MDF ER Premier Cardiology Review


Patients are usually brought to the Emergency Room (ER) for faster diagnosis of a problem. Doctors and nurses on the other hand quickly response to aid these problems and remedy the solution right away. For many instances, people come in and out the Emergency Room causing distress among the medical practitioners. The situation can even worsen if there are insufficient medical facility and even a stethoscope that could aid in auscultation of heart and lung sounds. A portable and handy stethoscope for emergency purposes is made to remedy this problem.

Stethoscopes come in variety and form. They are use to diagnose a disease and problem and physicians could not survive without them. However, not all stethoscopes are made for emergency purposes, Not like the others, MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope is made for this purpose. It has different features and designs that make the doctor’s work easier.

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MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscopes are durable enough to withstand frequent use and changing of parts. Originally made and handcrafted since 1971, MDF companies’ long years of existence enable them to develop very durable products. Since the materials used for this product is stainless steel, it is not difficult to use this product frequently with the fear of immediate wear and tear.

In addition, this device can be used for both young and old patients. It can easily be transformed into a cardiology stethoscope by the included cardiology bell conversion. This will give the end user a conservative price of a dual functioning stethoscope.

Amazon ImageFurther, one of its best features is the patented full-rotation acoustic valve stem that can be converted to nine different configurations. This allows for functional use and the ability to hear sound clearly and accurately. This comes with a green indicator dot that allows users to identify a sound channel. This can contribute to a fast determination of the current condition of the patient for emergency purposes. An unclear sound with all the noise outside the hospital can cause death in just seconds or minutes. The sound of the beating of the heart and other vital organs may be impaired with a not so functional stethoscope. Once a patient is confined in an emergency situation, knowing the vital conditions of the body is necessary for the patient’s survival. With this stethoscope, emergency treatment could be done right away.

Another feature that the stethoscope has is the sturdy thicker, denser and latex-free PVC tubing. Repeated use of the stethoscope for emergency purposes can cause immediate cracking and wearing due to its nature of being on the rush all the time. Bumping, stretching and falling the stethoscope is possible in these situations. It is not unlikely that for a few months of usage only, the device will break and tear. This is not true with MDF ER Premier Cardiology. It can last for several years even with frequent usage.

Moreover, a life-time warranty and free-parts-for-life program is an excellent program made by MDF. Normal companies do not do this. In fact, some companies just purposely make defective parts on their products for customers to repurchase parts over and over again. This is not true with MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope. You can have a replacement of your product for a lifetime. If you are a medical practitioner or a medical student by your 20s or 30s, then you can use this stethoscope for more than 40 to 50 years without buying parts and even without buying another stethoscope. Parts are always new with this MDF ER Premier Cardiology life-time warranty. As long as the company exists, saving money from buying another one is an assurance with this stethoscope.

Lastly, this stethoscope is very portable. It can be used anywhere not only in the emergency room. It can be used in not so pleasant climate and environment as well because it is very durable and sturdy. The fear of bringing a weak device for medical missions and events will not happen in this kind of device. You also will not have to carry a bulk of stethoscope devices when going to far-away places. Everything is possible with MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope.


There are negative issues and disadvantages about this. The first common issue is its heavy weight compared to others. This is due to the fact that because of its sturdy and durable features with all the durable materials put unto it, it is difficult for some medical practitioners to carry it and even hang it over the neck. The discomfort and the burden on the neck can cause disturbance and impairment of proper practice.

Another issue is the unclear sound that it could bring due to a wrong positioning of the head or ear while detecting the sound channels of the vital body parts. This not a good preference for other doctors or nurses by the nature of the emergency situation they are handling. Most prefer the stethoscope that can detect the sound right away. Changing positions very frequently just to hear the sound is a great disadvantage for those who need to decide on what to do with the patient. MDF has to remedy these issues.


MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope is a choice among many. There is no need to look for more if you are looking for a double functional stethoscope for your emergency needs which comes with accuracy, durability and precision. In times of too frequent use of a stethoscope during emergency situation, no need to fear if the device will break or crack in times when you need it the most. In addition, you can rarely find an effective device with a life-time warranty. Using this device for your lifetime is very economical and convenient. Having to look for better stethoscopes all of the time to suit your needs is not necessary anymore. As long as you buy your device from MDF, they will replace the defective parts of the device without limit. Buying MDF ER Premier Cardiology stethoscope is a good option to choose from if you are thinking of having one.

MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology Review



Pneumonia and cardiovascular problems increasingly arise all over the world. In an effort to solve these problems, medical companies develop medicines that can strongly fight germs, bacteria and viruses that infect mankind. However, with the advancement of medicine, these negative bacteria and viruses also mutate causing diseases to be severe and difficult to treat. In fact, it is difficult to diagnose such diseases nowadays. A simple cough will suddenly lead to pneumonia or even tuberculosis if not detected right away. To avoid being complacent with these diseases, frequent medical check-ups are needed to prevent further complicated diseases. An effective device comes into place in terms of detecting pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, doctors use stethoscopes for faster diagnosis.

Stethoscopes can come in different variety and form. Some are heavy, some are light, some are custom made and some are made for different purposes. The trouble that most practitioners don’t like in using a stethoscope is its weight. A very heavy device placed around the neck could cause discomfort and neck pain especially during a very busy day. In order to remedy this problem, a company designed a stethoscope that is very light and easy to carry, this is the MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope.

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MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology Stethoscope is a very useful device when it comes to a concern on the weight of the device. Made specially for the purpose of giving aid for medical doctor’s heavy load, this device is very easy to carry and very comfortable to work with. It can be carried over for several hours even for a twenty-hour usage wherein most doctors are engaged without feeling neck pain and discomfort. Even if it is very light, the device is still very durable and made of good quality materials rarely found in other products.

Moreover, it is the very first cardiology grade stethoscope of its kind. This means that it is very effective in aiding disease diagnosis in terms of cardiology problems. Using a more complicated device can be a solution other than using a stethoscope. But with this device, it will now be easier to detect a cardio problem.

Amazon ImageAside from the features mentioned above, this can be used by catering both infants, pediatric and adults. It even has 3 separate diaphragms and 3 separate bells usable for all purposes. This means that this piece of device can be considered as a valuable asset as there is no need to buy different kind of stethoscopes that can meet the need of diagnosing children and adults alike. Other than this, there is also no need to bring too many devices at a time. With the very busy schedule of doctors, there is really an advantage of bringing along lesser number of equipment. Running here and there could be difficult if there are a lot of things to carry.

Further, a green indicator dot that allows the user to identify the active sound channel is very helpful for medical students and doctors alike. It is difficult for the said people to detect an active sound channel while using a stethoscope. They have to search over the different body parts before detecting one. This feature is a good aid for them. By the green color, they can concentrate on listening to the sound where it came from in order to diagnose a possible problem.

In addition, the chestpiece contains an ultrasensitive diaphragm providing a secure acoustic transmission of heart and lung sounds of 100Hz to 1000Hz and even low frequencies of 20Hz to100 Hz through the help of the bells. With this feature, the doctor can easily detect if the patient has a problem or not. There is also no need to recourse to using complicated and expensive measures to detect problems by using this product.


There are certain negative features of this product that need to be address. The hard or stiff tubes are disadvantageous for some doctors because it does not allow flexibility during check-ups. When it comes to different positions and stretching if necessary, it is difficult to use this device. Many of the doctors are uncomfortable of having a hard device frequently place around the neck.

