MDF ER Premier Cardiology Review


Patients are usually brought to the Emergency Room (ER) for faster diagnosis of a problem. Doctors and nurses on the other hand quickly response to aid these problems and remedy the solution right away. For many instances, people come in and out the Emergency Room causing distress among the medical practitioners. The situation can even worsen if there are insufficient medical facility and even a stethoscope that could aid in auscultation of heart and lung sounds. A portable and handy stethoscope for emergency purposes is made to remedy this problem.

Stethoscopes come in variety and form. They are use to diagnose a disease and problem and physicians could not survive without them. However, not all stethoscopes are made for emergency purposes, Not like the others, MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope is made for this purpose. It has different features and designs that make the doctor’s work easier.

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MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscopes are durable enough to withstand frequent use and changing of parts. Originally made and handcrafted since 1971, MDF companies’ long years of existence enable them to develop very durable products. Since the materials used for this product is stainless steel, it is not difficult to use this product frequently with the fear of immediate wear and tear.

In addition, this device can be used for both young and old patients. It can easily be transformed into a cardiology stethoscope by the included cardiology bell conversion. This will give the end user a conservative price of a dual functioning stethoscope.

Amazon ImageFurther, one of its best features is the patented full-rotation acoustic valve stem that can be converted to nine different configurations. This allows for functional use and the ability to hear sound clearly and accurately. This comes with a green indicator dot that allows users to identify a sound channel. This can contribute to a fast determination of the current condition of the patient for emergency purposes. An unclear sound with all the noise outside the hospital can cause death in just seconds or minutes. The sound of the beating of the heart and other vital organs may be impaired with a not so functional stethoscope. Once a patient is confined in an emergency situation, knowing the vital conditions of the body is necessary for the patient’s survival. With this stethoscope, emergency treatment could be done right away.

Another feature that the stethoscope has is the sturdy thicker, denser and latex-free PVC tubing. Repeated use of the stethoscope for emergency purposes can cause immediate cracking and wearing due to its nature of being on the rush all the time. Bumping, stretching and falling the stethoscope is possible in these situations. It is not unlikely that for a few months of usage only, the device will break and tear. This is not true with MDF ER Premier Cardiology. It can last for several years even with frequent usage.

Moreover, a life-time warranty and free-parts-for-life program is an excellent program made by MDF. Normal companies do not do this. In fact, some companies just purposely make defective parts on their products for customers to repurchase parts over and over again. This is not true with MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope. You can have a replacement of your product for a lifetime. If you are a medical practitioner or a medical student by your 20s or 30s, then you can use this stethoscope for more than 40 to 50 years without buying parts and even without buying another stethoscope. Parts are always new with this MDF ER Premier Cardiology life-time warranty. As long as the company exists, saving money from buying another one is an assurance with this stethoscope.

Lastly, this stethoscope is very portable. It can be used anywhere not only in the emergency room. It can be used in not so pleasant climate and environment as well because it is very durable and sturdy. The fear of bringing a weak device for medical missions and events will not happen in this kind of device. You also will not have to carry a bulk of stethoscope devices when going to far-away places. Everything is possible with MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope.


There are negative issues and disadvantages about this. The first common issue is its heavy weight compared to others. This is due to the fact that because of its sturdy and durable features with all the durable materials put unto it, it is difficult for some medical practitioners to carry it and even hang it over the neck. The discomfort and the burden on the neck can cause disturbance and impairment of proper practice.

Another issue is the unclear sound that it could bring due to a wrong positioning of the head or ear while detecting the sound channels of the vital body parts. This not a good preference for other doctors or nurses by the nature of the emergency situation they are handling. Most prefer the stethoscope that can detect the sound right away. Changing positions very frequently just to hear the sound is a great disadvantage for those who need to decide on what to do with the patient. MDF has to remedy these issues.


MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope is a choice among many. There is no need to look for more if you are looking for a double functional stethoscope for your emergency needs which comes with accuracy, durability and precision. In times of too frequent use of a stethoscope during emergency situation, no need to fear if the device will break or crack in times when you need it the most. In addition, you can rarely find an effective device with a life-time warranty. Using this device for your lifetime is very economical and convenient. Having to look for better stethoscopes all of the time to suit your needs is not necessary anymore. As long as you buy your device from MDF, they will replace the defective parts of the device without limit. Buying MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope is a good option to choose from if you are thinking of having one.