MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology Review



Pneumonia and cardiovascular problems increasingly arise all over the world. In an effort to solve these problems, medical companies develop medicines that can strongly fight germs, bacteria and viruses that infect mankind. However, with the advancement of medicine, these negative bacteria and viruses also mutate causing diseases to be severe and difficult to treat. In fact, it is difficult to diagnose such diseases nowadays. A simple cough will suddenly lead to pneumonia or even tuberculosis if not detected right away. To avoid being complacent with these diseases, frequent medical check-ups are needed to prevent further complicated diseases. An effective device comes into place in terms of detecting pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, doctors use stethoscopes for faster diagnosis.

Stethoscopes can come in different variety and form. Some are heavy, some are light, some are custom made and some are made for different purposes. The trouble that most practitioners don’t like in using a stethoscope is its weight. A very heavy device placed around the neck could cause discomfort and neck pain especially during a very busy day. In order to remedy this problem, a company designed a stethoscope that is very light and easy to carry, this is the MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope.

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MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology Stethoscope is a very useful device when it comes to a concern on the weight of the device. Made specially for the purpose of giving aid for medical doctor’s heavy load, this device is very easy to carry and very comfortable to work with. It can be carried over for several hours even for a twenty-hour usage wherein most doctors are engaged without feeling neck pain and discomfort. Even if it is very light, the device is still very durable and made of good quality materials rarely found in other products.

Moreover, it is the very first cardiology grade stethoscope of its kind. This means that it is very effective in aiding disease diagnosis in terms of cardiology problems. Using a more complicated device can be a solution other than using a stethoscope. But with this device, it will now be easier to detect a cardio problem.

Amazon ImageAside from the features mentioned above, this can be used by catering both infants, pediatric and adults. It even has 3 separate diaphragms and 3 separate bells usable for all purposes. This means that this piece of device can be considered as a valuable asset as there is no need to buy different kind of stethoscopes that can meet the need of diagnosing children and adults alike. Other than this, there is also no need to bring too many devices at a time. With the very busy schedule of doctors, there is really an advantage of bringing along lesser number of equipment. Running here and there could be difficult if there are a lot of things to carry.

Further, a green indicator dot that allows the user to identify the active sound channel is very helpful for medical students and doctors alike. It is difficult for the said people to detect an active sound channel while using a stethoscope. They have to search over the different body parts before detecting one. This feature is a good aid for them. By the green color, they can concentrate on listening to the sound where it came from in order to diagnose a possible problem.

In addition, the chestpiece contains an ultrasensitive diaphragm providing a secure acoustic transmission of heart and lung sounds of 100Hz to 1000Hz and even low frequencies of 20Hz to100 Hz through the help of the bells. With this feature, the doctor can easily detect if the patient has a problem or not. There is also no need to recourse to using complicated and expensive measures to detect problems by using this product.


There are certain negative features of this product that need to be address. The hard or stiff tubes are disadvantageous for some doctors because it does not allow flexibility during check-ups. When it comes to different positions and stretching if necessary, it is difficult to use this device. Many of the doctors are uncomfortable of having a hard device frequently place around the neck.

Further, some doctors and medical students also have a problem in the length of this device. Although lengthy tubes are preferred by some, some do not like this because it can disturb the usual work function that doctors have and it can be out of hand at times. Aside from this, long tubes can be distracting for patients and customers.

Lastly, this stethoscope comes only in one color, black. Although some medical students and practitioners like black, many would love to have other colors as well. There is formality in black but dullness will also come by using this color frequently especially among the young end users.


The complicated diseases and problems that mutation of bacteria and viruses in the modern world brought about can be remedied right away. Patients need not wait in approaching a doctor for check-ups and be complacent about these diseases. A doctor, with the help of the MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope especially when it comes to pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases can aid in preventing dreadful diseases.

MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope is considered as one of the lightest stethoscope a doctor or a medical student could carry. By this device, the problem and burden of carrying a very heavy device all day long is not a problem anymore. There is no need to have additional burden in working at a fast-paced clinic or hospital environment. The makers of MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope have made your burden lighter. This product is also assured of being durable, affordable and easy to use. Even with the given all purpose features, meaning it can be used for infants, children and adults, the price is not a problem. The lifetime warranty and replacement even adds to its attractiveness. So if you are looking for a stethoscope that is light and sturdy, this MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology is a good choice for you.