3M Littman Electronic Stethoscope: From Technology Advancement to Benefits

In the modern world, technology has because a cause for medicinal improvements. People discover new ways to cure and prevent disease, and further the cause of medicinal services. With the rise of technology in medicine, and its continuous growth, there are numbers of invention that help the everyday service of doctors around the world. Inventions such as x-rays and other medicinal machines help further the service. From large machine, people move on the small invention that help small task by doctors. One small improvement of an old invention is the Stethoscope. From a simple, not technical device, to modernize electronic one. The improvement of stethoscope is not limited to just being modernize, but rather beneficial to medicine practitioners.

Problems often arise within the time of checkups mainly because doctors are having a hard time nitpicking the sound of the body, and the sounds from the environment around them. This problem often creates problems in determining diagnosis of a person. Often times than not, the sounds surrounding the area can alter the noise produced by a common stethoscope. While an electronic stethoscope is designed to amplify the sound directly coming from the heart.

Although the prices of such devices can be very intimidating, the fact is, it is an investment to a better service for the patient. Littman Electronic Stethoscope is invented to give way to better results for both patients and doctors.

Changes in small medicine devices leads to a better result for the patients, as well as the doctors, for they could understand the problem more. It is always the innovation of technology that leads to a better result.

Knowing the Stethoscope and Its Changes

In 1816, stethoscope was first invented in France by, Rene Laennec. Over the centuries, the stethoscope changed and improved, creating more focus on the task of receiving the direct sound of the body in order to for the doctors to determine the problem at hand.

From an early wooden hollow stick, to stretched, elastic form, stethoscope evolved, and along with technology so does the device. Electronic stethoscope was invented, in order to give optimal sound result. Littman Electronic Stethoscope is considered to be the choice by a person who wants to buy the electronic stethoscope.

Changes and improvements of Stethoscopes over time creates a step by step improvement to patients diagnosis, because of a direct sound result and better judgment of what is the status of a person’s body.

Comparison of Old and New

In order to understand the need to replace the acoustic stethoscope with the electronic based stethoscope, compare what each side can do and where can doctors benefit more.

Acoustic stethoscope is a two sided chest piece placed against the patient for sensing sounds, although used often times by doctors, the problem arises with the fact the it has a low quality of sounds, and cannot concentrate on the area the doctors needed to hear the status, because it also sense the noise the surrounds the area. Thus, creating a hard time for the doctors

An electronic stethoscope requires a conversion of the acoustic wave sounds to the electrical signals that can then be processed and amplified that results to an optimal listening. But unlike the acoustic stethoscopes that are all based on the same transducers, physics in the electronic stethoscopes vary.

Acoustic and Electronic differs heavily on how well they produce sounds. Better stethoscopes is better when, number it serves well and fast, and numbers two, it creates more care into producing the sounds to give optimal results.

Compare now the benefits you can have while using the common stethoscope and the electronic stethoscope. Where can you find better results?

Amazon Image

Why Replace the Old One with an Electronic?

Electronic sounds amazing and who would love to look cool in an electronic gadget. But to doctors it’s a different kind of coolness they are looking for. Hospitals are noisy, all around, and doctors are always in a hurry to get from one check up to another to keep track on schedules that they have for the day. For example, a doctor can spend a maximum time in an appointment room for about 5-10 minutes to check the basic regulations. Heartbeat and lungs are common, but what if it was a case of a tonsillitis, then he has to check on the throat, how about fever, or an extreme case of cold? People go to checkups for different reasons. But the difference doesn’t hinder the doctor to keep track of precious time in the hospital.

An acoustic stethoscope is a classic one used for so many years by doctors all around the world. Why change it now? Littman Electronic Stethoscope is designed to amplify directly on the heartbeat and the status of the lungs. It eliminates the unnecessary noise that the doctors find it hard to differentiate from the actual noise in the body. This factor is beneficial and must be heavily considered, it makes way to a quicker and accurate diagnosis of a patient.

Price Worries are Worth It

The smallest price of a Littman Electronic Stethoscope would almost be $300, or more, while an acoustic would be at least $200. The hundred dollar comparison is a big question for many people. But it can be set aside, why? Because the benefits outweighs it. Consider it as an investment for a better doctoral service.

The fact that an electronic stethoscope can focus on the sound that you need to hear, already a big perk, not only that, some Littman Electronic Stethoscope can be has a Bluetooth that can transfer the result in any device. Not only can that it record the heartbeat of the person in just a press of a button, but also create a result quicker than manual observation

Money is always an issue of a person’s life, but often times, this issue hinders people from having devices that can help give an optimal service. Buying Littman Electronic Stethoscope is not a waste of money; rather, it is an investment that can give a batter service to patients.


