MDF Sprague Rappaport Review


The traditional doctor has three important things to bring while making his rounds – his medicines bag with vital first aid medicines, a syringe, and most importantly, his stethoscope: It can be said that like a carpenter who cannot function without a hammer, a doctor can’t do it without a stethoscope as this allows him to listen to the vital signs of a patient specially his breathing and respiratory functions. Really experienced doctors can support their initial observations of symptoms simply by using their all important stethoscope. So, just imagine what the use of a stethoscope with not one but five special features can do.

The usage of stethoscope in the medical practice is very important. A doctor cannot survive without it. For instance in respiratory problems, before deciding to have the patient for X-ray, the doctor will first use the stethoscope to detect the patient’s condition to avoid wasting time if the X-ray is not necessary. For a precious time that the doctor has, by all means, the stethoscope can help the doctor save time and energy with a hectic schedule. The stethoscope is also very useful in detecting heart beats. Detecting heart sounds and murmur can help for a better diagnosis of the patient.

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There are many advantages in using this MDF Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope. First, the physician will not have to buy different kinds of stethoscopes for different types of customers. This product can be used to cater adults, children and infants alike. Imagine if a doctor is going to a hospital bringing different kinds of stethoscopes for patients with different age brackets, it is inconvenient to do such in a fast-paced environment that a doctor has. Aside from this, there is a tendency to leave behind some equipment, it will be difficult to monitor and maintain many stethoscopes to be more effective in the medical field. It will be easier to have one stethoscope easily carried or hanged.

The second advantage of this stethoscope is the two sound channels features it has for both ears. If some stethoscopes have only one sound channel, it is a difficult situation if the channel malfunctions and may cause a different diagnosis on an ailing patient. The correct diagnosis of a patient’s condition is very important and it is a must. With a wrong diagnosis, wrong prescription causing patients to take the wrong medicine could lead to more health complications and even death. With the two sound channels feature, a defect in one channel cannot prevent a doctor to make a diagnosis for the patient. One channel will still be available for this function. Aside from this, although an exaggeration but true to some situations, a doctor with a hearing defect from one ear will still be effective in using this stethoscope.

Amazon ImageThe third advantage that this product has is the proven and trusted record of detecting heart sounds and murmur. There is a great need to diagnose heart beats being important part of the body. In fact, a person can survive without a kidney or without eyes, but not without a heart. This feature enables a doctor to diagnose correctly if the patient’s situation is already worst or can be remedied through constant treatment.

Further, the doctor can save more money by using this stethoscope. Buying MDF Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope could help physicians reduce cost. In terms of price, instead of buying many stethoscopes ending up to a higher total cost of purchasing said devices, buying just one will save money. Aside from this, since the five-in-one stethoscope comes with warranty on its parts, it is not necessary to buy a new one to replace the parts. It will then be very economical for the physician.

Lastly, the parts of this stethoscope are highly convenient to use and durable. The chestpiece is with zinc-alloy durability and can easily rotated with a feature of giving the doctor to identify active sound channel. In addition, the channel tubing allows free sound transmission and seals out irritating noise enabling the doctor to hear clearly the patient’s condition. It is made of a thicker, denser and latex free extruded PVC. The headset helps ensure proper hearing and sealing out noise as well as give the doctor comfort in usage. These parts are not the only important parts brought about in buying the stethoscope, they also come with many accessories like extra sets of eartips, spare PVC diaphragms, infant bells and many more.


Buying MDF Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope has also disadvantages. Due to its special features of using the device for many functions, assembling and disassembling the parts for different purposes might be tasking for some doctors. Unlike for a stethoscope with one function only, there is no need for assembling and disassembling all the time of said parts.

In addition, using the two-tube channels may not be comfortable to some physicians. Since most physicians are used to using just one tube, they may not like resorting to another kind that they find odd to do. At some point, physicians also find it hard to detect problems by using these two tubes.

Lastly, some doctors are uncomfortable adjusting metal tube policing devices of this kind of stethoscope frequently. With a very hectic schedule and line up of patients, it is time consuming for them.


MDF Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope usage has many advantages for physicians. Hearing a loud sound in diagnosing patients by using the tubes and headsets, the function of using the device for patients with different age brackets, the durability with the different parts of the stethoscope and the affordability and price advantageous to customers are most important features that can give your money’s worth. There is no need to buy another kind of a device or even more stethoscopes for different patients. All you need to carry is one for all of them. You live in an age wherein convenience and time management is very important. This is a device recommended for use among physicians.