looked for in a stethoscope. It is time to purchase one now.