Thinklabs Newest Product: the ONE

Every medical professional and practitioner has a stethoscope, as it is a very vital tool for them to be able to assess patients and make diagnoses of the patients’ condition.

Nowadays, there already a lot of brands and products emerging in the market. Some already have a reputation built for the longest time, while some are still trying to build one. Each brand has a different price range from others, and different brands may also differ in certain specifications of the product.

Thinklabs Newest Innovation

Amazon ImageOne of the leading brands in the stethoscope industry is Thinklabs. And they currently have a newest innovation above all stethoscopes: the Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope. This newest addition to their product list is considered to be their flagship product for modern stethoscopes.

What is it about this stethoscope that they are proud of? Well for starters, the Thinklabs ONE is the tiniest and said to be the most revolutionary stethoscope today. Why is this so you might ask? The Thinklabs ONE is able to fit the palm of one’s hand and can amplify over a hundred times any sound. You can also use audio headphones with it and not the typical stethoscope headset.

At a first glance, one might say that there is nothing extraordinary about the stethoscope, but think again. The design of the Thinklabs ONE is very compact, with a minimalist style and a smooth look. It is easy to operate so practitioners will not have a hard time using it. There are controls that you may use to be able to control how the sound from the stethoscope reaches your ears. You can also make necessary adjustments when shifting from listening to the lungs and heart.

The Thinklabs ONE has an average standard 3.5 millimeter jack wherein you can connect it a highly quality headphones instead of the binaurals that are made of the old tubing style. Through this, you will be able to get a much better sound while being more comfortable as well. Also, the stethoscope becomes more compact and you have a choice to use headphones of your preference. The jack also enables the user to connect to it with a hearing aid for a more accurate hearing experience. Individuals also have the choice to use the headphones included in the ONE package.

The Thinklabs quality in-ear headphones showcases an excellent frequency response, and gives it users the clarity needed for auscultation. These headphones also have a long cable so that users can wear it very comfortably around their neck when currently not in use. The cable used is also a flat one and anti-tangle in nature, thus resisting tangling and being convenient for medical settings. The ear tips that come with it also are in three sizes: small, medium, large, to ensure a perfect fit. The headphones also are noise cancelling, thus making sure that medical practitioners hear the sounds right. It is tuned for extreme bass sounds to be able to reproduce the sounds of the heart. Also, it is with a treble that is crystal clear to be also used for music pleasure purposes.

Aside from this, the Thinklabs ONE has another port in a USB style design. This allows you to charge it and connect it to a power outlet using a charger. The USB port could also be used with the cord included in the package. What is the cord for? The cord is special as it is used to connect the Thinklabs ONE to a mobile device in which it is compatible to, a laptop of mobile phone for example. With this, the user will be able to record and enable the proper transmission of sounds for a more reliable storage.

The battery used for the Thinklabs ONE stethoscope is a built-in Lithium Ion battery. All the user must do is to make sure that he or she charges the stethoscope to a full battery charge before reporting to duty. Users may not charge the unit every single day, as the stethoscope is still guaranteed to work even if you are just able to charge it once or twice a week. The stethoscope itself is also easy to bring because of its small size and makes it easier to pack or store.

The stethoscope itself is designed in Denver, Colorado and is also assembled there. The display lens used in the Thinklabs ONE is that of imported sapphire crystal, the same one you find in a Rolex watch. Its electronics is built in China on the precision robotic lines there. The packaging includes a pocket carrying case for the device so that it can be protected in a way.

Who is it for?

The Thinklabs ONE stethoscope is smartly designed for the use of medical practitioners and professionals, all the more for those who are on the go. Especially in the medical setting where it is most of the time an emergency case and one should be quick in responding.

The stethoscope can also be used by students. With the ability to be able to connected to mobile gadgets and record the sounds from the stethoscope, learning to read and analyze the sounds will be easier for students to do, as they can also refer to the recordings from time to time.

Medical practitioners opt for this product as aside from the convenience it gives them, its technology is very much updated and in tune with other developments in the field of technology in line with medicine. To be able to exert more excellent service to their patients and the community, the Thinklabs ONE Digital Stethoscope helps doctors and other medical professionals to continue doing their job with added comfort and convenience.

Thinklabs ONE and Other Stethoscopes in the Market

When comparing this innovation from Thinklabs with other products, one can really say that the Thinklabs ONE is of a higher quality and technology. It is much easier to use and will be very helpful to those practicing in the medical setting.

Aside from this, its parts are made of the latest materials and have been carefully studied to be able to give the output that individuals want. It is easy and convenient and its package is complete. Although, compared to other stethoscopes, the Thinklabs ONE is more expensive than the usual stethoscope. If you want to have this device, make sure you are ready to invest a great amount of money for it.

