ADC Adscope 618

An In-Depth Review Of The ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope


People would usually say that it’s not about your tools, more than how skillful you use them. Unfortunately, the truth still remains that your skills, no matter how honed they are, could only go so far if you’re stuck with tools that are of mediocre quality.

You can afford to learn this sort of lesson in cases such as photography, or even in cooking. However, you shouldn’t be leaving this sort of situation to chance, especially in cases where lives are on the line. The point here is, in the medical field, the quality of the tools you use are just as important as your level of knowledge and your overall experience.

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Speaking of tools, one of the devices you’re bound to be keeping close to your person at all times when you’re clocked in is the humble stethoscope. The stethoscope is an absolutely vital tool to keep in hand, especially during those times when you need to make a quick, solid assessment of a patient’s condition.

When it comes to considering the quality of a stethoscope, it isn’t necessarily a guarantee that you’re getting higher quality with higher priced products. This is especially the case with the Adimals 618 Scope. As you will see, most of its redeeming qualities come from clever designs, more than in extravagant add-ons which at times may not be necessary.

The Adimals 618 Scope is another offering from the fine men and women of the ADC company. At first glance, you will immediately recognize how this is a pediatric scope, as the ‘Adimals’ are actually cartoon faces of well-known fauna. Pediatricians can choose from 7 different animals to snap onto the chest piece part of the stethoscope: There’s the Bear, the Koala, the Frog, the Deer, the Monkey, the Tiger, and the Panda. If you’re a pediatrician, you probably already know how helpful these sorts of simple designs are, especially for kids who are making their first visit to the doctor. Cartoons not only distract children, but they calm them down, so you have a more accurate reading, especially in cases where you are looking for a proper pulse or breathing rate. You can quickly tell a scared or stressed child, ‘a Panda want to hear you breathe,’ or ‘this Tiger wants to lay on your belly.’

The chest piece is not only child-friendly in the sense that it holds these snap-on animals. The extra effort which goes into these cute creatures wouldn’t help if the child is startled by the chill of a conventional stethoscope chest piece. This is why the bell on the Adimals 618 Scope is also developed so you wouldn’t have to spend an extra minute heating it up before placing it on the skin. This non-chill bell is supported by a specially designed rim, guaranteeing a more comfortable experience for the patient.

This main component is supported by a high quality tubing, and a comfortable pair of binaurals, made of aluminum; it’s light enough to carry, yet tough enough to withstand considerable abuse.

Pros Of The ADSCOPE Adimals 618 Scope

  • Amazon ImageDefinitely For Pediatricians – You only need to take one quick look at this stethoscope to know that it was made for the child and the pediatrician in mind. The extra effort placed into making this stethoscope entertaining makes such a huge difference.
  • Easy To Carry And Transport – The Adimals 618 Scope is not as heavy compared to other stethoscopes, which makes it easier to take around a busy ward.
  • Competitive Acoustic Quality – Stethoscopes ought to be known for their capabilities in delivering significant sounds which are audible and distinguishable enough for medical staff to make professional analysis. The Adimals 618 Scope is certainly able to deliver on this demand. Heart, respiratory, and bowel sounds are very clear and crisp-sounding through this stethoscope.
  • Affordable Price – ADC is adept at keeping up with the bigger players in the medical equipment industry. While the quality of the Adimals 618 Scope is enough to keep up with more expensive stethoscopes, ADC is still able to sell it at half the price one would normally expect from the higher-end line.

Cons Of The ADSCOPE Adimals 618

  • Slightly Flimsy Build Quality – This is certainly a lightweight stethoscope. With that said, it may not withstand drops from higher locations, or stronger yanks. People who are looking to purchase this stethoscope direct from the retailer should take extra care to inspect the earpieces and the tubing of the Adimals 618 Scope they are considering.
  • Customization Required For Some Instances– The earpieces on this stethoscope may not necessarily fit all ears comfortably. The device is shipped as is, with no additional earpieces of various sizes. With that said, doctors with smaller or bigger ears may need to make additional purchases for their Adimals 618 Scope to work specifically for them.
  • Certainly Not An Adult Steth – This is a stethoscope which is really just for kids. The size of the diaphragm and the chest piece is enough to ensure a good experience when trying to listen to younger heartbeats, but if you’re looking for a more flexible stethoscope in terms of people to use it on, you’re better off looking elsewhere.


The Adimals 618 Scope may very well be one of the best choices you ought to consider, if you’re looking for a pediatric stethoscope. Its design alone should tell you that it will be such a great help in getting good results from a wide range of younger patients.

With that being said, this is a stethoscope best used only for kids. If you’re particularly careful with the gear and tools you have, and if you’re definitely only dealing with the younger generations in terms of medicine, then this is the stethoscope for you. All these qualities are backed up with a very affordable price which won’t cause you to break the bank, as other competitive variants probably would.