Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope Review


Children have different ambitions when they grow up. One wants to be a teacher, another child to be an engineer, another fireman, a nurse or a doctor. A child who wants to be a doctor play with toys that are connected with the medical field. A device that is very familiar with children is the stethoscope. This means that they always see doctors carrying it or using it wherever they are, in the hospital, clinic or a place wherein a medical mission is held. A stethoscope is inseparable to a doctor’s profession. Not only doctors, nurses and medical students also use this device to aid the doctors in determining the vital signs of patients.

For a stethoscope to be effective, it has to be very durable and can last longer even with frequent use, stretching and bumping. Frequent in the sense that doctors carry the stethoscope daily for almost 24 hours wherever they go and whenever there is a need to use the stethoscope for diagnosis. The stretching and bumping can happen with violent patients and children alike. Because of their vulnerability to move often during check-ups, the stethoscope will likely be subject to frequent stretching and bumping.

A stethoscope that can withstand all the blows is made to serve doctors and medical aids alike. Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope has this feature.

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This stethoscope is very durable and is made of high quality materials that can prevent tearing and cracking even with frequent usage. It is not difficult at all to rely on this product for long years and it can be used anywhere and can be brought anywhere without worrying that the stethoscope might tear down.

Another advantage that this product has is the ability to use it in both adults and paediatrics side. Using this stethoscopes on children is safe and you can just change the diaphragm for better use. Because of the flexibility and durability of the tubing, it would not be difficult to deal with the children even if they have the tendency to be violent or to run away during check-ups. This stethoscope comes in longer tubes easily flexible to adjust with difficult situations.

The third advantage of using this Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope is its triple head that are designed to accentuate important sound. The doctor user can hear clearly the sounds even with the noise all around. This is a main unique trait of this product. Even if the noise coming from the outside forces of the room the doctor is operating is too loud, even as loud as a helicopter sound, the stethoscope can still detect murmurs from the pulmonary, cardiac and heart areas of the patient.

Amazon ImageFurther, the ear tips are comfortable to use and it can be rotated and used interchangeably. The problem with other stethoscope is you have to adjust and try different positions to hear clearly and to feel more comfortable with the ear tips. An uncomfortable ear tips could bring more burden to your busy day. It can even disrupt with the normal function that you do if you always have to adjust the ear tips all the time, giving you a lesser time to finish your task.

Lastly, the stethoscope is easy to use. There is no need to adjust its parts frequently and having the difficulty to change parts all the time. The sturdiness and durability of the device is not subject to frequent replacements and you can be assured of your money’s worth. Even with the dual tubing and the three head feature, it has the capability of hearing sounds at different angles without going through a lot of testing and experiments just to hear sounds clearly. There is no need to adjust the tubing or to rotate the device giving you difficulty on handling it.


There are a negative side that needs product improvement of this device. First, it is heavy for other users to use and may be disadvantageous in terms of weight. Many physicians prefer light weight stethoscopes for convenience.

Second, some doctors are questioning on why two diaphragms are needed for the device. Some prefer to only have one for convenience and do not understand of the necessity of having two.

Third, the item is limited to U.S. market alone in terms of shipping. There is no international shipping for Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope. This is considered a problem for those customers outside the United States who want to purchase the product. For whatever reason, dealing with international market is difficult for customers. There are trade barriers and restrictions along the way and in addition, additional taxes may be imposed for purchasing the product. It could have been better if there is international shipping to avoid trade barriers. It will be a difficult situation to let customers transact with the government or the customs administration or whoever is assigned to deal with foreign imports just to buy this device.


The stethoscope plays a vital role in the doctor’s life. The doctor cannot survive without the stethoscope. In order to ensure that the stethoscope will be very sensitive to sound and will endure for many years; the Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope has this attribute.

Dealing with children is difficult for physicians. With the vulnerability of children to be violent and to misbehave during check-ups and hospitalization is normal. Most children are afraid of doctors and medical aid nurses alike. With the help of this stethoscope, by its dual nature of being used for both children and adults, there is the assurance that doctors could normally function well even with a stressful and difficult situation when dealing with children.

Having a stethoscope that fits you is difficult to find. You need to search for the best one to save money and time and to use the device for longer years. With this Welch Allyn Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope, there is an assurance that your money is worth buying for.