MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope Review


Time flies fast especially in a medical clinic or a hospital with frequent emergency situations. A small waste of time among medical doctors and practitioners could cause an agony for a lifetime when severe conditions and death of a patient occurs. That is why, nurses and doctors are very conscious with time and they come in and out of the rooms in the hospital to monitor everything, the vital signs of the patients in particular. Together with this, they usually brought with them a stethoscope to aid in diagnosing a patient’s condition. This will help them to determine on what to do with the patient and what medications the patient needs to take. A stethoscope cannot be neglected in a doctor’s life.

In some emergency instances, the doctor has to see the appearance and the expression of the patient in order to see how well he is doing. Doing things simultaneously, like watching the patient and working with the stethoscope may be difficult due to a stressful environment that both doctors and nurses face. Other than this, it is difficult to read the time and counts from the wrist watch due to the nature of having an emergency situation. Thus, a stethoscope from MDF has been made to remedy this problem, the MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope.

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The problem of having to use the stethoscope and the watch at the same time has been ended by the 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock that the MDF Company has. Determining and counting the pulse beats and respirations is easier with this kind of device. The doctor can focus on the patient and be able to look at him directly without having to look at the wrist watch all the time. More than this, vital signs can be easily determined through the use of this watch. There is no need to stay out of focus on the patient because of the distraction of looking at the wrist watch.

In addition, this stethoscope device is light compared with the other stethoscopes. A heavy stethoscope device always causes dissatisfaction and additional heavy burden for the doctors. Imagine working in a stressful environment with a heavy metal hanging on your neck, it can cause more pain on the neck and even pain on the head. The light feature of this device can help doctors carry it with ease.

Amazon ImageMoreover, MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope is very sturdy and durable. Its chestpiece and tubes are made of good materials making it to endure for long years without having the trouble of frequent repair and equipment. Breaking or cracking it in unexpected conditions when you need it the most will also not be a problem with this kind of device.

When it comes to replacement and warranty, MDF has the best service and warranty you could think of. Imagine having a lifetime warranty with your device. Whatever parts and trouble your MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope has, MDF can replace it anytime, anywhere through effective channels and intermediaries. What can you look for in a company? Aside from this, it has a very good program in replacing its parts. Some companies do promise that they will replace certain parts of an item right away but has no proper system to do so giving customers more complication than convenience. With this program, you will be entertained by excellent customer service people that will help you with your problem.

Lastly, a good feature that this stethoscope has is the many parts and accessories that come with it when you purchase the product. It comes with comfortable eartips, Id Tag and ultrasensitive fiber diaphragm. You can be assure that your money is worth buying this product.


The MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope do need some improvement in its other parts. One is the aluminum chestpiece that is not so conducive as the stainless chestpiece in sound transmission. Sound sensitivity is very important in a stethoscope especially if there is noise all around the hospital surroundings and noise coming from outside forces. There may be a delay in handling a patient’s immediate need if the nurse or the doctor has to repeatedly listen to the vital sounds that can address the needs of the patient.

Moreover, aortic and pulmonic sounds are hardly identifiable in a noisy room. With this problem, a suitable environment needs to be ensured or going to the trouble of determining the true health of the patient may be difficult especially for patients with aortic and pulmonic problems.

Finally, some colors of this device might not show a clear reading of the time or clock. This means that to have an accurate reading of the time, the physician needs to choose the right color to be as effective as he can be. Contrast in colors must be studied carefully in order to remedy this problem or else frequent replacement orders will occur.


If one has to choose an effective and usable stethoscope, he has to choose one that is very convenient and friendly to him. MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope is one of this. It offers a variety of features not found in other devices. Without going through the risk of looking at the wrist watch more than the patient, the doctor will be able to face and attend the needs of the patient well. Without being hassled by counting the pulse and respiration, this device is an effective tool for determining the vital signs of the patient. When it comes to price, the price is very affordable and comes with a life-time warranty. Replacement of parts is not difficult due to its replacement program features and good service accommodation. So MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 Digital LCD Clock and Single Head Stethoscope is a good choice to look forward into when it comes to buying a stethoscope.