Further, some doctors and medical students also have a problem in the length of this device. Although lengthy tubes are preferred by some, some do not like this because it can disturb the usual work function that doctors have and it can be out of hand at times. Aside from this, long tubes can be distracting for patients and customers.

Lastly, this stethoscope comes only in one color, black. Although some medical students and practitioners like black, many would love to have other colors as well. There is formality in black but dullness will also come by using this color frequently especially among the young end users.


The complicated diseases and problems that mutation of bacteria and viruses in the modern world brought about can be remedied right away. Patients need not wait in approaching a doctor for check-ups and be complacent about these diseases. A doctor, with the help of the MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope especially when it comes to pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases can aid in preventing dreadful diseases.

MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope is considered as one of the lightest stethoscope a doctor or a medical student could carry. By this device, the problem and burden of carrying a very heavy device all day long is not a problem anymore. There is no need to have additional burden in working at a fast-paced clinic or hospital environment. The makers of MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology stethoscope have made your burden lighter. This product is also assured of being durable, affordable and easy to use. Even with the given all purpose features, meaning it can be used for infants, children and adults, the price is not a problem. The lifetime warranty and replacement even adds to its attractiveness. So if you are looking for a stethoscope that is light and sturdy, this MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology is a good choice for you.


3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope Review


When stethoscope is mentioned instantly the brand that comes to mind is the 3M Littmann because it is the brand that most doctor and nurses use. This is the leading brand that most pediatricians already have with them. Since the specialized pediatric stethoscope has been created most of the doctor which already have a regular stethoscope invests their money to buy this instrument. You’ll never know when an emergency case would be presented on your floor that could be a matter of life and death of a child. It is best that you have the specific instrument that you can readily use during these emergency cases.

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Remember that the body structure of and adult is not the same as that of an infant that is why you can’t use some of your adult instrument on a child because you might not get the same accurate result using it. One of the best available stethoscope available in the market is the 3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope.


  • Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Soft sealing ear tips
  • Snap-on rim
  • Rims that never come off

These are just a few of the features that most of the pediatrician loves about 3M Littmann’s stethoscope. With only 40 grams of chest piece weight it is lighter compared with the others. As for the total weight it only reaches up to 105 grams for a 28 inch stethoscope. The material that is used on the diaphragm is epoxy and fiberglass. Plus the instrument is created in an environmentally friendly process and the whole product as well. The best feature is that soft sealing ear tips that will make it comfortable to use even if you have to check your patient’s heart beat or breathing for a long time. Your ears are sensitive and if you use a hard ear tips there is a good chance that it will get damaged. With the soft sealing tip you can still clearly listen to the sound of your patient’s murmur or heart beat without having to worry if you might have missed anything because you will get a clear enough sound with your 3M Littmann stethoscope.

Amazon ImageIn some rare cases you might be able to face a patient that is sensitive to latex rubber. If you are using some old stethoscope that still uses latex rubber on their tubing it can be very dangerous. Because you might give additional problems to your patient instead of helping them get better. With the latest 3M Littmann products you don’t have to worry about these things. Because their entire instruments are latex free. It also doesn’t use phthalate plasticizers that makes it environment friendly.

All the products from 3M Littmann are made from the US to insure its consistent quality that their clients have gone to love. It is instant that if you choose Littmann you are choosing quality products and all are reasonable priced. There are other products that have some additional features than others but may also be more expensive than the regular ones. You can check the different instrument available under the same brand or try to consider on looking for other options available in the market.

This has the right size bell that can easily be fit on a child and you can easily use to hear even the lowest sound clearly. The bell is made up of stainless steel material and it fits perfectly well on the patient that enables doctors and nurses to gather accurate record. It comes with non-chill rims that make it comfortable to use directly on your patient’s skin. It also comes in a soft sealing ear tips which can provide a better seal while still insuring the comfort that it provides to the user.


This is one of the most expensive types of stethoscope in the market and there are others that cost less, besides the reasonable price there’s really nothing wrong with this item.

This stethoscope comes in a dual sided chest piece. It can capture both low and high frequency sounds. The headset of the instrument can be easily adjusted to fit any preference to provide more user comfort. You can easily adjust it to align with your ear canals. It can also snap-tight insuring that you won’t be distracted with outside noises when you get your patient’s vitals.

This instrument is specifically created to be used on smaller patient so it is perfect for pediatrician or other nurses that might be dealing with infant or children up to five years old.

It may come in different sizes and colors but the commonly bought color is black. But you can consider on buying other available colors if you like. It is also a good way to distract your patient if they are too afraid of getting their vital signs taken. You can also consider on adding some lovely charm on your stethoscope to show your personality or use it as a tool to entertain your patient into letting you take their vital sign without any trouble. And depending on the size and version the price of this instrument can range from $77 up to $205 which is higher compared to its counterpart but if you decide to buy this you can make sure that you are buying high quality item. This also comes with a three year warranty. You can also enjoy some special discount on special days or you can order it online with free shipping fee.


This is a highly recommended stethoscope to use because of the different features it possesses. This is the usual instrument brand that most medical professional use especially those which have been in the industry for a long time already. Not only that pediatrician should buy the pediatric stethoscope other doctors would find this very useful also. There are also some private individual that might need to use a good stethoscope for regular monitoring of their child’s vital signs at home can consider n buying this kind of stethoscope. As to medical students who are on the lookout for the best stethoscope in the market they can also go and buy 3M Littmann. If you know how to take good care of your instrument there is a good chance that you can continue on using it until you are ready to start practicing your profession.

ADC ADSCOPE 605 Infant Stethoscope Review

Among the long lines of products made specifically for children there’s the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5” Stethoscope, Black to consider on buying.

This is a perfect partner for pediatrician and nurses that usually deals with infant and kids. It is important to check if the instrument that you use on children is child friendly because it can be very challenging to get the vitals of kids. Especially if they already develop a fear with anything dealing with the medical field, usually kids would throw tantrums that make it impossible to check their vital sign for doctors to provide their parents their accurate diagnosis.

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The kids’ heart beat and murmur can be really low that it might not be picked up by a regular stethoscope. That is why there is a need to use an infant specific stethoscope so that the doctor is able to easily hear the infant’s hear beat or breathing. Depending on the condition of the child or infant the stethoscope can help the doctor have an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s current health.

Because there is a high need to create some child friendly gadgets and instrument there are now a lot of different option to choose from in the market today. Depending on what brand you prefer on having there is actually a perfect stethoscope to use in the clinic or hospital. You can also consider on having your stethoscope on fun bright colors to make your small patient be attracted to the color and not be afraid. There are some doctors that have toys available in their clinic so that they can easily reach for it once the kid started crying.


The most common problem for using stethoscope on patient is that it gets cold easily and can be uncomfortable when it makes contact into the skin. The ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5” Stethoscope has a non-chill diaphragm rim and bell to provide comfort to patient when you take their vital signs. There is no need for you to find ways to warm the stethoscope before you use it on your patient.

Amazon ImageIt will also be easy for doctors and nurses to listen and get accurate record of the child’s heartbeat or breathing with the ultra-sensitive diaphragm. Its features are similar to the leading brand for only $30.83 which is almost half the price. This is from American Diagnostic Corporation so you can make sure that the quality of the product you are buying is to its highest.

It can provide loud and clear sound to make it easy for medical professional to record the important vital of their patient to base their diagnosis. Plus the added bonus such as the lifetime warranty insures that the manufacturer are quite confident about their product that they are willing to provide free product replacement or fixing in case the client is not satisfied with what they have.

