ADC ADSCOPE 605 Infant Stethoscope Review

Among the long lines of products made specifically for children there’s the ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5” Stethoscope, Black to consider on buying.

This is a perfect partner for pediatrician and nurses that usually deals with infant and kids. It is important to check if the instrument that you use on children is child friendly because it can be very challenging to get the vitals of kids. Especially if they already develop a fear with anything dealing with the medical field, usually kids would throw tantrums that make it impossible to check their vital sign for doctors to provide their parents their accurate diagnosis.

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The kids’ heart beat and murmur can be really low that it might not be picked up by a regular stethoscope. That is why there is a need to use an infant specific stethoscope so that the doctor is able to easily hear the infant’s hear beat or breathing. Depending on the condition of the child or infant the stethoscope can help the doctor have an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s current health.

Because there is a high need to create some child friendly gadgets and instrument there are now a lot of different option to choose from in the market today. Depending on what brand you prefer on having there is actually a perfect stethoscope to use in the clinic or hospital. You can also consider on having your stethoscope on fun bright colors to make your small patient be attracted to the color and not be afraid. There are some doctors that have toys available in their clinic so that they can easily reach for it once the kid started crying.

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The most common problem for using stethoscope on patient is that it gets cold easily and can be uncomfortable when it makes contact into the skin. The ADC ADSCOPE 605, Infant 30.5” Stethoscope has a non-chill diaphragm rim and bell to provide comfort to patient when you take their vital signs. There is no need for you to find ways to warm the stethoscope before you use it on your patient.

Amazon ImageIt will also be easy for doctors and nurses to listen and get accurate record of the child’s heartbeat or breathing with the ultra-sensitive diaphragm. Its features are similar to the leading brand for only $30.83 which is almost half the price. This is from American Diagnostic Corporation so you can make sure that the quality of the product you are buying is to its highest.

It can provide loud and clear sound to make it easy for medical professional to record the important vital of their patient to base their diagnosis. Plus the added bonus such as the lifetime warranty insures that the manufacturer are quite confident about their product that they are willing to provide free product replacement or fixing in case the client is not satisfied with what they have.

It is very easy to use and it comes with small and large size ear tips so that you have an option to which size fits better on you for added comfort when you use this instrument. Besides the lifetime warranty every item comes in with a spare diaphragm and an ID tag that you can use to put your personal information in case all your co-workers use the same kind of stethoscope. You can also consider on buying a unique stethoscope charm if you want just to add something colorful and unique on your instrument. You can also use this to attract your little patient so that they willingly have their vitals taken without any problems. It can be a lovely jewel or a cute stuff toy. There is some charm that comes in letters so that you can spell out your name or you can also use a logo of the campaign that you are supporting.


Not as famous are Littmann although it is not as expensive as the famous brand but there are still some professional that would only prefer on using one brand. If you are willing to give this a try then you can still enjoy the important features why you want to buy an infant specific stethoscope in the first place, to get good sound quality on your little patient’s heat beat or murmur.


In conclusion, ADC stethoscope is one of the top cheaper brands in the stethoscope industry that is worth trying. Maybe you are still a student that is looking to buy your first stethoscope then ADC brand is the best thing you have. With these specific details:

  • Dimensions: 12.8 inches by 1.5 inches by 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Free shipping but limited to areas within US
  • Come highly recommended by Amazon buyers

It uses high quality material that enables you to use the instrument to assist you in your line of work for a long time. There are some private individual find the need of owning a good stethoscope also consider on buying the ADC Brand. This is also perfect for medical students that already need to have their first stethoscope to use. Since it is very affordable it is just easy to buy and own one. It is also a perfect stethoscope to buy in training because it is affordable and can be easily bought in bulk. Even practicing medical professional who are looking for a gadget that is worth trying out then the ADC Brand is their perfect answer. They will never regret on buying this instrument since it is also high quality and able to provide accurate results.

So make sure that you are will prepared in dealing with your young patient because they are always a challenge to work with. There are a few that are able to have their check-up without crying or throwing tantrums while there are others that are really scared of just seeing a doctor.

The longer you will work with young patient you will know different ways how to deal with them easily. Their parents can help you as much but if you have face different number of kids you would know what to do on each reaction that they give when they reach your clinic.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to own the most expensive or latest gadget available in the market just as long as you can afford it but why pay that much when you can also enjoy the similar quality without paying for the high price. Be smart and check out other options in the market today. It is important that you gather enough information so that you can enjoy your instrument’s functionality to the fullest without regretting paying that amount of money for it.