Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope Review


A stethoscope is an important device that both medical students and doctors use to determine the vital signs of patients. By counting the number of pulse rate, heart beat rate, respiration, and listening to pulmonary and cardiac conditions of the patient, the medical aid or doctor will be able to help the immediate needs of the patient. They will be able to do some first aid measures or give the needed medicines to help the patient recover with the pain he is facing. In very difficult situations, a stethoscope is inseparable with the medical profession.

Stethoscopes vary in sizes and designs. According to specific needs, there are stethoscopes that are made especially for adults and there are those whose features include an exclusive use for infants or children. Some doctors prefer this feature because they can ensure that the stethoscope fits their need. However, there are designs made for a multi-purpose function. Meaning, there are stethoscopes that can be used for infants, paediatrics and adults alike. Because of the innovative works of some companies, there is no need to buy as many stethoscopes and bring them when need arise, the doctor can just carry one instead of a bulk of them.

When emergency comes, the first thing that the doctor will look for is his stethoscope. The device should be very effective and durable to be of use. One kind of stethoscope recommended for doctors isWelch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope. The stethoscope has a 28 inches tube and the stethoscope’s color is black.

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There are many advantages of getting this stethoscope. One is the proven durability of the product with latex-free tubing and stainless steel chest pieces. It can endure for more than twenty years usage with the ability to withstand all the stretching and blows from the doctor or from violent patients. This device is proven to be of great worth for doctors who have been practicing their profession for long years now.

Another benefit of using this stethoscope is the ability to hear sounds clearly without any unnecessary sound from inside and outside forces. The murmurs that are difficult to hear will be clearer upon using this device. The heart, cardiac and pulmonary sounds which are usually the focus on check-ups are perceptible at any situation. The design is made simply that no electronics is attached to it that could cause unnecessary amplification. So it provides a clear and quality sound.

In addition, this is a unique device that even veterinary physician can use in examining animals. The heart sound of a tiny rat can be heard by using this device. If the heart sound of a tiny rat can be heard, how much more with a huge animal such as a horse or a big dog. Thus, this stethoscope can be used in any experiment done for animals or in anything that has to do with healing pets and animals.

Amazon ImageThe third advantage of having this device is the long tube it contains compared with other stethoscopes. With this longer tube, those patients with a bigger structure or wide bodies could be catered without having any difficulty on adjusting with them. There is more flexibility and convenience in catering to a lot of patients. This could also be helpful to other patients as well who are always moving or running around during check-ups like kids do. At times, those kids may even pull the stethoscope or play with them giving the physician a hard time. With a sturdy and long device, there is lesser problem in handling these situations.

The fourth advantage is its price. Even students can afford to buy this device and they can use it for a number of years. Due to the good customer service that the company has, it is not difficult to request for assistance whether the broken parts are replaceable or not. The company answers complaints directly and promptly. So, there is an added value to the product because of this.

Lastly, the pediatric bells of this device are excellent. They are very sound sensitive and can capture small murmurs when using it. They are lighter and easy to use and can last for long years. These bells are very convenient on checking the small and sensitive heart, lungs and pulmonary parts of children.


The disadvantage pointed in this Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope is the weight it contains due to the heavy materials used for durability of the product. This may be disadvantageous to some because doctors or nurses usually carry the stethoscope for the whole day during check-ups and hospital rounds. Hanging a heavy device along the neck can be burdensome physically.

Another disadvantage of this product is the uncomfortable ear tip that needs improvement. Bell and ear pieces have to be tightened from time to time as they have the tendency to get loose and may even be missing if left unattended without noticing it. Frequent adjustment and twisting around of the tube to be comfortable enough may not be convenient for some users. In addition, it would be difficult to always ask for replacement on those items. It takes time and money to do so.


When choosing stethoscopes, factors to be considered are its price, durability and high quality. These are found in Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope. They are proven by doctors to be very effective and usable in their practice. This product has receive many recommendations from well-known physicians. This has been proven by comparing Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope to other stethoscopes of well-known brand. As you compare with what you can hear from Harvey Elite, you will be amaze of how clearly and directly you can hear the sound through the sound channels it has. When you are having problems with your current stethoscope or if you are planning to purchase one now, Welch Allyn Harvey Elite Stethoscope is a good choice for you. You can benefit from it all the time.