It is very easy to use and it comes with small and large size ear tips so that you have an option to which size fits better on you for added comfort when you use this instrument. Besides the lifetime warranty every item comes in with a spare diaphragm and an ID tag that you can use to put your personal information in case all your co-workers use the same kind of stethoscope. You can also consider on buying a unique stethoscope charm if you want just to add something colorful and unique on your instrument. You can also use this to attract your little patient so that they willingly have their vitals taken without any problems. It can be a lovely jewel or a cute stuff toy. There is some charm that comes in letters so that you can spell out your name or you can also use a logo of the campaign that you are supporting.


Not as famous are Littmann although it is not as expensive as the famous brand but there are still some professional that would only prefer on using one brand. If you are willing to give this a try then you can still enjoy the important features why you want to buy an infant specific stethoscope in the first place, to get good sound quality on your little patient’s heat beat or murmur.


In conclusion, ADC stethoscope is one of the top cheaper brands in the stethoscope industry that is worth trying. Maybe you are still a student that is looking to buy your first stethoscope then ADC brand is the best thing you have. With these specific details:

  • Dimensions: 12.8 inches by 1.5 inches by 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Free shipping but limited to areas within US
  • Come highly recommended by Amazon buyers

It uses high quality material that enables you to use the instrument to assist you in your line of work for a long time. There are some private individual find the need of owning a good stethoscope also consider on buying the ADC Brand. This is also perfect for medical students that already need to have their first stethoscope to use. Since it is very affordable it is just easy to buy and own one. It is also a perfect stethoscope to buy in training because it is affordable and can be easily bought in bulk. Even practicing medical professional who are looking for a gadget that is worth trying out then the ADC Brand is their perfect answer. They will never regret on buying this instrument since it is also high quality and able to provide accurate results.

So make sure that you are will prepared in dealing with your young patient because they are always a challenge to work with. There are a few that are able to have their check-up without crying or throwing tantrums while there are others that are really scared of just seeing a doctor.

The longer you will work with young patient you will know different ways how to deal with them easily. Their parents can help you as much but if you have face different number of kids you would know what to do on each reaction that they give when they reach your clinic.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to own the most expensive or latest gadget available in the market just as long as you can afford it but why pay that much when you can also enjoy the similar quality without paying for the high price. Be smart and check out other options in the market today. It is important that you gather enough information so that you can enjoy your instrument’s functionality to the fullest without regretting paying that amount of money for it.


MDF MD One Pediatric Review

MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope Review

Now that the need of have a pediatric type stethoscope has been well established there are a lot of manufacturers that creates their own version of this specific stethoscope. And one of the most evident features it has is the dual head that is able to capture both the high and low frequency sound from the patient being checked. This is very useful especially on an infant or little patient that might have low murmur that might be difficult to hear over a regular instrument. But with the pediatric stethoscope such as from MDF then doctors and nurse are able to plot the vital signs of the patient to help them give an accurate diagnosis of their condition.

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It is important that you are able to provide correct diagnosis in this kind of profession. And you can only obtain that by using high quality instrument to help you gather enough information for your findings.


An item that has been in the market since 1971 the MDF stethoscope has indeed made its mark in the medical field. It is available in different colors and sizes and the price is only $54.90. With the lifetime warranty and free parts for life program owners can enjoy using their instrument for years to come. This is also safe to use on patient with high sensitivity on latex materials since it is latex free.

Amazon ImageThe instrument is made up of 100% stainless steel. The design prevents the user’s ear drums from getting punctured because of the patented safety lock and the non-invasive ear tip adaptors. The headset is also created in such a way that it can precisely fit on your ear with the right 15 degrees angle.

With the low price compared with the other brand you can also consider on buying a CMS 50DL Pulse Oximeter that comes with a neck or wrist cord that can perfectly be as useful as your pediatric stethoscope. This is only available for $13.35. You can also enjoy free shipping fee when you order from Amazon.

Besides getting accurate reading because it perfectly fits your small patient and you can easily get clear sound from the instrument. It also has a non-chill rim insulation that will make it comfortable on your patient’s skin. You don’t have to think of ways to pre-warm the diaphragm before you use it just to make sure that your patient will not feel cold of the metal touching their skin directly. The insulation also helps in amplifying the sound and to isolate the low frequency sound so that you can hear it clearly.


This is just a good starting stethoscope but most professional shift to other brand once they start their practice. It is not Littmann but also great for its price.

The instrument uses an ErgonoMax Headset which insures that sound that you will hear when you use the device is clear and free from outside noise. As for the acoustic tubing, it is a result of an extensive study to insure that the sound quality is high because of the thick, dense, and Y configuration design of the tubing. This insulates the sound that will be transferred from the source to your ears.

Using the instrument for a long time is no issue as well because of the comfort that the design provides. As for the chest piece there’s the green indicator dot that guides you to easily identify where the active sound is coming from. This will make your job easy and fast because of all the features that are added on the stethoscope that is used to be not available on the classic instrument.

Another best feature about this instrument is that it is carefully handcrafted since it was started in 1971. So you can make sure that the entire instrument from this brand has the same quality as what you have checked. Every box comes with two extra ComfortSeal ear tips and a spare ultrasensitive diaphragm plus an ID tag. You can put your information on the tag to avoid losing your stethoscope.


All in all the MDF stethoscope is a good buy since it can provide you with the perfect feature that you need in checking your infant patient. The MDF brand is a wise choice for medical students or private individual who are planning on investing on this high quality instrument. Just imagine using your first stethoscope until you are practicing on your profession. With the lifetime contract and the free parts for life program what else would you worry about?

You can also consider on looking to other ways to help you in dealing with your five and below patient such as different toys that will keep them interested. You can also put some cute stuff animals on your stethoscope so that you can easily get their vitals without any problem. You can also add some charm that will show your personality on your stethoscope. There is a good chance that you will have similar color and brand of stethoscope in your work place or in school. So to make sure that you don’t go and use someone else’s instrument you have to mark yours. Charms are perfect so that you don’t have to ruin your expensive stethoscope by putting a name on the insulation with the use of a marker. You can buy different color charm with letters on it to spell out your name or you can also buy something that has a logo of the campaign that you are supporting. This is also a great way of showing your individuality through the different charm collection that you have.

You can easily buy all these online through Amazon and you can even enjoy great discounts if you are able to buy on the right time when they offer special discounted prices. There are some items that are free from shipping fee. So conveniently shop at your own time especially when you are now on duty you will surely have no time to spare on shopping for things that you need. So online shopping can be your best friend because you can just check it anytime you are free and you can expect the item to be delivered on your doorstep if you are able to order successfully.

ADC Adscope 618

An In-Depth Review Of The ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope


People would usually say that it’s not about your tools, more than how skillful you use them. Unfortunately, the truth still remains that your skills, no matter how honed they are, could only go so far if you’re stuck with tools that are of mediocre quality.

You can afford to learn this sort of lesson in cases such as photography, or even in cooking. However, you shouldn’t be leaving this sort of situation to chance, especially in cases where lives are on the line. The point here is, in the medical field, the quality of the tools you use are just as important as your level of knowledge and your overall experience.

Amazon Image

Speaking of tools, one of the devices you’re bound to be keeping close to your person at all times when you’re clocked in is the humble stethoscope. The stethoscope is an absolutely vital tool to keep in hand, especially during those times when you need to make a quick, solid assessment of a patient’s condition.