In terms of reliability, the Thinklabs ONE is reliable enough. The Thinklab brand has been in the industry for 24 years already as it started in the year 1991. The brand is known for being innovative and passionate about medical electronics and related things.

Reviews on the Thinklabs ONE Digital Stethoscope

There are several online reviews on the newest addition to the Thinklabs product list. The Thinklabs ONE is a product that speaks for itself. How it is being described in the internet is really how it is. There are no flowery words used, just the way it is.

Another plus of the Thinklabs ONE is the possibility of the stethoscope to be able to be connected to hearing aids, so that those individuals whose hearing have been slightly impaired can still be able to practice in the medical setting.

The access to recordings of the audio from the stethoscopes can be recorded and listened to for reference purposes, thus helpful to students and medical professionals alike. The Thinklink connection system for gadgets cater to Android devices, Mac and Apple devices, and even PC devices.

Interested in the newest Thinklabs innovation? You can buy the Thinklabs ONE Digital stethoscope online through the Thinklabs website or through other online stores who are accredited distributors of the product. The Thinklabs ONE Digital Stethoscope costs five hundred sixteen dollars and ninety cents ($516.90) at Amazon.com and is an eligible product for free shipping. It also has been rated 5 stars by buyers at Amazon. A warranty for the item is also given by the seller.

Still not convinced? You may read other reviews online to be able to gage the capabilities of the device through the experiences of those who have bought the product and experienced it first-hand. Make sure to see other online stores and compare their packages for sale on the Thinklabs ONE. But, you should also make sure that the store you will buying from online is legitimate and has a trustworthy reputation.

Before making a purchase, always make sure to know what the product offerings are, and if these offerings are in line with your target goals and use. Choose a product that will give you the best value for the money you will be paying and that of which is a trust worthy brand with a reputation that has been built through excellent products, services and innovations.

Paying for something a bit expensive will always be worth it if the product delivers more of what is expected from it. So always choose your purchases wisely and carefully.

A General Overview Of Headphone Stethoscopes For The Hearing Impaired

The stethoscope is an extremely vital tool for any doctor and other sorts of medical personnel that need to make a proper diagnosis. Used together with a related apparatus, a person’s blood pressure can be taken without being too invasive. With a stethoscope, a patient’s breathing can be analyzed for any issues of clogging in the lungs.

The same stethoscope that assists nurses in getting blood pressure readings can also help doctors in making a proper and more in-depth analysis of a patient’s heart, through his or her pulse. A faint beat can only mean one of two things – a faulty stethoscope, or a faulty heart, the former being easily rectified.

But wait – it can also mean that the doctor’s hearing has begun to deteriorate. Now, a faulty heart can easily be rehabilitated through proper diet and exercise. However, the same cannot be said for hearing that is going south. There are many reasons why a person’s hearing can deteriorate, and unfortunately, when it happens, it does have the tendency to hit a person’s morale.

Fortunately, there are ways that have been developed through decades of advances in technology that have brought people back to hear the same way they used to. Hearing aids have only gotten smaller and better since their introduction so many years ago. By bypassing certain areas of the ear and relaying sound to where it eventually goes, many have had their hearing restored, or at least enhanced.

This is all good news for people, but what about doctors who have contracted hearing problems? Are there ways for a doctor to use a hearing aid and a stethoscope at the same time? What are the solutions to this sort of problem?

Doctors who are hard of hearing have all sorts of problems in the workplace. In an environment where precision and consistency are always called for, they need to step up a little more in order to keep up. Most interactions may not be as intense, but details that need to be discussed need to be communicated with a little more patience around doctors with hearing problems.

Doctors who invest in hearing aids may have their hearing back, and they may be able to cope as easily as they used to in the hectic medical environment. However, this all changes when they would need to use a stethoscope. Their readings may not be accurate, which means that they would need a second or third party to use the same stethoscope.

Benefits Of Modern Stethoscopes

Today’s stethoscopes are a far cry from the traditional ones with the tuning fork design. They integrate enhancements brought about by advances in technology. What that means is that it is now possible for doctors to amplify what sounds their scopes pick up, for a more precise analysis of a patient’s condition.

That’s even more impressive is that these modern stethoscopes (you can call them ‘e-scopes’, if you prefer) eliminate the absolute need for you to adjust your ears to thick, uncomfortable binaurals – most of these stethoscopes enable sound transmission through 3.5mm jack. This means that you can connect your conventional headphones to the scope, and you can get an even better audio reading at the same time.

