ADC Adscope 604

An In-Depth Review Of The ADC ADSCOPE 604 Pediatric


Stethoscopes have certainly made things easier for doctors in general. Though its function is essentially simple, this device is such an ingenious way for any medical professional to make a proper analysis regarding his or her patient’s condition.

Amazon ImageThis is a certainly remarkable observation, considering the earliest stethoscope started off as a non-invasive tube for doctors of old to listen to breathing and heartbeats. In other words, the concept of the stethoscope was developed in the name of decency, simply because male doctors felt awkward pressing their ears directly on their patients’ chests, especially female patients.

As you can see, today’s stethoscopes are no longer in the form of rigid tubes, but the same concept still remains – at least, for the most part. The common perception of a stethoscope today is the image of a simple, yet sophisticated listening implement which is easier in all aspects – easier to wear, easier to use, and, most importantly, easier to collect solid results.

ADC’s ADSCOPE 604 is a demonstration of how far technology has brought the development of the humble stethoscope. Though it has all the essential functions of a regular stethoscope, it was manufactured with the intentions that it should be used mainly by pediatricians. Take a quick look at its design, and you will see that the ADSCOPE 604 is for taking quick and accurate readings from children.

You should be able to see this after taking a quick look at the stethoscope’s chest piece. The ADSCOPE 604 features a combination chest piece made from the finest surgical steel. It has tough make and precise design to keep working like new. This is important considering that the potential patients this stethoscope would most likely be used on have a higher tendency to cause the entire device to be knocked about, or dropped more often. For additional protection and added comfort to the patient, tough rubber lines the corners on both ends of the chest piece.

Housed within this casing of steel is a special diaphragm that is ultra-sensitive. With a functional diameter of 13/8 (or, 1.625, a little over one and a half) inches, this chest piece was built with the intention of getting amplified and therefore more accurate readings in a lesser amount of time.

The chest piece connects to the other essential part of the stethoscope, the earpiece frame, through a high-grade tubing. This tubing is made of tough and light rubber, which is completely waterproof – not too hard, not too soft either. It is able to take on the gripping and grabbing of frisky, curious young hands. The entire tubing is considerably long; at 22 inches, this should be more than enough for most, if not all circumstances.

Pros Of The ADC Pediatric ADSCOPE 604

  • Amazon ImageComfortable – The ear tips on the ADC ADSCOPE 604 have been reported to be softer and more comfortable to use, compared to other stethoscopes being sold at significantly higher prices. This is a plus, especially for pediatricians who take their stethoscopes on and off quite frequently.
  • Competitive Acoustic Quality – Stethoscopes ought to be known for their capabilities in delivering significant sounds which are audible and distinguishable enough for medical staff to make professional analysis. The ADSCOPE 604 is certainly able to deliver on this demand. Their decision to make a wide diaphragm diameter certainly pays off. Heart, respiratory, and bowel sounds are very clear and crisp-sounding through this stethoscope.
  • Affordable Price – ADC is adept at keeping up with the bigger players in the medical equipment industry. While the quality of the ADC ADSCOPE 604 is enough to keep up with more expensive stethoscopes, ADC is still able to sell it at half the price one would normally expect from the higher-end line.
  • Weight Issues – While this is a cheaper stethoscope, there are a significant number of people who have purchased and tried the ADSCOPE 604 that have mentioned that it is heavier than other stethoscopes they have used before. This weight isn’t much of a concern when it comes to generally carrying the device around, say, a hospital, but it may cause some delays when actually using it.
  • Minor Quality Concerns – Most people who have approached reviewing the ADSCOPE 604 with a more critical perspective have observed that the earpieces and/or the tube have a tendency of failing. It is possible for the earpieces would break much sooner than expected; small scratches could quickly turn to ugly tears on the tubing as well.

Cons Of The ADC ADSCOPE 604, Pediatric, Light Blue 604LB


ADC has certainly been able to deliver comparable quality at significantly lower prices. Many parents and professionals who have purchased the ADSCOPE 604 have claimed on their reviews that this stethoscope is able to deliver distinct results which are comparable or equal to more expensive variants.

Of course, there will be a few bugs and defects rolling out of the factory, and it is unfortunate to the point that a very small number of consumers have voiced out their concerns. 3 out of 43 reviewers on Amazon’s page for the ADSCOPE 604 have given the product 3 or less stars, over the highest score of 5 stars. Their main reason for giving low results was poor sounds, or the ear tips and tubing failing on them.

Now, this should not deter you from considering this great product; if you notice, these issues were only reported by 3 out of 43 reviewers – Your chances of getting a defective product would be less than 10%, and even then, you should be able to get a replacement sent over to you in no time at all. Even if you do lose a short amount of time, the significantly lower cost of the ADSCOPE 604 still make it a very sound investment.

If you’re a pediatrician in the market for a new stethoscope for your field in particular, the ADSCOPE 604 is highly recommended for all your needs. It is a tough package able to deliver quality results, at a much lower price than you would expect.