When it comes to considering the quality of a stethoscope, it isn’t necessarily a guarantee that you’re getting higher quality with higher priced products. This is especially the case with the Adimals 618 Scope. As you will see, most of its redeeming qualities come from clever designs, more than in extravagant add-ons which at times may not be necessary.

The Adimals 618 Scope is another offering from the fine men and women of the ADC company. At first glance, you will immediately recognize how this is a pediatric scope, as the ‘Adimals’ are actually cartoon faces of well-known fauna. Pediatricians can choose from 7 different animals to snap onto the chest piece part of the stethoscope: There’s the Bear, the Koala, the Frog, the Deer, the Monkey, the Tiger, and the Panda. If you’re a pediatrician, you probably already know how helpful these sorts of simple designs are, especially for kids who are making their first visit to the doctor. Cartoons not only distract children, but they calm them down, so you have a more accurate reading, especially in cases where you are looking for a proper pulse or breathing rate. You can quickly tell a scared or stressed child, ‘a Panda want to hear you breathe,’ or ‘this Tiger wants to lay on your belly.’

The chest piece is not only child-friendly in the sense that it holds these snap-on animals. The extra effort which goes into these cute creatures wouldn’t help if the child is startled by the chill of a conventional stethoscope chest piece. This is why the bell on the Adimals 618 Scope is also developed so you wouldn’t have to spend an extra minute heating it up before placing it on the skin. This non-chill bell is supported by a specially designed rim, guaranteeing a more comfortable experience for the patient.

This main component is supported by a high quality tubing, and a comfortable pair of binaurals, made of aluminum; it’s light enough to carry, yet tough enough to withstand considerable abuse.

Pros Of The ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope

  • Amazon ImageDefinitely For Pediatricians – You only need to take one quick look at this stethoscope to know that it was made for the child and the pediatrician in mind. The extra effort placed into making this stethoscope entertaining makes such a huge difference.
  • Easy To Carry And Transport – The Adimals 618 Scope is not as heavy compared to other stethoscopes, which makes it easier to take around a busy ward.
  • Competitive Acoustic Quality – Stethoscopes ought to be known for their capabilities in delivering significant sounds which are audible and distinguishable enough for medical staff to make professional analysis. The Adimals 618 Scope is certainly able to deliver on this demand. Heart, respiratory, and bowel sounds are very clear and crisp-sounding through this stethoscope.
  • Affordable Price – ADC is adept at keeping up with the bigger players in the medical equipment industry. While the quality of the Adimals 618 Scope is enough to keep up with more expensive stethoscopes, ADC is still able to sell it at half the price one would normally expect from the higher-end line.

Cons Of The ADSCOPE Adimals 618

  • Slightly Flimsy Build Quality – This is certainly a lightweight stethoscope. With that said, it may not withstand drops from higher locations, or stronger yanks. People who are looking to purchase this stethoscope direct from the retailer should take extra care to inspect the earpieces and the tubing of the Adimals 618 Scope they are considering.
  • Customization Required For Some Instances– The earpieces on this stethoscope may not necessarily fit all ears comfortably. The device is shipped as is, with no additional earpieces of various sizes. With that said, doctors with smaller or bigger ears may need to make additional purchases for their Adimals 618 Scope to work specifically for them.
  • Certainly Not An Adult Steth – This is a stethoscope which is really just for kids. The size of the diaphragm and the chest piece is enough to ensure a good experience when trying to listen to younger heartbeats, but if you’re looking for a more flexible stethoscope in terms of people to use it on, you’re better off looking elsewhere.


The Adimals 618 Scope may very well be one of the best choices you ought to consider, if you’re looking for a pediatric stethoscope. Its design alone should tell you that it will be such a great help in getting good results from a wide range of younger patients.

With that being said, this is a stethoscope best used only for kids. If you’re particularly careful with the gear and tools you have, and if you’re definitely only dealing with the younger generations in terms of medicine, then this is the stethoscope for you. All these qualities are backed up with a very affordable price which won’t cause you to break the bank, as other competitive variants probably would.

ADC Adscope 604

An In-Depth Review Of The ADC ADSCOPE 604 Pediatric


Stethoscopes have certainly made things easier for doctors in general. Though its function is essentially simple, this device is such an ingenious way for any medical professional to make a proper analysis regarding his or her patient’s condition.

Amazon ImageThis is a certainly remarkable observation, considering the earliest stethoscope started off as a non-invasive tube for doctors of old to listen to breathing and heartbeats. In other words, the concept of the stethoscope was developed in the name of decency, simply because male doctors felt awkward pressing their ears directly on their patients’ chests, especially female patients.

As you can see, today’s stethoscopes are no longer in the form of rigid tubes, but the same concept still remains – at least, for the most part. The common perception of a stethoscope today is the image of a simple, yet sophisticated listening implement which is easier in all aspects – easier to wear, easier to use, and, most importantly, easier to collect solid results.

ADC’s ADSCOPE 604 is a demonstration of how far technology has brought the development of the humble stethoscope. Though it has all the essential functions of a regular stethoscope, it was manufactured with the intentions that it should be used mainly by pediatricians. Take a quick look at its design, and you will see that the ADSCOPE 604 is for taking quick and accurate readings from children.

You should be able to see this after taking a quick look at the stethoscope’s chest piece. The ADSCOPE 604 features a combination chest piece made from the finest surgical steel. It has tough make and precise design to keep working like new. This is important considering that the potential patients this stethoscope would most likely be used on have a higher tendency to cause the entire device to be knocked about, or dropped more often. For additional protection and added comfort to the patient, tough rubber lines the corners on both ends of the chest piece.

Housed within this casing of steel is a special diaphragm that is ultra-sensitive. With a functional diameter of 13/8 (or, 1.625, a little over one and a half) inches, this chest piece was built with the intention of getting amplified and therefore more accurate readings in a lesser amount of time.

The chest piece connects to the other essential part of the stethoscope, the earpiece frame, through a high-grade tubing. This tubing is made of tough and light rubber, which is completely waterproof – not too hard, not too soft either. It is able to take on the gripping and grabbing of frisky, curious young hands. The entire tubing is considerably long; at 22 inches, this should be more than enough for most, if not all circumstances.

Pros Of The ADC Pediatric ADSCOPE 604

  • Amazon ImageComfortable – The ear tips on the ADC ADSCOPE 604 have been reported to be softer and more comfortable to use, compared to other stethoscopes being sold at significantly higher prices. This is a plus, especially for pediatricians who take their stethoscopes on and off quite frequently.
  • Competitive Acoustic Quality – Stethoscopes ought to be known for their capabilities in delivering significant sounds which are audible and distinguishable enough for medical staff to make professional analysis. The ADSCOPE 604 is certainly able to deliver on this demand. Their decision to make a wide diaphragm diameter certainly pays off. Heart, respiratory, and bowel sounds are very clear and crisp-sounding through this stethoscope.
  • Affordable Price – ADC is adept at keeping up with the bigger players in the medical equipment industry. While the quality of the ADC ADSCOPE 604 is enough to keep up with more expensive stethoscopes, ADC is still able to sell it at half the price one would normally expect from the higher-end line.
  • Weight Issues – While this is a cheaper stethoscope, there are a significant number of people who have purchased and tried the ADSCOPE 604 that have mentioned that it is heavier than other stethoscopes they have used before. This weight isn’t much of a concern when it comes to generally carrying the device around, say, a hospital, but it may cause some delays when actually using it.
  • Minor Quality Concerns – Most people who have approached reviewing the ADSCOPE 604 with a more critical perspective have observed that the earpieces and/or the tube have a tendency of failing. It is possible for the earpieces would break much sooner than expected; small scratches could quickly turn to ugly tears on the tubing as well.

