MDF Stethoscope Reviews: Pros and Cons From Actual MDF Stethoscope Users

Looking for MDF stethoscope reviews? MDF Stethoscopes have recently become an up-and-coming choice with health care professionals. MDF offers a full line of 22 stethoscopes, including infant and neonatal, Sprague Rappaport models, and high-quality cardiology scopes.

MDF Stethoscope ReviewsMDF provides customers with free lifetime replacement parts, including diaphragm, and a 5-year warranty on tubing for most models, and their prices are extremely competitive. MDF appears to be carving out their niche especially among medics who prefer a Sprague Rappaport design.

MDF Stethoscope Reviews – Sprague Rappaport models

Health care professionals had some great things to say about MDF Sprague Rappaport stethoscopes. Sound quality was often rated very highly. Negative reviews were few and far between for these instruments. Following is a sample of user reviews:

ŸI’ve always liked the Spraque Rappaport style stethoscopes with the dual lumen tubing…this model made by MDF seems superior in construction, very solid and well built.

Very reasonably priced version of a fine instrument that is essentially “out of print.” As an old fashioned medical educator, I still prefer a stethoscope with a sturdy, sizeable BELL, and have never been able to accept the newer models that claim to “hear” low pitched sounds by altering pressure on the chest. This is a real physician’s stethoscope.

The respiratory and cardiac sounds do appear to be clearer and crisper using this stethoscope. However the volume appears to be a little decreased….I would recommend the stethoscope but not to a student. Subtle findings may be more difficult to hear.

MDF Stethoscope Reviews – Premier and Cardiology models

The MDR ER Premier and Classic Cardiology stethoscopes are nearly identical, with one interesting difference. The Classic Cardiology is made with the traditional diaphragm and bell, while the Premier comes with dual-head tunable diaphragms and a cardiology bell conversion.

The Premier seems to be the more popular of the two options. Read on for a sampling of users’ MDF Stethoscope reviews for the MDF ER Premier:

Ÿ This stethoscope exceeded my expectations. It feels very durable and is aesthetically pleasing. I can hear better with this scope than I ever could with a Cardiology III, I mean by a long shot too.

Ÿ Having used it now for a month in various settings, it meets my requirements superbly. The cost is reasonable (particularly if you buy it through Amazon). The company is sound and has a good track record for service and provides parts for the lifetime of the scope.

Ÿ The heavy weight tubing is stiff and the connection between the diaphragm/bell is too loose for my liking. This combination causes the connection between the two to twist and lose it’s ability to conduct any sound. I have to adjust my grip, angle, and sometimes ear pieces in order to get a good assessment done….Also, the pediatric diaphragm is difficult to remove and put back on. It takes some bending and prying to get it right.

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With few online reviews available for MDF Stethoscopes as compared to the far more popular and well-known Littmanns, it’s difficult to make a whole-hearted recommendation. However, if you’re looking for a Sprague Rappaport stethoscope, MDF appears to be a great choice. For cardiology quality stethoscopes, given a price point of just about $30 more than MDF, we find Littmann to be a more reliable choice. However, read the suggested MDF stethoscope reviews to make an informed decision for yourself.