The benefits go even further – with the same jack it is actually possible to connect the scope straight to a hearing aid. This means that doctors with hearing problems would not need to go through the cumbersome process of taking out their hearing aids to use the stethoscope. The same jack is also compatible with any smartphone or tablet with the same outlet, meaning you are able to record sounds, or analyze them through an associated mobile application, real-time.

Types Of e-Scopes

Upon searching for electronic stethoscopes in popular sites, you will see that there are some whose design still remains faithful to the traditional look and feel, complete with the rubber tubing and the hard metal and earbuds. You could say that these are ‘bridge’ stethoscopes that help doctors transition from traditional stethoscopes to today’s more modern designs. Most of the tech is placed on the actual scope, where controls are placed to amplify sound while cancelling any ambient noise.

Headphone stethoscopes, on the other hand, are built to accommodate more observers. These are the sort of stethoscopes that doctors with hearing impediments should be looking for, as they are the devices with the 3.5mm jack, as well as additional features to accommodate common hearing aids.

Advantages/Disadvantages Of Headphone Stethoscopes

The advantages are pretty straightforward. With a headphone stethoscope you have more options for customization, for the auditory experience to be more comfortable – a plus when you’re trying to make out any issues with a patient’s heart or lungs.

  • The features of a headphone stethoscope allow you to generally enhance the entire experience to a point that your ears are completely engaged, hearing only what it should be hearing. With a headphone stethoscope you are hearing more heartbeat with less noise.
  • Due to the more flexible nature of headphones in general, they are more portable and can be adjusted to fit into smaller casings. This is a great improvement compared to the fixed metal tubes of more traditional designs.

Though headphone stethoscopes have these general pro’s, they do have their pitfalls. Their ability to utilize electricity to enhance the entire experience is both an advantage and disadvantage, in the sense that if you run out of batteries, then you would have no choice but to go back to the traditional stethoscope. This, of course, is not an option for doctors who are hearing-impaired – bringing extra batteries will always be necessary.

  • Though headphone stethoscopes are generally more portable, the fact that they integrate electronics also means that they are more delicate. You probably wouldn’t be dropping these on purpose, but if you do, they wouldn’t survive the fall as much as a traditional stethoscope would.
  • Today, you can find a good bargain for a complete set – electronic scope, headphones, and all. However, do not be surprised to see that until you see those good deals, you may need to invest a little more than you would with two or three traditional stethoscopes.

The following products are some of the best and most recent headphone stethoscopes you can find in the market.

Hearing Aid Compatible Stethoscopes

Thinklabs ONE Headphone Amplified Stethoscope

General Description:

Amazon ImageThinklabs proudly advertises this as one of their flagship modern stethoscopes, going as far as stating that ‘the icon for medicine has changed.’At first glance, the scope piece doesn’t seem like much, but don’t let this fool you – the Thinklabs ONE is claimed to be ‘The One’ for a reason.

The compact design is smooth and minimalist. It looks easy to operate, and it also looks like it can take light abuse without literally skipping a beat. There are controls to control how the sound makes it through to your ears, in order for you to make the necessary adjustments from shifting to listening to the heart to the lungs.

The entire device has at least two ports: One 3.5mm port for you to use your favorite earphones with, or to integrate with a hearing aid. The other port is a USB-style design, for you to connect it to a power outlet via a charger. This same port can be used with the Thinklink cord, included in the package. This cord is special in the sense that you could connect the ONE to a compatible mobile device, or even a laptop, for proper recording and transmission of sounds to a more reliable storage receptacle.

The ONE comes with a built-in Lithium Ion battery, so all you need to do is to make sure that the battery is fully charged before your shift, and you’re good to go. You may forget to charge, or you may skip a day, but don’t worry – the battery is guaranteed to work even if you charge it just once or twice a week.


The ThinkLink ONE may very well have everything you need in a modern headphone stethoscope. Here are some of the areas where it shines:

  • Completely customizable sound, with proper controls for volume and effects
  • Smooth and reliable design, without any intimidating extras
  • Smart features allow you to record sounds real-time for future analysis and diagnosis
  • Small size makes it easier to pack, store, and/or transport

While there are some obvious reasons why you should consider buying the ThinkLink ONE, here are some issues that may have discouraged some from making the investment.

  • The move for the ThinkLink ONE to use more common audio headphones may be good or bad, depending on how confident you are with the headphones you will be using with it. Traditional rubber tubing is far sturdier and proven to last longer, while today’s audio headphones may not share the same reputation in toughness.
  • This is not a cheap device – be prepared to invest at least $500 for the minimal package including the ONE and supporting cords
  • Additional features such as presets may be intimidating to learn at first

Cardionics E-Scope II Headphone Model

General Information:

The folks over at Cardionics have been in the industry of producing quality stethoscopes for quite some time. They have introduced enough products in the market for them to go back to their previous iterations, improving them to the point that their second generation of headphone stethoscopes – aptly named ‘II’ – has made it into the market.