Cons Of The ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric, Light Blue 604LB


ADC has certainly been able to deliver comparable quality at significantly lower prices. Many parents and professionals who have purchased the ADSCOPE 604 have claimed on their reviews that this stethoscope is able to deliver distinct results which are comparable or equal to more expensive variants.

Of course, there will be a few bugs and defects rolling out of the factory, and it is unfortunate to the point that a very small number of consumers have voiced out their concerns. 3 out of 43 reviewers on Amazon’s page for the ADSCOPE 604 have given the product 3 or less stars, over the highest score of 5 stars. Their main reason for giving low results was poor sounds, or the ear tips and tubing failing on them.

Now, this should not deter you from considering this great product; if you notice, these issues were only reported by 3 out of 43 reviewers – Your chances of getting a defective product would be less than 10%, and even then, you should be able to get a replacement sent over to you in no time at all. Even if you do lose a short amount of time, the significantly lower cost of the ADSCOPE 604 still make it a very sound investment.

If you’re a pediatrician in the market for a new stethoscope for your field in particular, the ADSCOPE 604 is highly recommended for all your needs. It is a tough package able to deliver quality results, at a much lower price than you would expect.

3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope

An In-Depth Review Of The 3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope


In the field of human health and medicine, professionals simply cannot afford to make compromises in the tools that they use. One of the worst things that can happen in an emergency situation is for vital equipment to fail; this would definitely leave even the most experienced personnel frustrated, or even rattled at worst.

Stethoscopes are one of the most used pieces of equipment that medical professionals use, no matter what field they specialize in. This is especially the case in pediatrics, where doctors have to be as accurate as they can be in making proper diagnosis. One miscalculation may lead to a mistake which has consequences that would last a literal lifetime.

Amazon ImageWith that being said, it is no wonder that pediatricians are absolutely uncompromising in their choices in tools, especially stethoscopes. While the usual routine is to check all aspects of the device before actually making a purchase, it’s also important to consider the actual manufacturer.

Littmann is a solid player among other manufacturers that build and distribute stethoscopes. Buying a stethoscope that bears the Littman standard is a definite investment which would last the buyer many years down the line.

The 3M Littman Classic II Infant Stethoscope is one example of how the company could take their high standards to work for more specialized medical fields. It is designed for use on the youngest of generations – the infants, the smallest patients a doctor could ever encounter.

What makes the Classic II Infant Stethoscope a veritable stand-out compared to other competing stethoscopes in the market is their patented head design, which allows a doctor to switch between low and high frequency sounds by quickly changing where pressure is applied on the chest piece. This dual-side design saves precious time that the pediatrician spends pressing on the young patient, who can easily get agitated in an instant.

The overall design of the Classic II Infant Stethoscope makes it a favored choice among a majority of serious professionals in the pediatric field. The sound quality comes from a proprietary diaphragm design, which allows a crisp and clear listening experience, whether the pediatrician is trying to pick up a heartbeat or any other body sound.

The Classic II Infant Stethoscope comes with high-quality tubing and soft-sealed ear pieces, both passing the rigid Littman standard. The company is clearly dedicated to ensuring a smooth and accurate experience for both the doctor and the patient; this is definitely seen in this pediatric stethoscope in particular.

Pros Of The 3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope

  • Amazon ImageTop-Of-The-Line Audio Quality – You certainly can’t go wrong with the Classic II Infant Stethoscope, in terms of the clarity and volume of body sounds you will be hearing through it. The overall design of the stethoscope works to cancel any outside noise, effectively increasing the quality of the body sounds you are listening to. The sound is clear and loud enough for a good number of pediatricians to listen even through infant clothes.
  • Solid, Classic Design – Littman certainly upholds high standards, even in less impacting aspects such as build and design. The earpieces on the Classic II Infant Stethoscope are comfortable for most ears, and you don’t need to worry about the tubing (or any other part of the stethoscope, for that matter) failing on you at any moment.
  • Designed For Pediatricians And Infants – Using a regular chest piece on an infant may result in you listening to too many sounds, that you wouldn’t be able to get an accurate reading. With the Classic II Infant Stethoscope, you are using a smaller chest piece, which allows you to zero in on the area that you wish to listen in on, without running the risk of listening to any other unnecessary sounds.
  • Guaranteed 3-Year Warranty – The company is certainly confident about the products it makes, as seen through its long warranty period. Though their stethoscopes last a whole lot longer than three years, this warranty period is certainly long enough for any professional to observe any faults in the product that results in a replacement or a refund.

Cons Of The 3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope

  • Tubing Color Concern – Half of the complaints regarding the Classic II Infant Stethoscope are about the color on the rubber tubing fading sooner than usual. In one particular case, the consumer complained that the tubing did not just lose color, but it also started to become uncomfortably sticky for some reason. This could definitely be avoided if the stethoscope was properly stowed and transported in the first place. With the proper care, you can be sure to have a consistent experience with this stethoscope over the years.
  • Quality Comes At A Price – Quite simply, you are paying for the Littman brand. While this is a brand that has an unspoken guarantee of high-quality, you will certainly make a significant investment in acquiring their products. If you’re running on a budget, there are certainly other products in the market with just a slight difference in both build and audio quality.


In all honesty, there isn’t much to talk about regarding the deficiencies of the Classic II Infant Stethoscope. This is such a well-designed product which is meant for a vast number of pediatricians to experience the best there is in stethoscopes. Most of the complaints seen on Amazon come from customers who received factory defects in the mail, with only a couple of people complaining about sound quality. Even then, their issues were addressed accordingly – partially due to the warranty. Other concerns are mostly on the cosmetic side, with some people giving one less star only because they wished they bought a different color.

If you’re willing to spend extra in order to use one of the best stethoscopes in the business, then you definitely won’t go wrong with the Classic II Infant Stethoscope. The design and the audio quality this product delivers truly reflect the high standards of the Littman brand.

Ultimate Pediatric and Infant Stethoscope Buying Guide

A stethoscope is the number one minimum device requirement for doctors in their profession. Doctors and medical professionals use this device to be able to listen to the sounds of the internal body of humans and even animals for veterinarians, most especially the lungs and the heart sounds.

The Best of Pediatric & Infant Stethoscopes

Stethoscopes used for pediatrics have numerous designs already. These quality designs make it easier for the doctors to be able to diagnose the small patients. To be able to listen clearly and accurately to the internal organ sounds of the child or infant, the stethoscope must be of the best quality.

Characteristics of an ideal stethoscope includes being one that can deliver the clearest loud sound of internal organs, and one that is also comfortable and looks good at the same time. Cheap stethoscopes often sacrifice the quality of the product.

Stethoscope parts are very important in the whole medical process; this is why the quality of the stethoscope used should be excellent. Stainless steel is the best material for the chest piece, as it can be machined for tolerances that are precise. It will also be able to allow the diaphragm of the stethoscope to fit it with an air tight seal. It should be sealed tight so that the performance of the stethoscope itself will not be degraded and compromised, as it acts like a drum, and that any leak even the smallest one would affect how it performs as a medical device.

