Find the Best Stethoscope for Sale: Where to Look and What to Look For

When you’re looking to purchase a new stethoscope, the options can be nearly overwhelming. With a wide range of brands, models, and price points ‒ not to mention the great number of online and brick-and-mortar stores ready to accept your money ‒ how do you Best Stethoscope for Salenarrow down your choices and make the right selection? Following is a quick guide to help you choose and locate the best possible stethoscope for sale.

The balance between price and purpose

As a general rule, always buy the best quality stethoscope you can afford. Quality will encompass a number of different criteria, so be sure to consider all these in the context of the work you do:


Do you need a cardiology scope, or one for more general purposes? Do you need to be able to distinguish the finer heart sounds and murmurs? Does your work involve a lot of exterior noise? Do you examine children regularly, or are you a veterinarian who examines small animals? If you’re a student, have you experimented with different scopes to learn what works best for you?


The most discriminating audio capabilities won’t do you a lick of good if your scope is painful to wear, so make sure the earpieces are right for you. Some people prefer hard eartips, while others swear by the softer ones. It’s also possible to order custom eartips for a truly perfect fit.

Other considerations for comfort are weight, flexibility, and length of tubing. Shorter tubing may provide better audio, but longer tubing requires less bending and is much easier on your back. A heavy stethoscope might cause neck or back pain over the course of the day, but if it is flexible enough to carry in your pocket, it can still be a great option.


Your new stethoscope can be a sizable investment, which makes a good warranty another important consideration. MDF offers the most generous warranty with free replacement parts for life. Ultrascope, Prestige, and ADC provide limited lifetime warranties. Welch-Allyn has 5 and 10 year warranties, with a special unconditional warranty for students. Littmann’s warranties range from 2 to 7 years.

Where to find your perfect stethoscope for sale

You’ll find medical supply and uniform stores in most locations across the country. Unfortunately, as much as we love to support local businesses, these smaller operations simply can’t afford to provide a wide range of instruments at discounted prices.

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s possible to find stethoscopes for sale on eBay at massively reduced prices. Like most things in life, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! There are a lot of “look-alike” or “knock-off” products on eBay, and you must read descriptions very carefully to make sure you get exactly what you think you paid for. In general, we find eBay to be far too risky for a reliable purchase.

For safe purchases with the widest selections at the most competitive prices, we recommend the stethoscopes for sale at Amazon or eBay. Be sure to take advantage of the huge number of customer reviews available at Amazon, and choose wisely!

We wish you the very best of luck with your purchase, and a long and happy life in the medical profession.