This particular review is for their second-generation headphone model, aimed at doctors and medical staff and crew that have hearing disorders. If you have a hearing aid which is an inner-ear type, this stethoscope is especially perfect for you. While this stethoscope can be used by anyone, it does have its features to ensure that even those with hearing problems can use the.

The actual scope that comes with this purchase demonstrates Cardionics’ experience in ensuring that vital sounds are heard perfectly, without any interruptions that arise from the immediate area. In other words, you will have no trouble picking up heartbeats and even lower-frequency sounds from the bowels or any other significant area. Sounds such as those from a beating heart and those taken from slow deep breathing are amplified, while any background noise is effectively eliminated.

The Cardionics’ E-Scope II is perfect to use for general usage in a clinic or hospital, yet is tough enough to keep with paramedics who have less of the luxury of time when it comes to helping their patients. The design and feel of this stethoscope can definitely leave one confident that it will stand the test of time, and then some.

Like the ThinkLink ONE, the Cardionics’ E-Scope II also has a data port for quick recording of significant sounds on a laptop or a mobile device. As mentioned earlier, this is quite a tool to be used for those instances where precise analysis and accurate diagnosis are absolutely necessary.


The Cardionics’ company certainly has one thing going for them – that is, their experience in the field of manufacturing quality stethoscopes. This is a reason why the following advantages are almost expected from this particular iteration:

  • Built in ‘Sound Selector’ switch helps you to find the right sound you’re looking for, in a quick and clean manner
  • Speaking of sound, get used to clean and smooth sounds making their way to your ear through this particular stethoscope
  • Strong and tough design allows the product to be taken to areas with more moisture and dust, without fearing any breakdowns or issues along the way

You ought to be aware of the following areas of improvement for this stethoscope:

  • At $300, it costs lesser than ThinkLink’s ONE, but at that price for a stethoscope, it is still pretty pricey.
  • This particular model does not come packaged with headphones – you will need to buy that separately.
  • Reviewers have mentioned that this particular scope is rather sensitive – the slightest bump to the right area will make really loud sounds that will eventually make its way and hurt the ear slightly.

Cardionics E-Scope II 7710 Belt Model Stethoscope

General Description:

Cardionics’ 7710 model can also be used for medical personnel who get assistance from inner ear hearing aids. Apparently, Cardionics has a separate headphone stethoscope model for those who use other types of hearing aids. One look at their catalog also mentions stethoscopes made specifically for veterinary use.

Thehas the same controls that the rest of Cardionics’ stethoscope lineup boasts of. They are adjustable with a simple movement of the fingertip, keeping control easy yet precise when needed. A separate control is featured dedicated to increasing or decreasing volume as necessary. Another knob is present to control frequency – this feature is particularly useful for instances where you would need to zero in on specific sounds such as those coming from the heart, or for breathing analysis.

All this control would not mean anything if the listener was also subject to hearing everything else in the background. For this reason, Cardionics was able to make changes into its design, just so that any unwanted noise is eliminated as much as possible, no matter what frequency the scope is set to at the time. If there is a need for an increase in volume, controls allow for amplification of noise to as high as 30x a conventional stethoscope.

This headphone stethoscope operates on a single independent AAA battery, as with the previously featured E-Scope II. The entire device is power-efficient, as it has an automatic shut-down feature which turns the scope off automatically after approximately two minutes of idle time. Though it does shut down after this time, the volume setting you placed it in would remain even after turning the device back on.

The entire package comes with a CD which contains instructions and the operator’s manual, for any additional troubleshooting tips and other guidelines when it comes to maintenance. Unlike the previously mentioned headphone stethoscope, the 7710 model does come with its own headphones, and even additional ear-tips for further customization and comfort, according to your ear size.

As with all of Cardionics’ other stethoscopes, the 7710 has a One-year warranty.


The Cardionics’ company continues to demonstrate its experience in the field of manufacturing quality stethoscopes. Here are some standout pros for this item:

  • Non-intimidating design can be used by those with or without hearing problems
  • Sound quality is unrivalled and easily controllable through all the knobs available at your disposal
  • Strong and tough design allows the product to be taken to areas with more moisture and dust, without fearing any breakdowns or issues along the way

You ought to be aware of the following areas of improvement for this stethoscope:

  • The 7710 would set you back around $350 or more.
  • Keep a sharp eye for any malfunctions in the headphone jack – at least two out of four total reviewers in one website featuring stethoscopes have complained that this particular product may have general issues in that area.
  • Some vendors post this product as having headphones purchased with the entire scope, while other sites say that the headphones are sold separately. You may want to take some time to do clarification before making any purchases.