The stethoscope’s diaphragm must be made from a flexible material of high quality. This is the common part that is compromised with cheap stethoscopes. The stethoscope’s tube should be of a thick material; preferably one with an internal double core in a large size, as it would improve the transmission of sound and the isolation of external noises. Also, the ear pieces of stethoscope must be soft and angled, so that the ear tip will smugly fit into the ear canal.

The above mentioned characteristics are for general stethoscope references. Each doctor has a specific need for their practiced field, thus they may need more complex stethoscopes at particular times.

Differentiating Stethoscopes

Each stethoscope shares a few basic features, such as the chest piece, tubing, and ear pieces. Also, there is a particular kind of stethoscope used for diagnosing infants and adults differently. One cannot simply use a regular stethoscope for checking children.

With children, their chests are smaller compared to adults. Thus, the stethoscope to be used should also be of smaller size to fit it properly. Also, in dealing with children, since they have a smaller body, the stethoscope must be placed on a precise spot or are of the upper body of the child. If an adult stethoscope is used for children, the doctor will have a hard time focusing on the just the sounds of the specific area he or she wants to listen to.

Dealing with children during a medical checkup can be very challenging. Some would not allow doctors to touch them or check them, and some would also not be standing or sitting still in the process for instance. Adult stethoscopes have a really cold bell, while pediatric stethoscopes have the non-chill bell technology; this would not startle the child with the coldness and so that he or she will be still in the whole duration of the checkup.

The sizes of the pediatric and adult stethoscopes also differ. Regular stethoscopes are bigger in size, while pediatric and infant stethoscopes are smaller to cater to the size of the child or infant. Child friendly stethoscopes are also very helpful for doctors so that the child would not be afraid.

Considerations for Medical Practitioners

In choosing the best kind of stethoscope for you, you will have to consider first the type of work you do on a daily basis, and if who your patients are. Each stethoscope is designed for a specific purpose and in order to identify what the doctor needs to know. Also, each differs in the scope of coverage, sound quality and even in its frequency range.

The environment you are in is also is a factor to be considered as you might be exposed to a lot of noises in the environment, thus hearing the sounds of the internal organs may be a problem or may be difficult.

All stethoscopes in the market ready for sale has its own product specifications as well. It is best to weigh your options, compare each product and brand with one another, and come up with the best choice for you.

In the age range or category of your patients, the kind of stethoscope that is used also matters as the results that you will be obtaining may be affected by the kind of stethoscope you will be using. For instance, when checking a child, it is best to use a pediatric stethoscope rather than an adult one, and vice versa.

The best stethoscope to have is the one that can help you in finding out the medical condition of your patients; also, one that is of great value for your money, given both the quality and its durability. Buying the most expensive stethoscope there is does not mean that it is the best one for you, same as with buying the cheapest one.

There are a number of factors to consider in buying a stethoscope, the quality and durability included. One should always keep in mind that never compromise quality and durability for the amount. Yes, there are very cheap stethoscopes for sale, but these would not last for a long time and may possibly be made of cheap materials that will compromise the quality of the result you want to obtain.

Given an array of brands in the market, there are quite several to choose from, and also ranging from varied price ranges. Always make it a habit to compare brands, product specifications, prices and the reputation of the brand before deciding to buy.

Taking a Look at Different Stethoscopes

ADC Adscope Adimals 618

Amazon ImageThere are 7 products highlighted in this article. First up is the ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope, Pediatric-22″ Tubing, Seafoam. It is a pediatric stethoscope with animal face snap-ons that are interchangeable. The snap-ons include 7 kinds as follows: frog, deer, tiger, monkey, panda, koala and bear. Aside from this, it has an animal face chest piece that is made of a distinctly molded resin whose size is optimal for pediatric use. The design of such stethoscope is the American Diagnostic Corporation’s AFD technology which can switch between a diaphragm like frequency and a bell like frequency performance through alteration of pressure during use. The snap-ons would definitely get the patient’s attention away from the fact that he or she is visiting the doctor for a checkup. It would calm them and assure them that the doctor is safe and being checked by the pediatrician is not so scary afterall.

The ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope’s bell is of a non-chill kind and its diaphragm has a retaining rim for the comfort of the patient. It also has aluminum binaurals that are lightweight and in a matching finishing of satin. The stethoscope comes in three colors, namely: seafoam, pink and white. It weighs three ounces and is thirty inches long; it also has twenty-two inches of PVC tubing. When shipped it is said to have a shipping weight of 10.4 ounces and the buyer can choose for it to arrive within a day or after two days, whichever they prefer. The one day arrival of the item included an additional amount for it, while the two day shipping is free of charge.

The ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope, Pediatric-22″ Tubing is applicable for the free shipping offer, and is currently in stock. It currently costs only twenty five dollars and four centavos ($25.04) from the original price of forty four dollars and twenty seven centavos ($44.27). A gift wrapping option is also available for a buyer who wants it wrapped. The ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope, Pediatric-22″ Tubing stethoscope is sold by the Empire Depot through Amazon.

Interested in the ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope, Pediatric-22″ Tubing? Buy yours now. Visit and read for yourself the different reviews of those who have experienced the product beforehand. The ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope, Pediatric-22″ Tubing ranks 13190 in the Sales rank. It is child friendly, thus pediatricians will not be having a hard time checking their little patients as they will not be feeling too much agitation and be frightened with cute animal snap-ons listening to their internal organs sounding. Doctor’s sometimes use word play with their patients in using their ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope, Pediatric-22″ Tubing, such as “The panda wants to listen to your lungs.” And the child just gives way for the doctor to do so.

Are you dealing with children who are panicky and frightened of the pediatrician? The ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope, Pediatric-22″ Tubing may be the very best product for your medical practice.

ADC Adscope 604 Pediatric

Amazon ImageSecond product on the list is the ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric, Light Blue 604LB. This product comes in 5 other colors, namely: Black, Gray, Metallic Caribbean, Metallic Raspberry and Pink. It has a combination pediatric chest piece which is machined in a precise way to exact tolerances from the surgical stainless steel; this is to ensure a performance that is outstanding and of rugged durability. The diaphragm of the ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric, Light Blue 604LB is ultra-sensitive in nature and thus having a crisper transmission of high frequency and also a greater amplification.

The bell of the ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric is of a non-chill nature, with a diaphragm retaining rim for the comfort of the patient; aside from this, its bell is also color coordinated. It has a reinforcing yoke which is molded into a flexible PVC tubing of twenty two inches, and also includes a scope ID tag.

The ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric is currently thirty four dollars and ninety five centavos ($34.95) from the original sale price of fifty six dollars and thirty nine centavos ($56.39). It is still available and on stock and is available for the free shipping option. The buyer can have it delivered in a day’s duration for an amount or decide to avail of the free shipping which takes two days instead. The seller of this product is Corydor through, with gift wrapping available for buyers as well. When shipped the ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric is of 11.2 ounces.

Customer reviews on the ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric show how excellent it is for use and in terms of durability and quality, the ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric is really a good value for your money as some reviews even describe it to be as good as the more expensive stethoscopes. Depending on what the individual’s preferences are, the ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric may be perfect for your needs.

It is simple in design though, without any animal characters for children to get distracted, but with the six different colors of the model or product, children who come for a medical checkup would not be so much scared to go near the doctor or even scared to let the doctor examine him or her and listen to his or her heartbeat. You may check out the different product reviews online to help you gage the capacity and performance of the product. Also, an LED penlight with pupil gauge is commonly bought with it.

