Welch Allyn 5079-135 Stethoscope Review


Studying medicine is a difficult course to tackle with. One has to be very familiar with medical terminologies and memorize them as much as possible. Aside from this, they have to go through a lot of experimenting in using devices in order to be prepared when they will become doctors someday. There is a great amount of time and effort needed to study the course. No wonder, the studying medicine could take years to finish. From college to the actual medical practice, it will take over ten years to master the course and be an in-turn in the hospital. After all, being a doctor is a risky profession because you have to deal with ill people that you have direct concern of for their survival.

One of the devices that medical students need is stethoscope. A stethoscope is inseparable for a medical student. As early as possible, he has to be equipped with these medical devices to not be behind with his field. He need to familiarize sounds and sound channels to be effective.

The problem of studying medicine is the inability to determine which area to focus when finally becoming a doctor. Some concerns will really come in terms of buying a stethoscope device in terms of this. It might be difficult to figure out, what kind of stethoscope that could be used not only while studying but also after studying in order for the student to be used to the device and be effective when he becomes a doctor.

One option available for the student is to buy a stethoscope that can be used for different purposes. This is available through the Welch Allyn 5079-135 Stethoscope.

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This stethoscope is advantageous because it can be used for general purposes and can be used for different functions and ages. This functions include the usage of this in paediatrics, adults and anesthesiology.  With these feature, the medical student will not worry if he has not decided on what to focus with. He can use a flexible stethoscope in terms of function such as this.

Price also greatly differs in this kind of stethoscope. With a cheaper price plus great discounts, the customer medical student can still use some of the money for other purposes such as paying for tuition and apartment. Because of a lower price, he could also choose to keep the stethoscope or buy another one after he finish his medical course.

One great advantage of buying his device is its weight. Most medical students and doctors alike prefer a lighter stethoscope to meet their needs. It is easier for them to carry the device or even hang the device on their necks for the whole day. With a lighter device, there is no need to bring a lot of bulky items on the medical bag or be burdened by carrying a heavy one when going into clinics and hospitals and even remote places where check-up is needed.

Amazon ImageOne good advantage of the device is the clarity and the dependability of doctors to use this device in terms of sounds heard from the heart, cardiac and lungs. Clearer sounds are needed for proper diagnosis of patients and it is up to what is heard what kind of medicines are needed for the patient’s survival. There is no better device that can serve this purpose.

Although some prefer a shorter tube, many doctors prefer this long tube of 28 inches because it gives more flexibility to usage compared to a shorter one. When the patient is difficult to reach and difficult to handle because of his large structure, this enables to solve the problem. There is no need of making different positions in order to cater the customer. It might also be difficult to stretch all the time a shorter tube stethoscope because it will be a likelihood that it will break or tear apart.


There are some considerations in purchasing this product. The first one is the short supply and the inability of the product to reach the international market due to its limited shipping within U.S. territories. Since the business community is going worldwide, there will be a lot of doctors and medical students who are supposed to order the device but is unable to do so because of this limitation. It will be difficult to find this product in the international market compared with the other products that are available on hand. The limited supply should be remedied upon and so with the possibility of international shipping to cater to the worldwide market.

Another negative side is the position of the ear tips not angled to be fitted to the user’s ears. Most stethoscopes are designed for the fit of customers unlike this one. It might be difficult for the doctors or medical students to adjust with this design.


Being in medical school to be a doctor requires sacrifice and more studying to do. Using a stethoscope is one of the thing that medical students must do to prepare for the medical profession. Although not decided on what specific practice to do, you must be prepared to buy a stethoscope that can be used now as a student and later in your medical profession. Doing so brings a lot of advantages including saving time, money and the possibility of not being able to adjust with the stethoscope you have when in actual practice.

Choosing a stethoscope that serves a lot of functions is best for you. With the Welch Allyn 5079-135 Stethoscope, you can be of good status all the time. You will make higher grades, you will hear and diagnose better patient’s conditions and you will be able to graduate in your chosen career. It only requires little sacrifice to buy a stethoscope that will help you all the way until graduation and after when you finally becomes a doctor. It is time to choose Welch Allyn 5079-135 Stethoscope now. For sure, you’ll never regret getting one.