Cardionics ViScope Visual Stethoscope Model 718-7910

General Information:

This is a more specialized scope – Cardionics calls it a ‘Visual Stethoscope’ (ViScope, for short) which enables users to enjoy the same amplification and other features it usually includes in its electronic stethoscopes. What sets this particular product apart is the integration of a dedicated visual display, which shows the observer more valuable real-time information on the sounds that are currently being gathered by the scope.

This visual display shows how the sounds would traverse through a phonocardiogram and/or a phonopneumogram, both valuable pieces of information for instances where you want absolutely everything you can gather from one reading. With the, not only do you hear better, but you literally see the sounds as well. Any sounds that make their way to your ear with doubts on your end can be confirmed if they pop up in the visual display, provided that you make the right adjustments.

All you need to do is to place the apparatus on the chest or on the concerned area as you would a regular stethoscope, and as you hear the sounds, the visual display will also show the related phonocardiogram. The display is quite massive, and the high resolution will allow you to enlarge the moving image for a more precise reading.

The ViScope comes fully supported with software which allows you to collect any important data for recording purposes or for future analysis. It comes with this software and a charger for the built-in battery.

Note: If you’re looking for the ViScope specifically for the hearing-impaired, then look for the 7910 model. This is the ViScope compatible for both in-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids.


The Cardionics’ company certainly has one thing to boast about – their exposure in the field of manufacturing quality stethoscopes. This is a reason why the following advantages are almost expected from this more advanced scope:

  • Visual display only adds more to the already remarkable auditory experience. With the visual display you will save time making more analysis in one go.
  • There are more features to this particular stethoscope but the entire device still looks tough enough to withstand some proper punishment, while taking barely anything away from the entire experience.

You ought to be aware of the following areas of improvement for this stethoscope:

  • The ViScope does come with its built-in rechargeable battery, but considering the added features, you can expect the entire battery to run out after only 8 hours of continuous use. Make sure that you drain the battery completely and charge it completely before using it again, just so that you do all you could to extend the battery life of the device.
  • The interface and the software may all be intimidating at first
  • Bulkier size makes it a little harder to transport and to store
Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope

Things You Should Know About Littmann 3200

Created by the famous 3M Littmann the Littmann 3200 stethoscope is the most advance electronic noise reduced gadget that doctors or nurses can use in their field. This updated device is very easy to use and can give precise reading that will be used by medical doctor and nurses for their patient. It comes with Bluetooth and amplification so that they can have the most complete and accurate result.

This product is specifically made for professional in the medical field namely, Respiratory Specialist, Physician, Pediatrician, Nurse, Medical Student, Internist, Family Practitioner, EMT/EMS, Emergency Physician, Cardiologist and Anesthesiologist. This is perfect to use for pediatric, infant and adult patient.


Littmann 3200 Electronic StethoscopeThis high performing gadget is commonly used in cardiology to check the patient’s heart rate. Littmann 3200 tubing comes from a next generation type of material that doesn’t use natural rubber latex. The device doesn’t utilize phthalate plasticizers which makes it environmentally friendly.

It uses a single lumen binaural construction and contains a chrome finish on its chest piece. The total weight of the chest piece is this device only amount to 98grams and it utilizes a single sided chest piece technology. With a total of 5.1 centimeter diameter and polyurethane-coated silicone material is used on the gadget’s diaphragm.

The ambient noise reduction technology is achieved by the digital electronic filtering and there’s a soft sealing feature for its ear tip. This enables the user to be able to clearly hear the patient’s heartbeat of breathing without any other noise disturbance. All stethoscopes come in the perfect 69 centimeter length and it is also available in four different colors.


Some of the best benefits of this device include being able to record and save sound tracks from patient up to 30 second. It can easily share or transmit the sound with the use of its Bluetooth function. It comes with a Bluetooth adaptor but it’s only not compatible with any Apple devices. Most of the mobile phone and speakers now comes with a Bluetooth feature so it will be easy for the doctor or nurse to share the sound track on any gadget necessary. The gadget is able to amplify the sound gathered up to 24 times the normal sound. Compared with other devices the Littmann 3200 can eliminate up to 85% of surrounding ambient noise. Plus it comes in with a two years warranty that insures user they will have high quality gadget that can last long.

This is also an accessory that can enhance the features of this device such as the 3M Littmann TeleSteth System which enable user to listen for the sound remotely. Maybe the family or other professional needs to hear the sound track but unable to come to the clinic where it is being taken then this device can help you with it.