What are you waiting for? Experience the ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric yourself and get the value for your money. With their current low price, you get to save some twenty one dollars and forty four centavos ($21.44). The ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric ranks 60765 in the Health and Personal care category and 267 in the Stethoscopes category. With this, rankings show the effectiveness of the product itself. Also, with the colors the product is sold in, one can choose which would match his or her preference and even personality.

ADC Adscope 605 Infant

Amazon ImageThird product featured is the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black. This adscope is able to carry the legendary acoustics in a version in which it is scaled down specifically for an exceptional functionality for infant patients. The ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black’s diameter is 7/8 inches and provides a low frequency response which is unsurpassed. The diameter of the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black is of ultra-sensitive nature, thus having greater amplification and a of course a crisper transmission of high frequency.

The product has a warranty that lasts a lifetime and it just weighs 4.1 ounces with an overall length of 30.5 inches. Its combination chest pieces are machined to be precisely exacting tolerances from the surgical stainless steel, thus having rugged durability and an outstanding performance. Designed for infants, its length is shorter than other models of stethoscopes.

The reinforcing yoke of the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black is molded into the 22 inches of PVC tubing of flexible nature. Aside from this, it also has adsoft deluxe PVC eartips that come in small to large size to have an ultimate acoustic seal and wearing comfort for individuals. A spare ID tag and diaphragm is also included in the package.

Buyers may have the option for a one day or two day delivery of the product. As there may be only nine units left of the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black, get yours now before stock runs out. The current price of the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black is thirty dollars and eighty three centavos ($30.83) from the original price of fifty one dollars and forty nine centavos ($51.49). The product is sold and shipped from and by with an available gift wrapping option for buyers.

Often bought with the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black is a Pediatric Vital Signs & Developmental Milestones Horizontal Badge ID Card Pocket Reference Guide. Reviews from buyers also show that they were satisfied with their buy and it gave them the right value for their money. Some even described the the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black as one that works like the more expensive stethoscopes in the market. Also, being designed for checking infants, it is really a big help in the neonatal ward for practitioners who monitor the little angels. Having the right instruments and that of which give the quality performance, medical practitioners also are able to give more quality service to their patients and to the community as a whole.

The ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black ranks 52836 in the Health and personal care category and 233 in the stethoscopes category. It weighs 1.5 pounds for its shipping weight. Although, this product is not eligible for shipping internationally. It originates from Taiwan and is currently available for shipping within the United States and to APO and or FPO addresses. Grab your very own ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5″Stethoscope, Black now and experience its excellent level of performance and beauty.

3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric

Amazon ImageNext on the list is the 3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope in Multiple Sizes and or Colors. As the name suggests, this product has several kinds and colors. Currently, there are 11 items on stock. The 3M Littman Clasic II Pediatric Stethoscope is designed for smaller patients. This product is also commonly used by medical practitioners and professionals, and even students to be able to listen to and study the internal organs such as the heart, lungs, and others, for assessment and diagnosis purposes of pediatric patients.

The 3M Littman Clasic II Pediatric Stethoscope is able to deliver output in a high acoustic sensitivity for both high and low sound frequencies with the use of its chest piece which is dual sided. This stethoscope also has diaphragms which are specially sized. Its tubing is resilient and is able to be folded tightly so that it can be placed inside pockets and even retain its shape afterwards. The effective acoustic seal is associated with the 3M Littman Clasic II Pediatric Stethoscope’s snap tight soft sealing ear tips which is anatomically correct and is also angled to be able to channel the sound while enhancing the listening comfort at the same time.Also, aside from these, the rim is of non-chill nature and the diaphragm provides comfort to the patient.

Being made in the United States of America, the item is only eligible for domestic shipping, or shipped within the United States only; international shipping is not allowed. The product is latex-free and it also comes with an instruction manual and an alternate pair of ear tips in a small size. The headset can also be adjusted for the fit and comfort of the individual.

The 3M Littman Clasic II Pediatric Stethoscope is dependable and definitely a hard working tool in clinics for the physical assessment, monitoring, and making diagnoses for smaller patients. As the product comes in a number of versions, there is no specific price for it as a whole, however, the price for these kinds or versions of the 3M Littman Clasic II Pediatric Stethoscope is from seventy five dollars and ninety nine centavos ($75.99) to two hundred five dollars and twelve centavos ($205.12). Each version of the product has its own specifications and sale price.

As the tubing used is that of a resilient next-generation, the stethoscope is able to provide a longer life span compared to other stethoscopes due to its improved resistance towards alcohol and skin oils; it also has a lesser tendency of picking up stains. The tubing used in the 3M Littman Clasic II Pediatric Stethoscope is also human health friendly as it is not made with natural rubber latex, thus beneficial to both sensitive patients and medical professionals. Also, the environment is protected as the next generation tubing does not contain any phthalate plasticizers.

With the reputation built by the 3M Littmann Stethoscopes in the industry, its quality, durability and performance has been proven and tested already by medical professionals and practitioners alike.

3M Littmann Classic II Infant

Amazon ImageNumber five on the list is the 3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope in Multiple Sizes and Colors. This item is 28 inches long and aside from being able to choose the color you would want, you also have the freedom to choose the king of chest piece to have. There are a total of seven colors to choose from for your 3M Littmann Classic II Infant.

Also known as the industry’s standard, the 3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope in Multiple Sizes and Colors is a performance stethoscope. It has a diaphragm that is tuneable, thus allowing both the high and low frequency of sound to be heard, simply by alternating the pressure there is on the chest piece. The models in the Classic II group of both infant and pediatric stethoscopes feature the technology of the patented floating diaphragm.

In addition. All the models in the Classic II category have the non-chill rim, original Littmann soft-sealing ear tips, and the single lumen tubing. The products in this category, may it be infant style stethoscopes or pediatric stethoscopes, are sized to be able to facilitate the sound sources in the bodies of smaller patients. Through a dual sided chest piece, the 3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope provides high acoustic sensitivity.

The tension in the headset of the stethoscope is easily adjusted for both head size and comfort of user by just pulling apart the ear tubes or squeezing them together. The ear tips of the stethoscope are soft sealing and snap-tight in nature, thus easily compatible to the ears of individuals, and having an excellent acoustic seal as well. The ear tips of the stethoscope snap tightly onto the ends of the ear tubes, thus also will be requiring a significant amount of effort to remove, to ensure safety as well.

The 3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope makes use of the resilient next generation tubing that allows the stethoscope r be able to return and retain its flexibility and shape after being placed of folded tightly into a pocket. The life of the stethoscope is also improved due to the very much improved resistance of the product towards alcohol and skin oils, and even the lesser tendency of picking up any stains. Also, a benefit of the next generation tubing is that they are not made from natural rubber latex, thus helping those individuals, both patients and medical professionals, who are sensitive not to acquire any allergies from using it. Next generation tubing also does not contain phthalate plasicizers.

The Littmann quality is known to a lot of medical professionals all around the world, and the brand has built its reputation and effectivity as a product for quite some time already. Buyers of the Littmann stethoscopes always get the best value for their money, as the brand assures good quality performance of their products. With the acoustic performance which is superb, outstanding value, and having a consistently high quality stethoscopes, Littmann continues to build its brand reputation.

