Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Double Head Stethoscope Review


Pulmonary diseases are rampant nowadays. From simple illness such as cough and colds to complex ones such as pneumonia and tuberculosis, patients go to the doctor for constant check-up. The doctor has to check and diagnose thoroughly the patient’s condition to prevent further damage. For instance, a simple cough untreated will likely result to pneumonia and may even lead to a complex lung problem. Clinical devices and equipment are used to diagnose pulmonary diseases. Some of these devices include stethoscopes and x-ray machines. A stethoscope is a simple device that is very useful in checking a patient’s condition.

In order to be effective in check-ups, the stethoscope has to be high quality, durable and can last for a longer time. A defective stethoscope can lead to a wrong diagnosis of the disease which eventually can result to complicated diseases and even death. An important quality that is needed in stethoscopes is the ability to capture sound channels from the internal body parts of the patient. The parts of the stethoscopes play great roles in this function. Some of the important parts for proper hearing are the chestpiece, the tubes of the gadget and the earpiece. One kind of stethoscope have this attributes – the Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Double Head Stethoscope.

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Imagine being a physician with loud noise inside and outside the room. Patients are crying and talking, nurses come in and outside with frequent inquiries on patients, loud music are all around, machine and equipment used also make noise, can you still hear clearly the murmurs of the heart, pulmonary and cardiac sounds of your patient? Yes, this is one advantage of using this ultrasensitive stethoscope. Even the loudest noise could be ignored by its dual head features. The acoustics are great and you do not have worry if there is too much worry from inside and outside forces in the room that you are in.

The second advantage of having this one is the durability. The materials are made of quality sources and can withstand pressures of whatever kind. The problems with other stethoscopes is the inability to withstand frequent use and flexing. It is a regret that some stethoscopes will only last for months due to the low quality feature and the wrong design that manufacturers fail to consider that cause tear. With this kind of device, the company ensures that the design of this one can adjust for longer usage. Breaking and tearing of part within just few months is not possible here.

Amazon ImageAnother benefit that the doctors can rely on is its affordable price. The affordability enables one to buy as needed, a doctor being equipped with the best possible stethoscopes they can have. The value of the money spent for this item is worth the investment without going through a search of expensive brands with the same high quality. Aside from this, it is offered at discounts that customers must be updated with. The discounts will serve as a good incentive for loyal buyers and will help the purchaser save for another important items in his profession.

Further, this device can also be used for adults and children alike. Paediatric chest pieces are available for purchase. In this way, if the doctor is a general practitioner, in other words he both serves children and adults, he can use and bring only one stethoscope for both patients giving him a lighter work than bringing two items with his very busy schedule. There is convenience in light travel wherever he may go.

The last advantage of this product is the complete set of pieces that is brought with the main product. You do not need to buy some other accessories to use your stethoscope. Once purchased, the package comes with complete accessories.


There is still room for improvement in order to make this product perfect. The first one is the color of the device. This comes in all black and may not be preferred by other users. For some paediatricians, they prefer an attractive color for children such as red or pink so that it will not be difficult to deal with them due to the attractive color of the stethoscope they see. For some, they prefer royal blue or white, depending on what color they are comfortable with.

Another thing to consider is its longer size compared to the original one. Since many customers are already used to a shorter one, they are comfortable with it already and would prefer to stick to the original.

In addition, the limited stock and the limit of shipping within the U.S. market may be a problem. With the ongoing customers demand, it should have been better to supply all orders from the customers so as not to force them to buy other brands or items. The limitation of stocks within the U.S. territories will create trade barriers and transactions that lies on the country that is being shipped upon. There is a high regard for companies who can ship products internationally.


Doctors and patients alike cannot afford to spend too much time and money for a wrong diagnosis attributable to defective stethoscope. This Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Double Head Stethoscope is one of a kind for giving an accurate and clear sound even surrounded by tremendous noise in and outside the clinic or hospital wherein the doctor is checking his patients. Some other stethoscopes will give blurred sounds or even other sounds not needed for the doctor to hear due to the many electronic pieces it used that are not necessary for the physician.

Taking time to choose the right stethoscope is one of a doctor’s responsibility to have a correct diagnosis for each customer’s disease. While it is hard to choose one that suits you, Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Double Head Stethoscope is a good option to resort into. It is not only made of high quality, the price and the services you get from its maker is worth investing for.