Pros and Cons

Before you decide on buying this gadget you need to check out the different advantages and disadvantages that actual users have listed after they have experience using it. Most owners agree that this product is very durable, comfortable to use, clear sound output and innovative. Most of the owners that have bought the item would highly recommend for others to buy the product. This is the reason why Littmann 3200 has gained high review from its buyers.

As for the different disadvantages most of the user says that the buttons on the device easily wears out with use. The device is also not good to use for babies and most user agree that it’s very expensive. But if you come to think of it, if you are able to use this gadget for a long time it will help you save up money in the long run since you don’t have to buy new gadget every time it breaks. Generally it can be used to any patient as long as you are able to keep them listen to your instruction while taking the sound track. Babies are not always easy to work with because they have short attention span and they often have tantrums especially if they don’t feel well. It is the task of the doctor or nurse to improvise so that they can effectively get their sound track recording perfectly.

There are other gadgets that the 3M Littmann offers that could aid professional do their task properly. With the brand name you can be assured that you will surely match if not exceed your expectation. And this is also the trusted name among other medical professional. Task that includes the health of a person needs to be accurately done because people rely on the findings of the doctor to know if there are things they need treatment for. This is the result of years of research of experts to find ways to be able to answer the most common problem that doctors or nurses get when they listen in on the patient’s heartbeat or breathing. This has made the work of the medical professional easy because they can easily share the saved sound track of the patient so that other professional can listen in and give their expert opinion on the matter. There are other individual that will find this device very useful also depending on what kind of services you provide or what function you do in your specific field. You will find it very useful in any other use outside the medical field also.

This device is also perfect for personal use especially if the family have a person with heart problem on any other illness that requires you to keep a record of your heartbeat or breathing on a daily basis. This is a good investment because you will be able to use it for a long time and you can accurately track, record and share your sound report to your doctor. It is still important that you get a doctor’s opinion on whatever findings you will get especially if you already have a history of certain illness that needs to be treated or monitored regularly.


Electronic Stethoscope Review: What’s the Best Electronic Stethoscope?

Littmann 3200 - Electronic Stethoscope Review
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There are many electronic stethoscopes currently available in a range of prices. As a relatively new innovation, however, it may be difficult to find enough information to make an educated choice. With that in mind, we’ve put together an electronic stethoscope review featuring some of the major players in this new and exciting market.

Electronic stethoscope overview

The basic function of an electronic stethoscope is to transform acoustic sound waves into digital electrical signals. Once converted, the sound can then be amplified and clarified for the best possible listening and assessment.

Following amplification, it also becomes necessary to reduce or filter out ambient noise. Without ambient noise reduction, distracting environmental sounds are also amplified, making listening difficult and at times even painful.

Electronic stethoscope review

We took a thorough look at the manufacturers’ specifications for four highly rated electronic scopes: the ADC Adscope 657, the Cardionics E-Scope, the Littmann 3200, and the Thinklabs ds32a.  Using the criteria of amplification, noise reduction, cost, and add-on technology, we’ve compared them head to head. Here are our results:


Amplification is measured in comparison to what the user would hear from a medium quality acoustic stethoscope. The Adscope comes in at the low end, offering 16x amplification. Littmann, with 24x amplification, is next, followed by the E-Scope at 30x. The clear winner in this category is the Thinklabs scope, with a whopping 50x amplification.

Ambient noise reduction

Neither ADC nor Cardionics provides any information regarding the noise reducing capabilities of their scopes. Thinklabs estimates the ds32a will filter out about 75% of ambient noise, while Littmann leads this category with noise reduction of about 85%.


With the least expensive electronic stethoscope coming in at a price comparable to a top-of-the-line acoustic scope, these are all a bit pricey. But there is a substantial difference between the low end ‒ the Adscope, at about $150, and the high end ‒ the E-Scope and the Littmann 3200, both $300 and up. Thinklabs comes in a close second to the Adscope, at about $200.

Add-on technology

This is where our electronic stethoscope review gets really interesting. The Adscope comes out at the bottom of this category, offering no recording, file sharing, visualization, or remote capabilities. The E-Scope provides sound recording via cable connection. It’s worth noting that the E-Scope has a special belt model that is used with headphones, making it an ideal choice for the hard of hearing.

With on-board recording capability and free visualization software via cable connection, the Thinklabs ds32a goes a step further. Mac users will also appreciate its versatile PC and Mac capabilities ‒ and for an extra $70 they offer an app that connects the stethoscope to an iPhone.

The kudos for creative and useful technology, however, go to the Littmann 3200. It features Bluetooth connectivity for sound recording, eliminating the cumbersome cables completely. Free PC compatible visualization software is included, and in addition, Littmann provides real-time teleauscultation for remote consults and examinations.