MDF MD One Pediatric

Amazon ImageSixth on the list is the MDF® MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope – Purple (MDF777C-08). The stethoscope itself is constructed from an acoustically superior stainless steel. It is able to deliver an auscultation of the heart, lungs, and others in an accurate manner. Its design is ergonomic and ensures the comfort of both the doctor and the patient.

The chest piece of the MDF® MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope is made of stainless steel and is handcrafted. It is machined in a detailed manner and hand polished to ensure the durability and high quality performance of the products. The tubing used for the product is of a denser, thicker, and latex free PVC, and the non-stick acoustic tubing in the Y-configuration provides superior transmission of sound and also sealing out of the ambient noises, while at the same time preventing the wearing and cracking that might occur due to repeated use.

The headset of the MDF® MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope is pre-angled, hand polished stainless steel. This is to ensure that there is durability and custom fit for users. Also, the ear tips of the stethoscope are clear for hygienic purposes and to be able to clear and seal out the extreme noises while at the same time ensuring comfort during the extended use of such.

With this, there are also two extra sets of ear tips, a spare diaphragm which is ultrasensitive and an ID tag. The original safety lock of ear tips are non-invasive in nature and is leading in the industry for user safety. The MDF® MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope also has a warranty that lasts a lifetime.

The MDF® MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope comes in thirteen colors, but as of now, there are only three available colors, namely: Purple, Black and Pastel Blue. The stethoscope is priced at fifty four dollars and ninety centavos ($54.90) from the original price of sixty four dollars and fifty nine centavos ($64.59). It has been handcrafted since the year 1971 up to present.

It is ranked the 227319th in the Health and personal care category and 868 in the stethoscope category. Some customers who buy the MDF® MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope also buy the CMS 5—DL Oximeter with neck or wrist cord together with it. The stethoscope weighs 15.2 ounces when shipped. Its Amazon sales rank is 223185.The colored stethoscope is used by pediatricians as it is also child-friendly.

Grab your very own MDF® MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope now. Read the different reviews and testimonies of those who have bought and experienced the product first hand, to know more about what the product can do and if you can get the value for your money. It is being sold by MDF Instruments Official, through Amazon. There is also a gift wrap option available for buyers.

MDF Sprague Rappaport – Adult/Pediatric/Infant Convertible

Amazon ImageLast on the list is the MDF® Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope with Adult, Pediatric, and Infant convertible chestpiece. The product comes in ten colors to choose from. This stethoscope is 5 stethoscopes rolled into one and is used for a fullest range of diagnostics. It is a trusted tool for detecting the sounds of a faint heart and murmurs. And this is considered to be the most versatile model of stethoscopes since it can be used for assessing adults, infants, and pediatric patients with just this single stethoscope.

It has an ergonomic design thus, comfort of both doctor and patient is ensured. The chestpiece of the MDF® Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope is handcrafted and made from a gold-plated zinc-alloy. It has a full rotation and dual output valve acoustic stem with an indicator dot in green color to allow the users to be able to identify that active sound channel. Also, the stethoscope has an accessory kit containing diaphragm assemblies that are removable and can be replaced with bells for adults, infants, and pediatric.

The ear tips of the MDF® Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope are made of soft silicone and are clear for hygienic purposes and phthalate-free. For sound to be isolated and to ensure a proper fit, the ear tips are available in small, medium and large sizes. The stethoscope has a pre-angled headset made of stainless steel and is hand polished featuring a patented internal dual leaf spring construction for durability and safety of the user.

The stethoscope has a latex-free PVC tubing which is denser and thicker. It is also a dual non-stick acoustic tubing which provides insulation for the superior transmission of sound and sealing out of noise, while at the same time being able to prevent the wearing and cracking that occurs when used repeatedly. The dual acoustic tubes are high performing and are secured in a place by chrome-plated brass that has acoustic tube clasps that are non- obtrusive and non-pinching. Other accessories included in the kit of the stethoscope are spare pediatric and adult clear PVC diaphragms, extra sets of ear tis, pediatric bell, infant bell, pediatric diaphragm assembly and an ID tag.

Materials used in the manufacture of MDF Stethoscopes are ensured to comply with the local regulations, and they see to it that their products are non-toxic, non-phtalate, non-hazardous, latex free and many others. This is also to protect both the patient and medical communities. The MDF® Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope is currently on sale at only thirty one dollars and ninety eight centavos ($31.98) from the original price of thirty seven dollars and sixty three centavos ($37.63).

In choosing which stethoscope to purchase, it should always be a habit to compare different brands and the product specifications, to know which one will be the best fit for you. This is also to allow buyers to get the value of their money and to be regret free after purchasing a particular stethoscope. Also, consider what kind of patients you have.

Cardiology Stethoscope Review: Littmann Cardiology III vs Harvey DLX

Are you a medical student or working professional looking for a top-quality stethoscope? Whatever your role in the medical professions, a cardiology stethoscope will always provide you with the finest, most discriminating acoustics. You can find a highly favorable cardiology stethoscope review for just about every scope on the market ‒ but without a doubt, the two most popular and best overall performers are the Littmann Cardiology III and the Welch-Allyn Harvey DLX (formerly the Tycos).

Cardiology stethoscope comparison

The Harvey DLX is slightly heavier than the Cardiology III, although both scopes are heftier than most all-around scopes. Unlike the Cardiology III, it’s possible to rotate the DLX’s binaurals separately. The Cardiology III has non-chill rings on its chestpiece, while the DLX does not.

The Cardiology III has a stainless steel chestpiece with two tunable diaphragms, one larger and one smaller. The chestpiece of the DLX is made of chrome-plated brass, with a brass bell and flat diaphragm. Welch-Allyn also offers a third, optional corrugated diaphragm or a rotatable triple head model.

Littmann provides a 5-year warranty for the Cardiology III. The Welch-Allyn Harvey DLX has a 10-year warranty.

Cardiology stethoscope review

Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope - Cardiology Stethoscope Review

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Both Littmann and Welch-Allyn have strong supporters who are more than willing to compare the two scopes. Here are a few samples of reviews we found that mention both:

● The bell on the DLX is the best of any steth I have. I have an S3 that’s known to come and go when using my Cardio III bell, but with the DLX it’s audible consistently. It’s even louder too.

● The Cardiology III transmits heart, lung, and abdominal sounds far better than the Tycos….The tunable diaphragm takes getting used to, but it does work as advertised. I’m a neurologist and I find that the “pediatric” headpiece with the smaller tunable diaphragm is superb for listening to carotid and femoral bruits, and even for listening to flow in the temporal arteries.

● I remember being a resident in the ICU with my Littmann Cardiology and having the ICU fellow asking me about a patient lung sound which were clear with my scope but boy when he asks me to hear the patient’s lung with his Tycos, I got a cold chill wondering what else I was missing. That was my first Tycos.

Reviewers point out that, for professionals with very sensitive hearing, the DLX provides extremely fine isolation of heart sounds. For the average ear, however, the DLX may seem a bit quiet, although still clear. The Cardiology III receives high praise for both loudness and clarity, even from users with minor hearing problems.

If you’re blessed with especially good hearing, you may want to try the Welch-Allyn Harvey DLX. For professionals with average to slightly sub-par hearing, the Littmann Cardiology III is probably a better choice.

Finally, no cardiology stethoscope review would be complete without a brief mention of price. At a list price $276, of the Harvey DLX is just slightly more expensive than the Cardiology III, which lists at $235. With reputable online suppliers offering significant discounts from list prices, either of these cardiology scopes will make a top-notch choice for any medical professional.