3M Littman Electronic Stethoscope: From Technology Advancement to Benefits

In the modern world, technology has because a cause for medicinal improvements. People discover new ways to cure and prevent disease, and further the cause of medicinal services. With the rise of technology in medicine, and its continuous growth, there are numbers of invention that help the everyday service of doctors around the world. Inventions such as x-rays and other medicinal machines help further the service. From large machine, people move on the small invention that help small task by doctors. One small improvement of an old invention is the Stethoscope. From a simple, not technical device, to modernize electronic one. The improvement of stethoscope is not limited to just being modernize, but rather beneficial to medicine practitioners.

Problems often arise within the time of checkups mainly because doctors are having a hard time nitpicking the sound of the body, and the sounds from the environment around them. This problem often creates problems in determining diagnosis of a person. Often times than not, the sounds surrounding the area can alter the noise produced by a common stethoscope. While an electronic stethoscope is designed to amplify the sound directly coming from the heart.

Although the prices of such devices can be very intimidating, the fact is, it is an investment to a better service for the patient. Littman Electronic Stethoscope is invented to give way to better results for both patients and doctors.

Changes in small medicine devices leads to a better result for the patients, as well as the doctors, for they could understand the problem more. It is always the innovation of technology that leads to a better result.

Knowing the Stethoscope and Its Changes

In 1816, stethoscope was first invented in France by, Rene Laennec. Over the centuries, the stethoscope changed and improved, creating more focus on the task of receiving the direct sound of the body in order to for the doctors to determine the problem at hand.

From an early wooden hollow stick, to stretched, elastic form, stethoscope evolved, and along with technology so does the device. Electronic stethoscope was invented, in order to give optimal sound result. Littman Electronic Stethoscope is considered to be the choice by a person who wants to buy the electronic stethoscope.

Changes and improvements of Stethoscopes over time creates a step by step improvement to patients diagnosis, because of a direct sound result and better judgment of what is the status of a person’s body.

Comparison of Old and New

In order to understand the need to replace the acoustic stethoscope with the electronic based stethoscope, compare what each side can do and where can doctors benefit more.

Acoustic stethoscope is a two sided chest piece placed against the patient for sensing sounds, although used often times by doctors, the problem arises with the fact the it has a low quality of sounds, and cannot concentrate on the area the doctors needed to hear the status, because it also sense the noise the surrounds the area. Thus, creating a hard time for the doctors

An electronic stethoscope requires a conversion of the acoustic wave sounds to the electrical signals that can then be processed and amplified that results to an optimal listening. But unlike the acoustic stethoscopes that are all based on the same transducers, physics in the electronic stethoscopes vary.

Acoustic and Electronic differs heavily on how well they produce sounds. Better stethoscopes is better when, number it serves well and fast, and numbers two, it creates more care into producing the sounds to give optimal results.

Compare now the benefits you can have while using the common stethoscope and the electronic stethoscope. Where can you find better results?

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Why Replace the Old One with an Electronic?

Electronic sounds amazing and who would love to look cool in an electronic gadget. But to doctors it’s a different kind of coolness they are looking for. Hospitals are noisy, all around, and doctors are always in a hurry to get from one check up to another to keep track on schedules that they have for the day. For example, a doctor can spend a maximum time in an appointment room for about 5-10 minutes to check the basic regulations. Heartbeat and lungs are common, but what if it was a case of a tonsillitis, then he has to check on the throat, how about fever, or an extreme case of cold? People go to checkups for different reasons. But the difference doesn’t hinder the doctor to keep track of precious time in the hospital.

An acoustic stethoscope is a classic one used for so many years by doctors all around the world. Why change it now? Littman Electronic Stethoscope is designed to amplify directly on the heartbeat and the status of the lungs. It eliminates the unnecessary noise that the doctors find it hard to differentiate from the actual noise in the body. This factor is beneficial and must be heavily considered, it makes way to a quicker and accurate diagnosis of a patient.

Price Worries are Worth It

The smallest price of a Littman Electronic Stethoscope would almost be $300, or more, while an acoustic would be at least $200. The hundred dollar comparison is a big question for many people. But it can be set aside, why? Because the benefits outweighs it. Consider it as an investment for a better doctoral service.

The fact that an electronic stethoscope can focus on the sound that you need to hear, already a big perk, not only that, some Littman Electronic Stethoscope can be has a Bluetooth that can transfer the result in any device. Not only can that it record the heartbeat of the person in just a press of a button, but also create a result quicker than manual observation

Money is always an issue of a person’s life, but often times, this issue hinders people from having devices that can help give an optimal service. Buying Littman Electronic Stethoscope is not a waste of money; rather, it is an investment that can give a batter service to patients.