If you’re seeking the ultimate in sound transmission from a stethoscope, the electronic stethoscope is clearly the way to go. With powerfully amplified sound, ambient noise reduction, and in some cases, the ability to record and transmit digitized audio outputs, the electronic stethoscope may in fact be the wave of the future.

The Best Amplified Stethoscope for Hard of Hearing Medical Professionals

Are you wondering about the best stethoscope for hard of hearing medical professionals?

The truth is it can be extremely difficult for doctors, nurses, and medics who are hard of hearing to find a stethoscope that meets their needs. Hearing loss may increase over time; it can run the spectrum from minor to serious; and hearing aids may or may not be required. There are also many different types of hearing aids available for those who use them. All of these factors will impact how you hear the sounds of auscultation.
Best Stethoscope for Hard of Hearing - Best Stethoscope Reviews

Best Stethoscope for Hard of Hearing - Littmann Cardiology III stethoscopeLittmann Cardiology III

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Best Stethoscope for Hard of Hearing - Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscopeLittmann Master Cardiology

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What all this means is that finding the best stethoscope for hard of hearing professionals is very complicated. The perfect stethoscope for one user may not be a viable option for another. For this reason, we’re basing our recommendations mostly on the advice of publications and forums devoted to the professional development of hard of hearing health care workers.

Amplified stethoscopes: best bets for professionals not using hearing aids

If your hearing loss is mild and you don’t use a hearing aid, a high-quality amplified stethoscope is your best bet. Additionally, if you use a hearing aid but don’t mind removing it to use a stethoscope, you may also want to consider an amplified stethoscope.

The stethoscopes listed below are designed for use without a hearing aid. It is possible to get specialty earpieces which allow use with a hearing aid, but most users describe these as extremely painful and nearly impossible to use. It’s also possible to have your audiologist adapt your hearing aid for stethoscope use. This often results in heavy feedback, though, and usually turns out to be an incomplete solution.

Based on significant research, we can offer the following choices for medical professionals who can use a stethoscope without a hearing aid:

Both the Welch-Allyn Master Elite and the Littmann Electronic 3200 get special notice for their cutting edge technology. Either one can be used to record and analyze sound with the help of a computer and special software.

The Cardiology III from 3M Littmann takes the #1 spot due to its sound quality and comfort on the ear canal. Whether taking a blood pressure reading or listening to a baby heartbeat the sounds comes through clearly and reliably. At the upper end of the price range, the Cardiology III is generally going to be purchased by medical doctors.

For nurses, EMTs, and other medics a more cost-effective option is the Welch-Allyn Master Elite.

Both of these models feature a tunable diaphragm to maximize sound quality.

Specialty scopes: the best stethoscope for hard of hearing professionals using hearing aids and cochlear implants

The selection of stethoscopes that can be used with a hearing aid is more limited ‒ and if this is your only option, be prepared to make a sizable investment. These stethoscopes are designed to use with accessories that adapt them to work with your hearing aid, generally via Direct Audio Input and/or headphones because they are electronic stethoscopes. They include the following:

The newest addition to this list is the Audiologists’s Choice Stethoscope, which entered the marketplace in 2012. It deserves special mention because it is the first ever Bluetooth-enabled stethoscope. If you’re currently using this stethoscope, we would love to hear from you! Eko has also entered the bluetooth market with its Eko Digital Stethoscope, however user reports indicate it can be difficult to tune the diaphragm to focus on auscultation rather than picking up all background noise in the room.

Which is best for you will depend on what kind of hearing instrument you are using. With hearing aids or cochlear implants, you need to make sure that the stethoscope you purchase will fit comfortable in your ear canal. A device that is painful to use will not be used for very long.

Look for options to use over-the-ear headphones for maximum comfort and ease of use.

The Cardionics E-Scope receives the best and most frequent reviews of these three stethoscopes, and it’s our choice as the best stethoscope for hard of hearing medical professionals.

Super-Specialty Scopes: the best stethoscope for deaf medical professionals

For those medical professionals who are completely deaf, it is going to be near impossible to find a stethoscope that will work. Essentially you are limited to digital oscilloscopes, which fortunately are becoming more widely available as technology improves.

One option includes the Eko Digital Stethoscope which has a bluetooth connection to a smartphone app.


Finding a stethoscope to match your level of hearing loss and your clinical needs can be challenging and frustrating. We’ve discovered a few excellent resources to help you as you make this complex decision. Here are a few links that may be of interest to you:

“How to Cope With Scopes” (2004) – an in-depth look at stethoscopes and hearing loss

Beyond Hearing Aids – an online supplier of products for the hard of hearing

AMPHL – stethoscope information from the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses