MDF MD One Review


Without a doubt, the stethoscope is one of the most vital, if not the most vital tool a doctor can have. Even in the past, doctors use the stethoscope as an invaluable tool for detecting infections of the lungs or respiratory system. If with the simple stethoscope, an experienced doctor can tell if a patient is suffering from asthma or pneumonia, then the benefits of a stethoscope with added features should be able to help a doctor in phenomenal ways.

Due to its importance, doctors cannot survive with a low-quality made stethoscope. A wrong diagnosis of a patient’s disease can lead to a more complication and at the same time a negative impact on the doctor’s profession. This could even lead to a lifetime humiliation from the community and will prevent the doctor of having a successful medical practice. With these important factors at stake, it is important that the doctor should have a very usable and durable stethoscope. Not only durable, but the parts are made of high standard in order to fit for a sensitive doctor’s work. One kind of stethoscope can provide this need: the MDF MD One Stethoscope.

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MDF MD One Review shows many positive feedbacks in using this gadget. One physician said that the tubes of this stethoscope is longer compared to the others giving convenience in usage. A short sized stethoscope is not good among medical practitioners. Patients have different attitudes and some especially young ones have the tendency to resist on a check-up. It is more convenient then for a doctor to have more flexibility in using a long sized tube of a stethoscope.

The stainless steel feature of MDF MD One also brings advantage for medical practitioners. Aside from durability, it allows a good mechanism for hearing clearly and allowing more effective diagnosis for the heart, lungs and other vital organs wherein a stethoscope is use. This is an important factor for aiding in having the right diagnosis for patients. Without this feature, both doctors and patients cannot afford wasting time and energy in working out for a patient’s cure due to a defective stethoscope.

Amazon ImageMoreover, the headsets of this stethoscope are very valuable and advantageous for users. It comes in a patented internal-dual leaf spring construction which means that it is very comfortable and convenient to use. The eartips of the gadget also allows doctors to use the gadget for a longer time without ear irritation. Diagnosing the true condition of a patient is difficult to do. The doctor has to listen to the vital parts of the body of the patient in order to hear clearly. Aside from this, prolong usage of a low-quality made stethoscope could lead to ear problems of physicians. With this feature, this problem will be avoided and ensures that the doctor is safe in his practice.

The third advantage that this stethoscope has is its acoustic tubing. The acoustic tubing allows superior sound transmission due to its durability. With this kind of tubing, prolong use will not lead to immediate wear and tear of the device. It is durable, thicker, and denser and has latex-free PVC. There is lesser worry that there will be trouble for the device with long and repeated use. There is also lesser worry in having a wrong diagnosis due to a slow or unclear sound transmission.

Moreover, it has a unique feature of having a internal patented metal alloys that is located in that tubing which is below the spring that allows a maximum sound transmission. This is unique because it allows the tubing channel for a superior sound transmission unlike in others that this part is absent. This then will give an assurance that too much noise from outside sources or even the doctor’s office or in the hospital will not distract the doctor in listening carefully for the patient’s condition. Thus, with this part, there is an assurance of reliability and accuracy in check-ups.

Lastly, the stethoscope comes with accessories that the customer can take advantage of. It comes with ID tag, extra eartips and spare ultrasensitive diaphragm. The device also comes with a life-time warranty and free-parts-for-life program making buying this device very economical for physicians. Buying defective parts and frequent changing of the different parts of the stethoscope for proper use and comfort may be costly. With these additional features, the customer can save money.


Just like any other device, there are disadvantages in using this stethoscope. This device is specially made for specific ages only and not used to diagnose patients in different ages. Thus, one has to buy different stethoscopes for different functions and purposes, giving more additional expense for the doctors. Bringing many stethoscopes for different usage may also be inconvenient for physicians.

Another negative side of this is that this device has only one tube that attaches to the bell and to accommodate the two earpieces. This maybe a problem to other physicians and doctors since this is vulnerable to inaccuracy especially if there is a hearing problem of one ear or it is very noisy outside the doctor’s office that can cause a problem of hearing. Aside from this, it may be inconvenient to use one ear all the time in prolonged check-ups.


Buying a durable and reliable stethoscope is a must among medical practitioners. It takes time to choose the right stethoscope for a doctor but MDF MD One is one of a kind device that doctors can choose to ensure economic, convenient and usable purchase. With the many positive features that the device can give to the customers, it can be said that this MDF MD One is a good option to rely upon. You cannot afford to change stethoscopes all the time due to damage and tear. You may have money to do so but it is tasking to go to the store again to make the purchase. Time is very precious for medical practitioner, it takes a stainless steel stethoscope to save time.